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I have deleted Mac OS X on my MBP

September 21st, 2019

I have put OpenBSD natively on my MacBook Pro. As I write this it dawned on me that I forgot to do something prior but I can recover it offline. So now spica.centroid.eu is fully trustable. I could never fully trust the Mac OS X. I'll be mostly using it as before at my parents house on weekends. I'm very glad that everything works that I require. It is a mid-2015 MBP. Thanks to all those people that worked hard to make OpenBSD work on this.


Living with Schizophrenia: watching other Schizophrenics on youtube

September 20th, 2019

Now that I'm not IRC'ing so often, I have taken up to watching more youtube and the fact that Samsung has fixed their youtube app, I'm able to do it on the big screen TV. There is a lot of old footage on youtube and that's fairly saddening. I came across MK Ultra stuff as well on youtube and I'm glad that there is no "people experiments" like this anymore, although I have been warned decades ago that this is still ongoing in the world. In fact my original psychosis I thought there was a high chance that someone poisoned me with LSD, or hypnotised me, or both. It's too late now to test blood or try to do anything about it now, it's been 17 years.

I do watch two particular young women that have schizophrenia sometimes. If you youtube "schizophrenia" they will likely be suggested to you. I don't know what to make of one, sorry, the youtube name escapes me now, because she said she had bipolar and schizoaffective, she was from Canada if I remember right watching her complain about her first-time treatment, which is likely also coupled with overreactions to being in a mental hospital. While I have paranoid schizophrenia and schizoaffective. I was actually made aware that I have been given the "paranoid" flag fairly recently. I don't sit at home shaking and being afraid of the world though. But it's true I don't go out for sole "enjoyment". I think it's a flag put on me to make me that much more a danger to the society, so that there is greater acceptance to me being committed forcefully at any point in time. In my view it's about control. The pills are also about control, because I do know when I take them I'm an outpatient. If I were to refuse taking the pills, I'd be an inpatient and would see a lot worst treatment than I currently get.

Yeah well, so that's pretty much the life of a schizophrenic. You're at the other end of the control, and can't do much about it. My apartment is a bit messy but it's not a pig-sty, I feel I don't need to overemphasize neatness. I recently shaved my beard off, I have the feeling that this makes me more presentable than with a beard, which I left unkempt before. My motto was either grow a full beard or shave it all off, and now I'm at a point where it's all off. The beard-dandruff which was skin peeling off my chin is gone too, much to my joy as I don't have snow on my shirts when I look down.

So I recently saw my psychiatrist for the 6-8 week(ly) checkups. No complaints. I like this psychiatrist, but it took a while getting used to her. Her predecessor is going into retirement soon and I still see her at the doctor's office occasionally. It's nice that she still gives me 5 seconds to say hi and we talk a little about how my family is.

Other than that I noticed that in ML postings I occasionally have a sentence that doesn't make sense. Since this can't be edited, it'll be memorialized in time. Nothing I can do about it, other than taking greater care next time in what I say and how I say it. The particular sentence was at the beginning of a mail and I must have been going through some initial stress in trying to formulate what I was trying to say, so it came out as incoherent writings. Odd I know. Sometimes I look at my own writing mistakes and wonder if that was really me writing. So this is a continuing part of my "Living with Schizophrenia" series. You may search this blog for earlier writings. Cheers.


September Equinox in three days

September 20th, 2019

I will give another notice when it's the day of.


An example scam invoice

September 20th, 2019

Also called SEO Spam, I have blanked out the relevant parts that are the particular domains involved.

If the person(s) responsible for these emailings is reading this I ask you to cease and desist as well. The domains in question aren't yours, at no time was any service ever asked from you. Just go away.


Be aware of scams

September 19th, 2019

For a long time now I have gotten periodic and fake invoices for domains that I have running on a web daemon. Beware of scams. Once you register a domain at your registrar, that domain is yours and you can do with it as you please. I chose to run my own webserver so I don't have to pay any web server invoices other than the hardware that I have. The invoices are thus preposterous. I own the domain(s). Just another intimidation scam by people who have done nothing but send you a fake invoice. Don't fall for it.


Julian Assange (political prisoner?)

September 19th, 2019

In three days I read that Julian Assange served his time for disobeying the law, by checking into the Ecuadorian embassy in London, and thus not showing up to a police check as required. Currently the Judge in England wants to keep him in prison (link in german). One has to wonder "on what grounds"? He's wanted in the USA, but if it's a matter of extradition then they should say so. Otherwise Julian is a political prisoner, there is no other way to describe his situation. Remember he's had death threats against his sole being from people like Hillary Clinton who suggested the US should use predator drones against Julian and wikileaks.


