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AVM FRITZ!WLAN Repeater 300E supported in LEDE

August 17th, 2017

When I found out I couldn't use my repeater 300E anymore I was very sad because it wasn't that old. I've since found out recently that LEDE has support for it. I'm going to replace my repeater 1750E with the 300E as I think it'll be safer. I'll do this next week.

For those curious on how my hallway part of my network looks like now I have made a photo for you.

That's the new router in action. "Cables everywhere" -- "Kabelsalat ist gut!".


I'm waiting four more years for a car

August 16th, 2017

It's 2017 now. BMW has revealed in 2016 that the first autonomous car will be available in 2021. That would make me 45 years of age and with a bit of luck I'll be a bit richer too. A self-driving autonomous car is what I want as I don't trust my own driving skills, and I simply don't want to drive. I want to use computers til the eyes bleed and not worry about a car ride after. So I'm waiting until 2021. Sorry Renault, you had a good car, I would have bought it had I been able to drive it.


IKE between OpenBSD and FreeBSD

August 15th, 2017

I got IPSEC working between OpenBSD 6.1 and FreeBSD 10.3 with the openiked port. The policy management is not right on FreeBSD and I had to tune it with an extra "ipsec-fixup" file. Here is what I did:

root@psi:~ # cat ipsec-fixup.setkey 
spdadd any -P out ipsec esp/tunnel/\;
spdadd any -P out ipsec esp/tunnel/\;
root@psi:~ # 
and I had to modify iked rc.d startup file to add this routine:
        if [ -f /root/ipsec-fixup.setkey ] ; then
                (sleep 15 && /sbin/setkey -f /root/ipsec-fixup.setkey) &
That will fix the IPSEC on every start/restart. If this helped you at all Cheers!


It would make a difference to me

August 12th, 2017

If Germany had it's own space program it would make a difference to me. Currently Germany is doing space science and exploration under the ESA umbrella which is many european nations. The launch sites are in Kazakhstan and in Kourou. So every satellite that ever goes up is shipped to those far places where we can't see a launch. In fact we're entirely oblivious to it, we don't know what's going on. And we don't have everything we need, if we did have that we'd have a space race. If a politician in Germany wants to win he'll say "I promise, before this decade is out (before 2030) we'll put a man on the moon and return him safely" and it would make that person get elected. Imagine that! If Germany started a space programme today from literally scratch and made it happen within 13 years. German technology, german people and german dreams. Yes it's a little nationalist thinking but so what? Think of the things that Germany doesn't have! And what we could have.


Dead Bird on my Balcony

August 11th, 2017

Today, just as I was going to hang up my laundry I noticed a dead bird on my balcony under the drying rack. I kinda freaked out because I had to throw it out with the garbage and didn't give it a burial. At least it's getting incinerated in a few weeks time. That's sorta like a cremation. I didn't make a picture because the bird doesn't deserve to be shown in its dead state. I think it was a bird from the tit family but it was clad in a sparrows feathers, I was 100% sure it wasn't a sparrow though.

So here is to you, dead bird, I raise my glass (of diet coke) to you! Rest in Peace!


It's actually been a perfect summer

August 10th, 2017

Just wanted to say I didn't find this summer too hot, or too cold. It is just perfect, for me. I'm looking forward to my vacation which will be end of month.


Donated to OpenBSD

August 8th, 2017

I have donated 35 EUR to OpenBSD for jca@ who helped me on the misc@ mailing list. I asked Theo who gets the money to buy jca@ a drink next time they meet. Thanks a million, or 35 EUR! ;-).



August 7th, 2017

I have made a helper define, with the help of #openbsd on efnet, on SOHCAHTOA functions. In order to solve this problem, I use the following defines with bc:

define soh(o, h) {
        return (r2d(as(o/h)))

define cah(a, h) {
        return (r2d(ac(a/h)))

define toa(o, a) {
        return (r2d(a(o/a)))

define as(x) {
       return a(x / sqrt(1 - x^2))

define ac(x) {
        return a(sqrt(1 - x^2) / x)

define r2d(x) {
        return (x * 180/(4 * a(1)))

define d2r(x) {
        return (x * ((2 * a(2^10000)) / 180))
So then...I calculate:
beta$ bc -l sohcahtoa.bc
toa(35, 65)
seems to be the answer on the problem noted above. Yay.


I tip my hat to SHA2017

August 06th, 2017

This morning a hacker scanned my delphinusdnsd server from SHA2017, why?

Aug  6 05:06:45 chi delphinusdnsd[38628]: on descriptor 11 interface  \
"" header from has no question, drop
Aug  6 05:06:45 chi delphinusdnsd[38628]: question on descriptor 11 \
interface "" from, did not have question of 1 \
replying format error
Sorry about the incomplete log. I don't have much traffic so I watch the log. The IP in question is dns for the sha2017.camp. domain.
;    IN      PTR

93.216.151.in-addr.arpa. 600    IN      SOA     ns1.sha2017.camp. \ 
root.sha2017.camp. 2016121900 10800 3600 604800 3600
Just to let hackers know. I'm not rich. I don't have connections. So you're not exactly a Robin Hood if you're hacking me. SHA2017 conference's home page is found here.


The private space race

July 30th, 2017

Most rich people don't get rich in a vacuum. They employ people to make their money. Well all that is gonna change with artificial intelligence and robots. There might be 10% employees of what they used to employ, in the near future. The rest will be laid off. Those 10% will be high technologists who work on fixing the robots and computer systems. The hard work will be conducted by robots.

When people are ready to leave earth it will likely be the rich. They'll settle on the moon, they'll settle mars and they'll mine the asteroid belt, with you guessed it, robots. So nothing has changed except that living on mars makes you instantly poor unless you have high technology to help you get the resources that a human being needs.

What's going to happen to the poor people on earth? We'll be living in ghettos most likely, bunched together in big cities like sardines with promises of being picked in a lottery to go to space. We'll be monitored 24/7 in our 80 square meter apartments and medicated when there is the slightest hint of depression. When people get drift that the rich are using all the resources to get off this planet and leaving us behind there'll be chaos.

We have to think about whether this is the future we want. Because this is what's happening. We are the people farms. What is a worthwhile pasttime when AI outsmarts us? What is a worthwhile profession when robots outdo us? Do you think we'll all end up playing tennis and bone each other 24/7? Get. Real. I'm majorly pissed off really, not because I don't get to go to the moon, no, because there is no meaningful work that I can persue that isn't already done by a machine.

A 2 class system will erupt, us and them and it's all lies and trickery. The movies 2001 Space Oddisey and Terminator are not warnings signs, we've already passed them. They are here.


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