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There is 1.3 million+ cameras in Germany

October 9th, 2018

According to this article there is 1.3 million cameras (german) in Germany of this vulnerable type alone. this is one for every eighty citizens in Germany. And I'm sure there is a million more of another type. I'm shaking my head at this.


Do we really know, are you sure?

October 9th, 2018

The earth is getting hotter in the atmosphere. We know this, it's never felt so hot during summers and our last few winters have been rather mild. But what if the sun is closer to earth (or the earth closer to sun) than ever before? What nonsense! Oh really? We are not being presented with any data on a yearly basis, with records of past centuries, of the parallax that the sun is giving us. So we just don't know. If the sun is at a constant 1 AU as they say year after year then perhaps the sun is getting warmer? No? Why not? Again we're not presented with the data. How can we make an informed argument in the countless arguments with global warming deniers, when we haven't considered all the data? It's a one sided statement don't you think?

Now. Think of combustion, we know that it pollutes. This pollution is the combustion of oil which is liquid carbon, this has 3 outputs: kinetic energy which makes a car move, heat and carbon monoxide/dioxide (I'm not sure of which one it is, but when you hear of carbon monoxide poisonings it's usually associated with cars). We know that carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas. This means that in the atmosphere enough dispersed carbon dioxide molecules cause sunlight and sunheat to be trapped in the layer between the earth and the troposphere or stratosphere. So we can attribute global warming to the ever increasing car, truck, bus combustions. The oceans are said to trap some of this carbon dioxide in its water, from which life like krill and corals take their carbon in order to exist. Larger life like whales eat krill in masses and they are a living storage of carbon so is other life. But the carbon in the oceans are said to acidify the oceans, which changes and erases life. Also afaik the oceans are saturated with the capacity of carbon dioxide.

Also could it be that our galactical neighbourhood could affect temperatures on earth? Why is there ice ages? And why are tehy periodic? Does our direction of the sun in relation of the Galactic Center (GC) cause an effect on earth? Remember that the sun travels/orbits around the GC in roughly 270 million years? We're part of the milky way spiral galaxy. So this should change our view of other galaxies out there.

Again we're not allowed to judge for ourselves because newspapers do not offer this data. They'd rather write about the daily temperatures of Rome, London and Madrid. Not that this would do anyone any good if they're not travelling. Sure it's nice to know these temperatures but it gives no hard data as to why we're heating up in the global climate. It's sad. The germans call the medias "Lügenpresse" and maybe this is why? We can only get better by exposing what lacks the person to make up their own mind, until then it's all a vague story.


Updated the Main splash page

October 6th, 2018

You may have noticed I replaced the main splash page. This was part of a CGI I wrote to make a spinning triangle. I liked it so much that I put it on my front page. Enjoy!


On October 11, smurf.c turns 21

October 5th, 2018

I missed its 20th anniversary. But here goes (I just found the source to this again):

 *  $Id smurf.c,v 4.0 1997/10/11 13:02:42 EST tfreak Exp $
Released on October 11th, 1997. I knew TFreak (RIP) back then, he was untameable, in this sense. He was a wunderkind with code, it was a pleasure learning from him even though he was 5 years younger than I, it's a sad thing that he died roughly 13 years after writing smurf.c. TFreak always wanted a geek shirt made with:
# no ip directed-broadcast
which is the Cisco command to prevent pinging broadcast networks, which turns off the broadcasting function. He told me this himself. In 1999 TFreak and I toured the USS Pampanito (Museum submarine) at Pier 45 (Fisherman's Wharf) in San Francisco. Maybe he's a submarine captain in another life :-), or a sonar operator or whatever :-). He'd be bouncing sound off thermal layers or something in a broadcast storm. But somehow I think he'd prefer the IP reflection rather than sound.

Also RIP to chris@unix.org who (rumour told me) also died in the first decade of the second millenium. He was also mentioned in smurf.c. TFreak and I met Chris in a bar in Toronto's northern end once (around 1998). That's where I met him first time IRL when it wasn't on IRC.