Dear Scammer, Cease and Desist emailing me

September 17th, 2019

The scammer that wants 300 EUR in bitcoins from me, cease and desist mailing me. If you keep emailing me I will contact the police. This is my final warning.


Dubious Characters are asking for money door to door again

September 16th, 2019

And they are "Rotzfrech" as we'd say in german. I was accused of being on welfare, though I'm not. And their swing from "Sie" to "Du" was incredibly fast. The only compliment I got was the "Gruess Gott" when I opened my door. How they got into the building is beyond me.


Save the best for last, or, We're in a simulation

September 16th, 2019

Have you ever noticed eating pistaccios out of a bowl, that the last dozen or so have a higher percentage of being uncrackable? By uncrackable I mean these pistaccios's are usually closed far enough to warrant serious nail damage if you try to open them. Is it good selection that we pick out the easy to crack ones first? Or is it that we're in a simulation and the last few will always be the most uncrackable ones? Things that make you go hmmmm.


Does MINT include UNIX?

September 16th, 2019

MINT is a german abbreviation for "Mathematik, Ingenieurwesen, Naturwissenschaften und Technik", so translated Math, Engineering, Natural Sciences and Technology. It is a catch phrase in HR departments that want someone from this branch, which I guess would include Internet Technology (IT).

What I'm wondering is if MINT includes UNIX, and I'm writing this to brainstorm around my idea. UNIX is an operating system that has been cloned by Linux and is also a direct ancestor to the BSD branch of operating systems. There is a lot of documentation explaining what UNIX is, so I'll keep it short. UNIX was developed around 1970's on a teletype so everything is associated with a shell, which is associated to a teletype, ie. written keyboard commands.

UNIX also has a graphics component called X11 aka "The X Windowing system". X as it's also called allowed programmers to work with graphics and the first webbrowser was likely written in X. A programmer utilizing X11 has many hurdles to overcome. X11 programming is difficult, complex and requires a lot of studying on top of UNIX. There really is a lot to know.

Now then, I want to stick with the UNIX shell. With a tricky command one can show base commands/programs such that it gives a very high number:

beta$ ls /{bin,sbin,usr/bin,usr/sbin} | wc -l
The commands are predominantly in english and most have an associated manual page. So I'm gonna put a small conclusion down for the reader to consider:

UNIX is memory work around many english-based commands.

Some of these commands are technical in nature. Some of these commands are mathematical in nature. Some of these commands are based around computer science. These commands are used (often in a hidden way) around embedded computers in many sectors including military, medical, etc. But it's use may not be exactly what an HR person thinks of a MINT candidate. What I'm trying to express here is that MINT candidates may be looked upon as mathematical geniuses but really when UNIX is included with MINT that may not be entirely the case. You need a lot of language skills and excellent memory as well as typing skills to run with UNIX, you can get by without being a mathematical genius. In a lot of ways, and this may shock some, using UNIX is a lot like being someone who knows a lot about law, and has to know how to get to the details to completely know that law. It is not a law of nature you need to know about.

So someone great in UNIX may not have to be a physicist, a chemist or a biologist, or a mathematician. At a greater extension, RFC's which are the Internet collection of requests for comments which lean heavily on UNIX's existance, do not necessarily need you to be these traits either. It has created an abstraction layer above these professions. Someone who is schooled in saying "I can ping the host, I know it's up" does not need to figure out that with the speed of light going through a fibre-optic medium is going to be X meters per second although UNIX does give that chance indeed by providing a round-trip time in milliseconds. You can figure out with this round-trip time that a packet is half way to iceland or not by it's latency, or you can just say "well it looks as always, and thus is good".

It seems to me that a lot of professionals who have a "smart" degree are pulled into IT work and they are usually bored. There is a feeling of a clash of ideas and lifestyles around IT folk which a physicist may not entirely be compatible with. So I'm wondering if MINT and UNIX are truly compatible as perhaps the (business) abstraction of UNIX may clash with a MINT person. Is it a paradox? This is more questions.

I in no way want to put MINT, UNIX or anything else down. My background is studying UNIX a great deal over the past 25 years, having worked with it for profit and living, and not finding continuance in terms of a career. It pops up every so often that I'm out of work, and constantly having to find a link again. I find my memory is perhaps starting to fade away with age and I'm worried of catching alzheimers, at which point Mathematical formulas, and/or UNIX commands are for the cat anyhow. I'll keep exploring this off record and hopefully I won't grow too frustrated with not finding the exact words to express what I feel deep down.


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