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Nearing end of winter (2 weeks left?)

February 15th, 2020

The birds are already starting to build nests. Maybe I'll get a photo of one near my apartment. In beginning of march things will turn around here I believe and spring will be oncoming.


Working on a new side-project

February 7th, 2020

It's a mixer program for my Numark DJ mixer. The source is here. I posted some of this source to openbsd-misc a few days ago but it wasn't working then. At least you can select songs now and play them, but it doesn't mix yet. Not sure how I'll do that.


Goodbye UK

January 31st, 2020

You introduced a new term in language "brexiting - the act of saying goodbye and then hanging around" :-). Now it's for good though I already said goodbye once. New opportunities await you UK. You'll see. And maybe you'll want a union with Canada or someone. Megxit may make it possible as a liason. Although I don't know if Harry would like to see Canada and UK bonding. Whatever the future holds, I hope it will be brilliant.


SolarScale.DE expires tomorrow

January 31st, 2020

A long time domain of mine, solarscale.de expires tomorrow. I didn't want to keep paying for it. Thank goodness for the lesser spam I'll be getting. I had it almost as long as I had the domain centroid.eu. I always imagined it as a sort of coat with scales that are solar cells that produce electricity. There is a market for scales that are powered by solar cells which can grab that domain now. I don't care much who takes it as long as they respect my privacy as the previous domain holder. This means bouncing or discarding emails that may get to them in error. Goodbye solarscale.de.


For Centroid's sake

January 31st, 2020

As you know I have the domain name "centroid.eu" I registered this over ten years ago not knowing that I lived close to the centroid of the EU. Before the map that I'll show you the Centroid of the EU was near Aschaffenburg in Lower Franconia. With Brexit the centroid moved eastwards to Gadheim which is about 40 minutes from here by car.

Map is courtesy of Google. As you can see I live very close to the Centroid of the EU. I'm glad that centroid.eu is so close (in the same municipality lower franconia). I didn't chose centroid.eu because of this geographic location but because of the centroid of knowledge and the centroid that interested me determining GPS coordinates. I'm very happy with this domain name and have been asked to give it up once already. There is a high price (around 80K euros) for me to give it up. But I won't give it up even if someone offers that much money. To much is intertwined in my life and my Internet presence to this.


10 Year Anniversary Photos (of Orion)

January 28th, 2020

In 2010 on February 7th I took this photo:

I'm gonna try to get the 10 year anniversary photo of this. but it'll prove hard because the moon will be near full in Gemini. Will try the best I can I'm charging the batteries of the same camera that I inherited about 5 years ago. I'm looking forward to seeing Beetlegeuse being dimmer, and hopefully it'll be the last photo of it before it goes Supernova or dims completely. We'll see. Another (better) opportunity will be around the 16th of Feb.


Cooling Venus

January 26th, 2020

I drew this up how I think venus is cooled best with solar sails which are in an elliptic orbit around venus. The sails have several modes, one particular mode is when the sail gives shade but the pressure of the sun is on it, making this orbit far enough (Past L1) means that the gravity of the sun could help the sail make it. After the orbit is at it's maximum point where it gives the maximum shade on venus, it will get a boost by sun particles on its way back toward the white planet.

The other modes are a nightglider mode where the sail may be turned away from the sun giving it maximum speed (if there is any atmospheric resitance). Another mode following this is a solar charging mode where solar panels are powering ion thrusters to pick up speed. In this mode the sail is still in nightglider mode.

The sails come from the planet mercury where they are manufactured in craters around the poles which have eternal darkness. They are 100% intact and are actually sailed to Venus in one piece. This is why humanity must learn how to manufacture on the moon which is similar to mercury. Mars' gravity is the same on Mercury so we'll see if humans can live on this terrain.


What's on my mind? M&M's

January 23rd, 2020

An M&M is a type of candy in the form of a pill. It's core is made of dark chocolate. I remember there was a lack of blue M&M's when I was a kid, but I may have it wrong in memory. Think of it as Red Pill vs. Blue Pill. Another idea I get about "MM" is malade mental, crazyness, mental illness. I'm sure though you won't get crazy eating only M&M's. Another sweet thought I have though about M&M's. In summer when it's real hot, you can crush M&M's up and serve them over vanilla ice cream. Dairy Queen which is an outlet of icecream products used to offer this and call it a "Blizzard" (at least in Canada). Perhaps if you eat blizzards in the summer it will storm in winter? Try it out next summer. And see next winter.


Registered mainswitch.de

January 20th, 2020

I have registered this domain today and renewed mainrechner.de for another 2 years. All the domains that i have that expire in 2022 I will keep. The new domain points to mainswitch.de and goldflipper.mainswitch.de which takes over for goldflipper.de which expires in april or so. Another domain of mine, solarscale.de, will expire in 12 days. So it's just a shuffle of names and padding out as I'm losing some domain space in the next 3 months.


Electricity for 2019

January 20th, 2020


Electricity is up in total by 275 KWh, I have to backpay 226.70 EUR because electricity prices went up. I also have to pay a higher monthly rate of roughly 20 EUR more. The number 2 stands out here. To me this is bad news.


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