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Earth has a second moon, until April...

March 3rd, 2020

2020 CD3 has been discovered in February 2020. This tiny moon is called a "captured" moon and it will be ejected in april some time they think. Anyhow enjoy the news.


Donation time

March 2nd, 2020

I have donated 50 EUR to OpenBSD. Likely the last of the year. Perhaps if I get employment this year I can continue donating more.


This blog is now censored

March 1st, 2020

Due to coarse language, the rating of this blog has gone up to "Parental Guidance". Thanks.


I don't think much about BSD Certifications

March 1st, 2020

Recently I read about someone wanting to do BSD certifications. Why do so? I don't know for me personally I've been doing enough open source for 20+ years that I don't need these entry level examinations. 95% of the stuff they cover I already know. There may be a small incompatibility on these but let's have a run down, I've been doing:

  • Linux, since 1995
  • FreeBSD, since 1996
  • OpenBSD, since 1998
  • Open Source project with over 1000 lines of C code since 2005
  • minor Kernel work here and there, so what if deraadt doesn't like it
  • reported countless bugs without providing patch, some of them quite complex in nature
What I'm trying to point out here is that 160 EUR for a BSD certification is just repeating the pattern that I've always been doing. This pattern I'll describe to you. When I was in grade 9 I joined the Junior Basketball team. In grade 10 the Midget Basketball team joined me at the Junior level, and I in turn became a benchwarmer. So go ahead, keep a warm bench for me in BSD too. I'm not complaining, just saying, yeah I'm sorta sick of it. Sending me back to 'the basics' for a friggen certification isn't helping me, it's hindering me. So I don't have great feelings about this. So yeah blame it on my cranky mood this week, blame it on god, blame it on the other guy. I'm being stinky. And everything was fine until certfications came along and "tried to raise the corporate standard of BSD usage". Gee, thanks!


I'm against NATO involvement in Syria

February 28th, 2020

When Turkish troops get hit, it's on Erdogan, it's his war. NATO should not get involved here. Sorry. I'm trying to prevent a ww3 scenario here. I've said it all along NATO out of Afghanistan, out of Africa and out of any other place outside of our borders.


Why is there so many jackass-employers?

February 27th, 2020

I do believe employers should be judged just like Harvey Weinstein was. There is a list of criteria I can assemble to judge them with.


Do I believe in God?

February 27th, 2020

I've been through phases where I acknowledged god, and I've been through phases where I denied god. I'm not gonna lie about this. I've never verbally outed acknowledgement of god except when I had my psychosis, as what I saw was beyond what I could fathom this world could become. I mean how do you explain hallucinations? If it's an overwhelming experience then it must be done with godly powers. We all want god to be in favour of us, but what if god is not in favour of our ideal world image? When I was in a hallucinatory state I was able to function, but it was becoming irritating to always have delusions around what I saw. Eventually I got medical care. I'm receiving this to this day. Does god like me? Do I like god still? The answer lies deep within me, but it's nobodies business to know what I believe. It's me that has to know. I do know that the universe is big, very big. And there is lifeforms on earth that have any shape and colour. It's gods will to be any of those is my believe, or if god so choses he can be all at once. It's not needed for "an expert" to tell me I'm right or wrong. This goes beyond experts. Experts are just professions that are attained like a wolf puts on a sheeps clothing. But truly godlyness so highly cannot have an intermediator, it comes in its pure direct form. Everyone says a psychosis is a negative experience, I say no. It is an experience that is overwhelming but it is not negative. When exposed to overwhelming events the human mind has a tendency to frustrate. Frustration is a negative experience because we have to admit that we're just little. Now I'd like to end this, I'd like to point to statements that say that people who are naturally born blind do not get psychosis. Things that make you go think, and wonder.


Donated 5 EUR to OpenSMTPD

February 26th, 2020

It's a small gesture to tell them I back them, and to pay Gilles a little something for being such a great ML administrator. OpenSMTPD hasn't had it easy the last few months with vulnerabilities coming out at a higher frequency. It just goes to show, software development isn't a breethe, it's damn hard to get things secure. They say for every 400 lines of C code there is a bug, I hope that's not true for my own software, but it could indeed be.


Schweinfurt goes to the polls on March 15, 2020

February 26th, 2020

There is really only one party to vote for, "Die Gruenen". Also Holger Laschka (Die Gruenen) is coming back to Schweinfurt and is a Mayor candidate. I'm going to vote for him. He owned a PC store in Schweinfurt once and I once bought a PC there. I remember him making commentary that a Core i7 is perhaps not that good for the environment but he fulfilled my order back then. He left Schweinfurt for a bit for Munich region because it's impossible to find a job here, I know exactly how that feels. But he was born here and was a long time Schweinfurter. Looking forward to him replacing Mayor Remele.


Over seven years in my current apartment

February 23rd, 2020

In February 2013 I moved into my current apartment, this is just slightly longer than the longest stays I had in my lifetime 1. seven years at Rossbrunn Str. in Schweinfurt 1980-1987, and 2. Living in Stratford, ON 1987-1994. All other times I lived in different apartments in Darmstadt, Toronto, Brampton, Barrie, Montreal, Frankfurt and Schweinfurt. Time seems to go by faster with age.


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