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I have upgraded this blog

April 2nd, 2020

I have written a simple configfile for the centroid blog. You find the repo in the "Other Links" section on the right under "Centroid Blog Open Source". there was some differences between what was running here and what is running at delphinusdns.org so I merged them. There is now minute differences to what it was before on this blog. But I can fix that soonish. This also makes running this blog on other hosts much much easier. The changes from yesterday are in the repo now, btw.


This day in...

April 1st, 2020

Not an April fools joke, but I foolishly wrote it on the live blog. We now have a "This day in..." section on the right. There you can see what happend on other years of this day. I haven't ironed out any bugs if there is any, but this should be ok. This was directly inspired by slashdot, which I read daily. Enjoy.


Happy April 1st, ya fools!

April 1st, 2020

Today is a foolish day. I'm gonna do foolish things I think.


Corona Virus vs. the Microchip

March 27th, 2020

A few weeks ago I likened this a standoff between a biological virus and the Internet. But now there is AI and supercomputers folding virus proteins and they may not be online. All efforts humanity has against this virus is our beloved computers. Home office, only possible with Internet. It doesn't defend against the virus but creates an airgap between infections. If you haven't heard already Rosetta@Home and Folding@Home are crunching numbers against this virus. The outcome is models on how it works, to better understand it. I'm not going to partake in this because I don't have a big ass GPU to have an efficient means of partipation. This is also why I haven't partiticipated in the late SETI@home. Good luck to the microchip winning against the virus.


I opened a GITHUB account

March 25th, 2020

Last week that is. I'm trying to help Mike Larkin and his research group to port OpenBSD to the RISC-V platform. I was focused on the DDB code to make it work and we have a semi-working DDB now. I have done the following now: Forked Mike's project, syncronised this project to be up to date ( There is a Link here on how to do that), and I've committed and pushed changes to my project which then was ready for a pull request to Mike. This was a steep learning curve, and a big hustle to get the code written. It's still not done fully but I'll need less and less handholding with git and github as time goes forward. You may have noticed a new file I hustled yesteday and today to get this working on AMD64, the output was inserted into my github project. BTW my github account name is "pbug44".

Next on the agenda is probably how to make DDB do a backtrace.


Two domains are expiring in three weeks time

March 22th, 2020

I'm not renewing schweinfurtdating.de and goldflipper.de. They will be forever lost unless resurrected some day.


Quote from the book Wireless LANS

March 21st, 2020

As per my last article here is a quote from this book by Joerg Rech:

Das Nova-Institut geht zudem einen Schritt weiter und hat sogenannte
nova-Vorsogewerte definiert, die bei einem Hunderstel der gesetzlichen
Grenzwerte liegen.  Hierdurch soll nachteilige Auswirkungen fuer die
Menschen ausgeschlossen werden.  Dies wird damit begruendet, dass man
sich bei den Auswirkungen der elektromagnetischen Strahlung nicht
ausschliesslich auf thermische Effekte stuetzen sollte.  Man geht davon
aus, dass dauerhafte elektromagnetische Strahlungen auch Schaedigungen
des Immunsystems hervorrufen koennen, die die Entstehung von Krankheiten
beguenstigen koennen.
That's all I need to know. I'll translate this now.
The Nova-Institute goes one step further and has defined so-called nova
criteria, that lie at a hundredth of the lawful limit (of Wifi).  With this
they try to deduce human health effects.  The reason for this is that one
should not rely alone on electromagnetic radiation and it's thermal effects.
It is their point that continuous electromagnetic radiation could lead to
defects of the immune system, which could uplift sicknesses.
Something like that. The website of the Nova Institute. So we know that the EU law says that Wifi should not exceed 200 mW, they are saying it should be as low as 2 mW. That's a huge diff!


Could Wifi excite COVID-19?

March 21st, 2020

I remember years ago when I had Freifunk still someone came down in the alleyway below my building with a laptop. I was sleeping at the time and woke up. They used a lot of bandwidth but most of all I felt a sort of burning (a tickling) on the skin of my legs. It was one of the reason why I decided to get rid of my Freifunk.

Why is China not having any more COVID-19 reinfections, did people there turn off their wifi? Has anyone checked? Why did Italy and Spain have such high infections rates and deaths? Were they using wifi in the area? Has anyone correlated this? I hate to think what someone who has weak immune system and the neighbour is pumping out wifi signals with COVID-19 what will that do to their lungs? Will it feel like burning?

Per chance I noticed my wifi AP was on today, I don't know why, it was supposed to be off. I have to check now if anyone was using it.


Tomorrow is Equinox

March 19th, 2020

Today the second tree beside my home office window started blooming. Insects are working overtime on them it seems. Nice to see spring arrive finally.


Wir vs. Virus

March 19th, 2020

There is a Hackathon taking place at #wirvsvirus which is a hackathon organized by the federal german government. I was going to sign up for it, but I refrained. I have enough projects currently. I'm also a little suspicous of this, which may be my mental illness speaking. Enough said.


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