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Wa(co)m Gogh

January 10th, 2020

I doodled a bit with my wacom tablet and then bucket filled a van gogh in there it turned out pretty I want to share:

I don't know if it's a real van gogh or a fake but I got it with google's help from this URL.


Differences, but some things stay the same

January 10th, 2020

In 2012 (so 8 years ago), I took this photo:

and just now I took this photo of my office:

The first photo has a lot more dirt, as it was in my dusty old apartment, which was almost as big as the (home) office is, btw. The thing that remained was the IKEA kitchen counter which I use as a table. In fact a lot of my stuff came from IKEA. We'll see if I can keep this apartment another 8 years. :-)


Blog maintenance

January 10th, 2020

I have deleted the following links from this blog. They were either old, unmaintained, didn't fit to this blog anymore, or are not endorsed anymore.

  • goldflipper.de
  • solarscale.de
  • Bruce Schneier's Blog
  • ISN Oldenburg
  • My C primer at hackepedia
  • Hackepedia
  • Higher latitudes blog
You may find these again in the archive.org links perhaps. Solarscale.de is expiring in 22 days.


CVS repo maintenance

January 10th, 2020

I have deleted the following programs from my CVS repo. They are old, unmaintained and use SHA-1 (for some).

  • fire
  • bindsync
  • cryologd
The CVS repo is found here.



January 9th, 2020

In OpenBSD's mailing list, there is a lot of people vocal about what OpenBSD doesn't have and they like to express themselves on the misc mailing list. It's getting so annoying to me that I'm venting on my own blog because I don't want to add to the pollutants on that list by replying to threads. Let's take a look at OpenBSD, and why it doesn't have some features. I'm only guessing, as I'm on the sidelines:

  • OpenBSD likes to do things themselves (not invented here syndrome)
  • OpenBSD has a lack of developers
  • OpenBSD has a lack of time to satisfy everyones wishes
  • Others code is often treated very carefully as it hasn't been sanitized
  • OpenBSD has their own established way to find bugs and to evaluate code
Anyone who doesn't realize this has probably joined the wrong project ('s mailing list). There is a few things you can do to cope with what appears as a lacking in the project (but isn't and you'll find out why).
  • Ask not what your operating system project can do for you, ask what you can do for your operating system project.
  • The times of getting showered with gifts are over, you'll need to unlearn your undeserved criticism, in order to appreciate fully.
  • Brainstorm how you can contribute to make it easier on the OpenBSD project. If they don't want your code, maybe they want your money? Obviously with no strings attached.
  • Learn to stay quiet (It's very hard), as you'll be remembered either as a source of signal or noise, wishful signals later get judged as noise.
  • Programming (with keyboard, sitting in a chair) is one of the stupidest deeds one can do. This is why payment to programmers is often high, to re-imburse them for their pain or future pain. They do it for fun and because it delights them, that others have fun with it, but it is in the end gruelling work. The people at OpenBSD probably know all too well what I mean here.
  • An operating system's development work is never done. It is a sisyphus work.
As an aside and this is generally for programmers: Programming is mental work. How many programmers do you know? How many of those are social outcasts, or have mental breakdowns? What about their body? Is it breaking down due to the will that some code functions but they neglected their body? Do you realise it yet? OpenBSD programmers are brave for attempting the seemingly impossible. But will they change for the worst or for the better? Is criticism torment or constructive? That shiny functionality you want (maybe a filesystem?) means a lot of work for other people, and their goals fall further back in time. Life as a human (programmer) is often not fair. We've been spoiled with automation (but that's another story/article).


My Canadian stay, graphed

January 2nd, 2020

I was born in 1976 in Germany. In 1987 my life changed, I became the son of a migrant. In 1995 then I broke the barrier of having lived more on canadian soil than on german. This peaked until 2002 when I returned to Germany. This graph reflects the years I lived in Canada and they'll always be part of my life.

When I'm 48 I'll have lived 2/3's of my life in Germany. I think this graph is a nice reflection of what a migrants life is like, because time can't be undone and our memories keep reminding us of our past. My behaviour shows a foreigness, I am a migrants son. This graph shows it.


Happy New Year 2020

January 1st, 2020

Hope you had a good night!


New Years resolutions

December 31st, 2019

I plan on becomeing more active, starting with walking at least 1000 meters a day in 2020. Everything is second to this.


Some review of last decade

December 31st, 2019

I'm gonna list some things that stood out for me in the 2010's:

  • Eight years of employment (Red Cross, easyofficephone.com/jive.com), this latter unfortunately brought about by the death of friend shifted me into employment for most of the decade whereas I had almost as much unemployment in the 2000 decade.
  • New apartment, starting from 2013 until now I live in an apartment that is about my size, perhaps a little smaller could work too, but I'm not complaining
  • I went through two workstations, one was a core i7-930 or something and the other which is my current workstation a Xeon e3 with 32 GB RAM. I unfortunately invested heavily in Intel. Another big event was getting the Apple Mac Mini and the Apple MacBook Pro (that I'm currently writing on).
  • I bought a used computer from the previous decade, a G5 PowerMac with intention of porting OpenBSD to 64-bit on it, failed
  • It's hard to say how much weight I really gained, but I'm guestimateing I became 70 lbs heavier at minimum
  • The 2010's were without a hospital visit because of my mental illness. I remained an out-patient. The meds I took throughout this decade were abilify/aripiprazol
  • I did not have a girlfriend in the 2010's pretty much the same as the 2000's.
  • I had a change of psychiatrist for the last two years or so
  • This blog was rewritten in C with libkcgi, the blog itself being started in 2009
  • In the 15 years of delphinusdnsd/wildcarddnsd I invested into this heavily iwith time
  • I was able to get a lot of books after 2013 with about 12-15 per year on average
All in all it was a good decade. I hope I will be able to get employment again in 2020's and pretty much repeat what happened last decade.


Was 2019 hard enough?

December 28th, 2019

In 2019 I had it pretty easy. Well sorta. I didn't get jobs I applied at, so I was unemployed the entire year. I kept working away at my DNS server though. And the 1.4.0 release will be something better than 2018's 1.3.0 release. I also hooked up a "work-rehabilitation" gig with the local Arbeitsamt. Not sure what to expect but in parallel I'm going on welfare in 2020. Until I can pay my own way again. So that's the epi and the pro (metheus) of 2019/2020. I have a million words to say only it would come out all disorganised so I'll keep it short. Looking forward to 2020.


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