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Das Internet darf kein rechtsfreier Raum sein

June 30th, 2017

"The Internet shall not be a lawless space" is the translation of that. This statement made by german politicians over and over, has a double meaning and can be interpreted in many ways. Let's look at who are the true masters of the Internet. It's nerds. It's programmers who spend countless hours programming to make some protocol work. And not just that but these programmers return to their own work to make a Request For Comment or other documentation for others to implement their ideas.

Into the picture comes the politician and the lawyer, and the soldier and the cop. These guys historically held power in societies and find themselves in a power-vacuum on the "Internet". In fact these people don't know very much other than pulling a trigger or confusing the general public with extravagant words that usually have double meanings and are easily confused. They for the lawyer and politician part are tricksters. Now these people want control of "EVERYTHING" including the 'net. But they are lazy to learn for themselves, something that the common nerd is good at, so they make laws to inhibit the nerds. This is what it's all about. It's a trick. To spoil something that nerds worked hard at.

My message to the tricksters. You're trying to unseat gods who created everything. Do you think you can maintain everything once you have unseated the gods? You don't know, but you're doing it. And if it fails we'll just go back to the times when there was no Internet. You'll outlaw it, isn't that the ultimate revenge for your own ignorance of not understanding something that is way more important than you'll ever be? It's happened everywhere and it'll continue to happen. Censorship and suppression.

I don't need to study law to be a great programmer. You want to put me inside a box and say "you can't do that, you can't do this" by applying synthetic laws on a programmer. Programmers don't work that way, when they feel inhibited they lose interest real quick and go on to the next thing that may give them more playing field. We're not in-the-box type people. We may start off in the box, but eventually when we master something we can eliminate these thresholds easily.

What we really need is freedom. And it has dawned on all the powerholders that if they take away your freedom with law, they can control you. But they are working off a set of programs that some geek designed for them who they then canned. So their protocols are outdated, and won't work in new domains. If you put law to technology, we lose the race against nature. You'll royally screw yourself if you do that. So to sum up.. the politicians and lawyers want laws so they stay in power, at the same time the cops and soldiers want to be above the law to stay in power, and the nerds are just feeling the pressure and rolling their eyes in disgust.


The endless fight around Freifunk

June 29th, 2017

Here in Germany we're suffocating on laws. If there is a law on how to breathe I wouldn't be surprised. Freifunk which I mentioned in the Subject is an initiative by citizens to provide a network free of cost to anyone. Most of the time we also provide Internet access. It's a good service paid for by the enthusiasts. Only, we're having a hard time growing because everyone is worried about liabilities, yes you got it, they aren't sure about the laws and would rather not have it. It's frustrating because approaching municipal governments and city halls is so much harder. They are so bureaucratic, and in my case I just got a nay to erect a repeater at a "citizens meet" which is a place for the people! And I got this nay not because the laws say I can't but because we're uncertain of the laws.

Now to tell you a little story Feifunk is a great thing. People can use it when their own Internet doesn't work and we all know everything is tied to the Internet these days. If you have no access to the Internet ever you lose out. You may even lose your job if it's Internet based. Freifunk provides a new gateway at no cost of limitation to use. You can even use a VPN through Freifunk that's encrypted noone cares. But it makes you feel safer, if you do that, so it's good. I often get the feeling people think that we're out to rip people off which is not the case. We want to blanket Germany with wifi and run an alternative to what "the others" are selling, and give it away for free.

I'm majorly peed off that these laws are creating uncertainty and fear, when it's perfectly legal. I want to provide some links for you:

  • Freifunk statt Angst
  • Freifunk.net
  • Freifunk.net in English
  • You are probably reading this from another country and probably don't know what "fuss" is. Fuss is when you have to beg with society over and over to bring about something that everyone needs. You probably never heard of this and if you didn't then you're most likely free'er than us. We need freedoms!


    Donated $10 USD to FreeBSD Foundation

    June 27th, 2017

    After positive help from some FreeBSD'ers on IRC, I have decided to donate $10 to FreeBSD. Thanks for helping me make my software work on FreeBSD!


    Changes with DelphinusDNS

    June 27th, 2017

    Yesterday I completed the a change in delphinusdnsd that takes out BerkeleyDB and replaces it with tree(3) macros as provided in BSD and libbsd. The code to that I committed yesterday in delphinusdnsd-current.

