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What needs to be done, Trends I see

July 16th, 2019

We're getting a carbon tax on oil. This will make everything more expensive. If you don't realise this, then you haven't thought this through. Oil is not an infinite thing, it is limited, and as they say "we've reached peak-oil". That means the low-hanging fruits have been picked (if oil were cherries). The thirst for oil has to be replaced with a thirst for electricity. Trucks that deliver food and drinks need to be replaced with their electric counterparts. Only then will the cost of groceries stay low. So then if we use electric or hydrogen driven trucks something has to produce the electricity (to produce the hydrogen), we have to massively invest (keyword invest) in solar and wind to cover the energy. Anything but solar and wind is not really kosher. Let the sun handle it.

This will make many poor. The advent of oil (end of oil), will hit the poor and middle classes tremendously and cause more poverty. Rich people, those who have something, can probably survive. One trend I see is that employers are offering living units again. In the 1940's through 1970's, particularily in Germany, there existed worker apartment units ("arbeiterwohnungen"). These will make it back I'm pretty sure because they are a good thing. There already is one major employer (germany's biggest in the service industry) Die Bahn, who are the railway company, who are again offering worker apartments. If you're lucky enough to work for them you'll get a unit. This also counters the apartment crisis we're having in Germany due to high demand.

So the foreseeable trend is that a corporation will manage an apartment building or buildings to house it's employees. This makes more sense than giving the employees a car, or a phone. Hopefully it's not abused to demand more productivity. Those businesses would have a high turnover rate anyhow and noone would live and work with them. It counters the oil shortage for sure. It's only fair. It can go further too by offering electric shuttle busses to from the place of work. For me it'd be hard because all I'm ever used to is small companies and start-ups. Startups likely won't be offering this but you can surprise me. Personally I'd like to work for Siemens or some place like that and have them give me the apartment, and transportation to work. It would be nice for a change.


Purchased Quad PCI-X Ethernet card

July 15th, 2019

For my G5 Mac Pro I have purchased this ethernet card (from em(4) manpage):

Intel PRO/1000GT Quad PCI-X Adapter (PWLA8494GT)
I have use for this card hopefully in 2 years when I want to do a prototype network for a network-memory server utilizing delphinusdnsd (which would be modified). Milestones that I still need is a powerpc64 port for OpenBSD. So I have roughly 2 years to get this hardware to 64-bit. I'll need it becuase I want to go beyond 4 GB memory with this thing.


Schweinfurt saw a hike of 0.10 EUR in public Bus fare

July 13th, 2019

This just last week. I remember it wasn't all that long ago since we also had a fare hike. Probably in 2017. With a carbon tax they'll likely raise it again. So what I'd really like is electric busses.. Where are all the electric busses? And Airconned busses too. We have a right to this!


H2 vs. I=V/R cars?

July 13th, 2019

I=V/R is the formula for Ohm's law, where current (in amps) is I, Volts are expressed as V and resistance in Ohms is expressed as R. What I mean by a I=V/R car is an electric car. H2 is Hydrogen, so a hydrogen car. Which is better? Really put they are one and the same. Only one has lithium or other batteries and the other has a tank of Hydrogen probably gellafied and compressed. The Hydrogen car uses a fuel cell to convert the hydrogen (with oxygen) to water which produces also heat and electricity to power the car to move from point A to point B. A Lithium battery also gets hot when a car discharges it quickly enough, or when charged. These are 1st semester college basics and really aren't hard to understand. You're getting an electric car with different storage mediums. Really.

Cute would be if electric car manufacturers were to build their cars in such a fashion that you can add a tank of hydrogen and a fuel cell at a later time.


Angela Merkel shaking again (3rd time)

July 10th, 2019

Publically Angela Merkel is shaking again. This isn't normal, I think. I'd like an explanation whether she's still fit to lead Germany. What's wrong with the Chancellor?


Have you ever planted a tree? I have.

July 9th, 2019

It must have been around 1992 when I planted a tree with my mother. Today I can see that tree from google maps satellite link. It's close to 28 years old, and it's fantastic. About 15-20 meters high, and providing lots of shade in the summer. In winter the shade is not there, really and it's not needed. As we turn on earth into the 2020's trees are really needed. We need lots of trees. Maybe you'll plant one?


The next 15 years of my life

July 7th, 2019

God willing, I'll live to see another 15 years of my life pass. I have done some estimates on what I'm facing when I turn 58. If I get a stable job that allows me to put away savings I'll have made 100K EUR in savings. This is at the rate that I managed to save 44K EUR in 8 years, from 2010-2018. It isn't much in any sense, but my goal is to have at least 100K EUR saved by the time I'm 58. When I'm 58 I'm too old to start a programmer or sysadmin job. I'll be more of the age of a manager, and perhaps that's where the 100K will flow to, a business. I didn't start a business last year because I felt I wasn't ready and 44K wasn't all that much, as you can see it's almost 2020 at which point I'm expected to have spent most of it, the money goes quickly meaning to me 44K really isn't jack shit money. But I do the best we can with little money. The 15 years is also the time I have devoted for the delphinusdnsd project to live on. What will the daemon look like in 15 years? I can only guess. I know however after a 30 year development cycle it's time to stop delphinusdnsd. It may be a bit of a waste, or it may be worth it. Time will tell. Also let's look at some events that will happen in the next 15 years. Moon landing, first woman on the moon, perhaps Mars landing. Definitely SpaceX Starlink will be complete half way through. We won't have hit the 2038 problem but we will see the time_t roll over to 2 billion in May 2033. 15 years will go quickly, I hope to make it there.


Delphinusdnsd does Algorithm 13 DNSSEC

July 5th, 2019

I was working all week on this. I finally got it finished today. The test zone that is using the algorithm 13 signed zone is "schweinfurtdating.de". DNSVIZ.net seems to agree that it is correctly signed, so will verisign DNSSEC debugger. What prompted me to write this this week? On monday I happened to update my RFC's and the last one was RFC 8624, which is on the standards track and says to be compliant one MUST support algorithm 8 and 13. Well I got both now.

I also upgraded algorithm 8 to use 3072 bit keys, and while there fixed a problem with bitmaps in NSEC3 records. While it may not have mattered for forward lookups in denial of existance it might have caused problems.

Anyhow I'm celebrating now that I know a bit more about Elliptic Curves and how to program them with LibreSSL. Rejoice!


Delphinusdnsd on OpenBSD is safer

June 28th, 2019

I have added conceal memory allocation routines. This will protect keys when/if the daemon crashes and leaves behind a corefile. The tsig.c changes are here as an example. I'm also considering shielding these keys from rowhammer and spectre attacks as is done by openssh. But the code for that isn't exactly simple to do in half an hour. It'll take some time. Hurray!


Delphinusdnsd has a new config keyword: mzone

June 26th, 2019

mzone allows finer grained control of replication servers (or also called slave servers). I took the "notify" keyword out of the config and new versions after this date will error on the old notify config. Here is my test mzone config:

mzone "internal.centroid.eu" {
        zonename "internal.centroid.eu";
        notifydest pass;
        notifydest pass;
it is stuck into the config file and zone keywords still exist (they hold the zone data). I'm not sure if I want to make a zinclude inside a mzone. This is work in progress, and some things may still change. I'm aiming to release version 1.4 of delphinusdnsd in late december.


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