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My frustration with technology

September 20th, 2018

Windows is a pest, And it's also very much expensive. So much that people can't afford it. Nor can they afford a new AMD computer because their Intel Core 2 Duos are not supported anymore. People can't afford to buy new computers, the old will have to do. So other than the fact that you're an instant hack target and noone wants to work with that, what is Intel and MS giving the people? I can try to evangelize Open Source as an alternative but people never learn. I've given up to preach to others to use X systems. Here in Germany we saw a lot of betrayal where cities and states decided to use Linux and then changed their minds and used Windows again. Linux people out of a job again. But that's not the real problem. The problem is that noone will commit. So good bye. Hey my systems run. If you want me to go through the complexity of explaining it all to you it'll cost money, and you'll have to commit to it. Not backstab, like they do.


Alternative fuer Deutschland Criticism

September 20th, 2018

These people supposedly are so smart they are professors and stem from academia. OK smart people, tell me, what Operating System do you have planned for Germany because it seems the old conservative route is to go with Windows. I'm going to try to portray that we are a nation of crack addicts addicted to the Windows crack. This in itself conditions each one of us to uphold the same old power structures that shapes thinking and actions. We are not some nation where there is 1% online and the rest offline. It's more like 85% are online. So what alternative for Germany are these people giving in terms of Operating Systems? If it's the same ol', then I wish you good luck. I'll take my hat and walk. No I'll run. Away from you. Because you have no real solutions.


September Equinox in 3 days

September 20th, 2018

According to wikipedia the September Equinox is on the 23rd of September at 1:54AM UTC. This is also when autumn officially starts. At least in the northern hemisphere. Trees are already starting to turn a little over here. Favourite times.


Can they just do with us what they want?

September 20th, 2018

Here is some food for thought. Why is there no left-wing anti-EU party in the EU? None of the bigger ones anyhow. When the question pops up whether the EU is really good for us all, it's the AfD who say "well we said it all along 'raus aus der EU'" and the left-wingers will have drooping faces. It's not that I would immediately vote for such a party, but it would perhaps be good to have that option? Because the EU could turn out to be a disaster for individual people rights, especially when it comes to intellectual property issues on the Internet. I'm not a software-pirate in fact I almost exclusively deal with Open Source which makes piracy of that software a non-issue. I'm unsure if the "Pirate-Party" is left leaning, but noone wanted to vote for them when I voted for them so their issues were perhaps too early for the times. They also weren't anti-EU afaik.


Outlook on my participation in the upcoming Bavaria Election

September 16th, 2018

I'll likely vote Greens this term. Even though I'm a devout Die Linker, I do believe Die Linke is not extreme enough when it comes to the coal-exit. That's my vote. I am surprised that the Greens have found a niche again, they were on the verge of dieing it was my perception.


Do we need to make a choice between EU and Internet?

September 13th, 2018

Who would win? The Internet or the EU? The EU has a plan for everything European. The Internet proves as disruptive in their eyes, it seems. While I don't want to focus on the "Upload-filter" too much, I see it a little as a mass-censorship against the citizens of the EU. Question remains, would europeans give up the Internet for the EU, or would europeans give up the EU for the Internet?


Mr. Seehofer I disagree, root cause is the EU

September 6th, 2018

In politics, Mr. Seehofer the Minister of Interior of Germany said quote "Mutter aller Probleme ist die Migration" (Root cause of all problems is migration). This is so wrong. Not just because I'd like it to be wrong, no. It is the EU and a relatively good economy that is the root cause of all problems. Why is it that Russia is looking to the EU with a distaste? We're doing well, we have a great free trade zone amongst all EU members, and everything we could ever want is produced here. Except one thing, personelled space products, like crew modules for space stations, or crewed orbiting capsules. Now because we "have everything" we are the scorn of all people who have less. Africans have figured out that there is a backdoor, and they're using it. The Russians are rattling our front doors with military might displays. The British who are weakening the EU by leaving are perhaps doing us all a favour by weakening us. And the Americans are possibly sleeping on what's happening. They have their own problems and have said this all along. Their new involvement seems to be Poland and the baltic states while leaving Germany permanently.

So has the EU ever heard of sharing? Or are we the greedy Europeans who don't care what happens a continent away in Africa. It is proper to share your wealth. While individually in Germany we may not have much but when we combine efforts (as we do) we have a great deal and a great deal more than any African nation could make up. If I was the African Union I'd put a carbon tax on Europe for all the cars that pollute the worldwide atmosphere. Pollution of the atmosphere is not bound by borders, it affects all. Then there is the tax to keep the backdoor closed. Sorry that's extortion. Yes damn right. We're being extorted, until the African can stand eye to eye to a European in wealth. This is just how it goes, noone said the world was fair. We are after all a global community, aren't we? Should a brother in Africa starve while we use up global resources in splendor? Or should we be sharing our wealth? If brother is happy, we're happy.


Congratulating the 1/4 American Facebook Deleters

September 6th, 2018

Congratulations! You're perhaps over 60 million strong when I do a crude estimate of 18's and over. I left facebook in 2011 and am glad to have done so. What do I do to fill the void in time? Boredom perhaps :-).


September Stroll

September 5th, 2018


My Hotspot is alive

August 28th, 2018

Last Friday/Saturday I had a conflict of interests with Freifunk's proposed direction and I felt it was best to just do my own thing for a while. I have reflashed my routers to OpenWRT and have configured wireguard on one. It's a TP-LINK 1043ND v4. Today I made the password public by putting it in the SSID of this router. Everything goes through the wireguard tunnel to sweden and better yet it's all encrypted. So there is full WPA2 encryption to the router and from there through the tunnel to sweden and into the Internet. I am making use of the law that removed the Störerhaftung and I timed a download and it came out to 7 Mbit/s. This is fabulous! Just what I wanted to give out to this hotspot. So far I'm very pleased. I do hope nothing causes me to get on the radar of evil people with this but who knows? It's a hotspot. When the time comes, and someone in the neighbourhood gets freifunk in my reach, then perhaps I'll go back to freifunk. Until then there is no point in having a mesh, it's an island, it used the uplink to connect to the freifunk network, so really useless rather. Looking forward to the future.


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