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I've switched back to chrome (security de jour)

July 30th, 2018

I've gotten hold of word that chrome is more secure than firefox, due to being able to be pledged and unveil'ed properly. So I've switched to this for now. It's a bit faster than firefox anyhow.


64 bit PowerPC

July 29th, 2018

The last few weeks I've been working hard. I'm attempting to make a powerpc64 port for OpenBSD. Whether I'll succeed is written in the future. I've been fantasizing a little about this, if I succeed the world opens up a bit in terms of architectures that can be run since the G5 which I'm using as a start, is a little old.

For example there is the following computers I'd be willing to port to:

Both of these are powerful computers dating back to 2016, so fairly new.

At my last job I registered the domain "enhancedrisc.de" and I feel this is a suitable page to document my efforts. Visit it here. Wish me luck on the port!


Donation time, this time recurring!

July 22th, 2018

I have set up a recurring donation to Theo de Raadt and OpenBSD. The amount is for 5 EUR every month. At the end of the year, this will give OpenBSD 130 EUR from me, with the money that I've already donated. This is likely what's coming from me this year as I've fallen on hard times. I'm positive I can get out of this though and an occasional bonus will make it along with the recurring donation. Cheers.


Delphinusdns 1.3.0 released

July 17th, 2018

I have released version 1.3.0 of Delphinusdnsd. I did a short release cycle this time because like told I'm applying for some funding to work on this. When I'm done with the work the 1.4.0 version will be released. Check the news for official word that 1.3.0 has been released. The SHA256 of the tarball is 17dc9b77810096e646ef5545efed30e1caccf7454b6e425f5db814ecd461ed66. Enjoy!


4000 Watthours for the year?

July 16th, 2018

As you know I have a solar panel on one side of my living room windows. I'm currently at 3500 Watthours consumption or so and I'm guessing I'll have enough capacity to get past 4000 Watthours by October for the year. The load on the battery/panel is a 3 Watt Freifunk router. So what is 4KWh's? About 1 EUR worth of electricity from the grid. The most joyous moment was getting ~30 days continuous operation centered around the summer solstice. With better timing on the battery I could perhpas get 45-60 days next year. Will have to see. The investment of the solar panel at this rate will pay itself off in 500 years considering I don't move it to a more sunny spot.

Update: below are the users and load of the router where a 30 day sprint with about 2500 watthours were consumed. In three days I'm turning that router off, until the battery is recharged fully.


Delphinusdnsd now has zinclude's

July 11th, 2018

zinclude is like an include, but it restricts further include's downtree. It also restricts everything but zone { } declarations hence the z before include. This I felt was valuable. This bumps the config file version to 8.

In other matters in and around delphinusdnsd I'll likely release 1.3 version next week. I'll have 1 more round of checking it on other platforms than OpenBSD and then roll the release. Cheers!


Yesterday I bought a used computer

July 3rd, 2018

I bought a used Apple G5 Power Mac for 185 EUR inlcuding shipping. It's coming from Germany north of here. AFAIK. It'll be here in the next few days. It has dual CPU, 4 GB RAM and should hopefully run OpenBSD/macppc. I'd be interested in making it work in 64 bit mode, but we'll see. I bought this off ebay as a guest and paid with paypal.


In a bilingual poetic mood

July 1st, 2018

A Computer is a machine                 | Ein Computer ist eine Maschine
it does not hate, it does not love      | Es tut nicht hassen, Es tut nicht Lieben
it does not strike you lucky            | Es tut kein Glueck bringen
all it does is wait for input           | Alles was es tut is es wartet auf Eingaben
and then it processes the output        | und dann erarbeitet es die Ausgabe
A Computer is not a gambling machine    | Ein Computer ist keine Zock Maschine
You don't play games on it for feelgoods| Du spielst keine Spiele damit es dir gut tut
It will suck you in and spit you out    | Es wird dich einsaugen und ausspucken
if you don't treat it for what it is    | wenn du Es nicht behandelst fuer was Es ist
It is a machine, waiting for programs   | Es ist eine Maschine, wartend auf Programme
A Computer wants to be programmed       | Ein Computer moechte Programmiert werden
a billion "hello worlds" it is bored of | Eine Milliarde "Hallo Welt" findet es langweilig
It wants you to pick up a book and read | Es will das Du ein Buch Liest
on how to program it with care          | ueber wie es Programmiert wird mit Sorgfalt
And then the source code you'll share   | Und dann den Quellcode wirst du teilen


Donated 15 EUR to F3 Netze

June 28th, 2018

This brings this years total for F3Netze to 80 EUR. Since I'm entering unemployment in a few days this will likely be the last donation of the year.


scp for skey login

June 28th, 2018

With help from Todd Miller and Darren Tucker who have been very kind in providing these examples I am finally able to use scp to a skey OTP system. Here is the syntax:

beta$ scp scp://pjp:skey@localhost/tmp/blah .  
otp-md5 94 beta40350
S/Key Password:

beta$ scp -o user=pjp:skey localhost:/tmp/blah .
otp-md5 94 beta40350
S/Key Password:

Thanks also goes to Theo de Raadt at OpenBSD.


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