In the end talking about smurf.c is like talking about a gun. A gun that can be amplified to nuclear proportions when not kept in check. This is why in IPv6 there is no broadcasting at all... they use Multicasting which is subscribed afaik. I don't think I would have released smurf.c if I had written it, but TFreak was 15 or 16 at the time. I was aware that many IRC operators became smurf targets (as is the default text in Hybrid-IRCD). And I'm aware that some people went to jail for using smurf. I'd just like to say that when given a weapon you use your best judgement and put it away. I never used smurf outside of a 2 computer LAN back then, and I had guidance of others to be above this. It's a buried hatchet, but I remember it.


Changed DNS Server

October 4th, 2018

You may have noticed I changed the DNS server psi.virgostar.net to tau.virgostar.net. Tau is in Finland, psi is in Canada. I'm going to expire psi in 2 months or so. So for now it idles.


Turned up the heat for 2018/2019

October 3rd, 2018

Yesterday I turned on the heating units but it seems they aren't fully charged today, yet. Much like 2 years ago we've had a hot summer but it's time now to heat. Funny thing about turning on the heat I noticed I didn't turn down the units properly in spring, or someone was in my apartment, or they automatically turn themselves to an on level. Oh well, tomorrow I expect everything to be rather cozy. Today is a holiday, day of reunification in germany. Happy Holiday!


Registration period for the Prototype fund has closed

October 1st, 2018

This has been the longest wait for me. I'm curious whether I got it or not. I'm unsure when they'll give word, I'd expect them to say something in the near-future. Tomorrow I'm going to the (Un)Employment office and give them my resume, and talk a little, I guess they want to know more about me. So I hope it won't come to a showdown to any prospective jobs and prototype fund. I can't really wait, I need employment again soon.


Starting from the very top, Germany has no IT plan

September 29th, 2018

I write this to you because I'm distraught about the future of IT in Germany. Simply put, there is no plan. So there isn't even a plan B. It seems that everything that even closely resembles a plan is 2-4 years years in the making and lacks any kind of long term commitment. On top of that I predict machine learning and artificial intelligence will succeed IT workers jobs in roughly a dozen years. That doesn't mean that all IT workers will lose their jobs immediately, but the easy to pick fruits are going then. Eventually even the "remote hands" are going away as a robot will be doing this. So what's the plan? There is none. Germany's plan is akin to a crack addict waiting for the next hit coming from silicon valley and Redmond. We have an eroded computer culture and anyone who even strives to have a bit of clue is toiling with the waste-of-time linux OS. Open source is great, but if you're not even sure with what language you want to program in, you'll never get beyond a few hello worlds.

There is probably people working on something. yadda yadda yadda. BTW Germany when are you going to stop being an Internet spying whore?


Arjen Kamphuis missing in Norway

September 27th, 2018

If you didn't hear of this, here it is. A computer security researcher has gone missing in Norway. Here is what I heard about him. He worked for wikileaks once and thus could be seen as a threat to the western establishment. He did appearances/speakings with William Binney an ex-NSA intelligence officer who turned whistleblower. Who knows what sorts of enemies he made. I believe he went missing 4 weeks ago, near Bodo (sp) in Norway, he was on his way to Trondheim to catch a flight to the Netherlands (which is his country of birth). He rented a folding kayak, and last week his belongings were found in the bay or fjord near Bodo. It was claimed that he was not suicidal. Norway reported that his cell phone was turned on for 5 seconds near Stavanger which was 1700 km away, but there is room for error so this wasn't reliable. The Netherlands dispatched two criminal investigators to Norway to help the search effort. That's all I know. I hope he's found.

In other news, Wikileaks founder and lead Julian Assange is no more the lead person for the Wikileaks organisation.


Zitis is going to use a quantum computer

September 27th, 2018

In this link (german) from heise.de, Zitis announces that they are going to use a quantum computer to crack Internet cryptography. This doesn't surprise me. If the germans are doing this, the Americans are probably already there at 10x the budget, so 6 billion USD perhaps. It's hard to tell how many black budgets the USA have. We know that IBM, D-WAVE, Google, Microsoft and others are working on quantum computers. So is NASA and other government contractors. Soo. It may not be possible for a million classical computers to crack your crypto, but the government can. Or if you dish out 20 million dollars for a D-Wave. How does that make you feel? Personally it makes me feel shitty. As the government is a data whore, they take any piece of information they can. At least here. Where is the privacy? And what makes anyone so sure that high crime isn't going to buy their own quantum computer? Or maybe they already have that. I'd like to make you aware of a post-quantum cryptography RFC that has hit us already it's called RFC 8391.


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