    To fully test this I have registered delphinusdns.org. I have 6 months on this, and I have made my vps's chi and psi the authoritative nameservers for this. Hopefully I'll find more time to program on this good dns daemon before next year.


    300,000 victims

    June 25th, 2017

    What is happening in Yemen is a shame. I'm set against the reasons why there needs to be war against the Yemeni people. The people are victims of a brutal onslaught by Saudi Arabia who want power of the entire arabian peninsula. The cholera in Yemen could have been prevented had there been peace. I have images of Yemen in my mind before the war, which I saw on television, Yemen was doing well before.


    My new xlock with suspend

    June 23th, 2017

    Now that the german government can install trojans on our computers I have decided to wrap zzz with xlock so that when I put the computer to sleep, it will also lock the computer.

    beta$ more bin/zzz
    xlock &
    sleep 2
    exit 0
    That's how the /home/pjp/bin/zzz script looks like. Thanks to abyxcos on IRC for the discussion.


    I'm against governments hacking our devices

    June 22th, 2017

    Hacking (cracking) is illegal. Everywhere in the world. Yet governments want to bend the rules and hack our devices. This is not just two-faced, it also goes against our human rights. The PDA or even a smartphone is an extension of the body and mind. We carry these devices because we want to know the time, date, location, translate language and have a pointer where we saw something to make a point to someone else. It allows us better expression. It is an extension of our body and mind and should fall within privacy laws for individuals.

    If countries hack devices where will it end? Would privacy erode and we'd be subject to carrying implanted chips? Why all this madness? Why is there so much mistrust? 99.81 percent of us are good-willed beings and we don't do what our governments don't want us to do (adhering to the laws). So why should our security be compromised because of a measly 0.19 percent? It should not be analysed whether we are in fact adhering the laws, it should be analysed why others want power over our most private parts. I smell corruption.


    Turned the fan on first time for 2017

    June 19th, 2017

    I got the fan out. It's 50 watts which is hopefully gained back by the countless of solar panels we have in Germany. We should have a surplus in "green" energy today as there is no cloud in the sky and wind is blowing.


    Solstice in 2 days

    June 19th, 2017

    Solstice is in 2 days, on wednesday at 6:24 AM CEST, or 4:24 UTC. Happy solstice!


    100 million migrants, due north

    June 18th, 2017

    A minister in Germany warned that due to the pollution that's output by the industrialized countries many African citizens may be forced to migrate north. The numbers are staggering, one hundred million people. I'd like to explore this scenario a little, at least in my thoughts that I'd like to share.

    I believe we have a responsibility to global pollution, it has after all given us temporary wealth here in Europe. We're currently a changing people. Industrialization paved way to the information age, and perhaps physical borders don't matter so much anymore. However in the EU we have roughly 500 million people, an addition of 100 million Africans would change our society in many ways. One in six people would be black if I am allowed to imagine that far.

    Also our GDP would temporarily fall as not all Africans are rich, and chances are the poorer ones would migrate first. Perhaps instead of "integrating" these new people we should melt with them by meeting them halfway, with a new language. Esperanto perhaps. All pupils would go to school learn Esperanto as their first language with their previous language taking a second spot. It solves many problems, to do it this way as noone has an advantage at least in languages. Now in knowledge we'd probably benefit as even "the stupid" carry clues. Together we'd be able to gain a lot of knowledge, while the Information Technology developed helps us overcome. I'm talking about artificial intelligence.

    Then, we'd probably have to make plans to migrate ourselves as well. Destination arctic and antarctic circles. As a northern hemisphere race we may spread into a southern hemispheric race as people settle on antarctica. Antarctica has a landmass the size of the United States. Migrating north or south.. I have seen first hand how this could work, because I visited a school friend who lives just south of the arctic circle in Canada. There is no trees, yet anyhow. As temperatures on earth rise perhaps the treeline will spread further toward the poles though. My friends dwelling was built with wood. All things are really imported by giant ships during the summer season. This could work on a large scale for the European and African people who find themselves needing to move due to climate changes.

    Europe is not Europe anymore, and Africa is not Africa. The global conditions have changed, this is a fact. Cultures disappear, get surpassed by new cultures. If you are against this cultural shift just look to history. We were never a culture for thousands of years, it was always dynamic, and we always had to adjust. It is important that we work together, not to make us poorer but to survive as a human species. And that's what I think and that's what I believe would be happening in the next 70-100 years which I will probably not see.


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