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Comparison between my Xeon Workstation and other CPU

April 13th, 2020

Here is a comparison between my xeon and a core i7. Other than taking ECC RAM my Xeon is pretty much like the core i7 but costs a bit more.


Cloud Providers that allow OpenBSD

April 13th, 2020

In the past I've used these listed cloud providers:

Another honorable mention goes to: All these providers should be able to get you an OpenBSD cloud computer. Vultr and Transip.eu taught me that the console sometimes works best in NL language mode. Hetzner has 20 TB traffic or something per VPS which is awesome. Right now I'M not using any cloud computers I'm using real computers (bare metal), but I'm keeping my eye on these as when the computers (intel cpu's) are fixed there is all the reason to go back to these.


My computer hardware plan for 2022+

April 13th, 2020

I'm not buying any new computers (hopefully) until 2022. That is my plan. And then I'm going to make changes.

  • beta - my workhorse OpenBSD/amd64 workstation will likely be changed to run Windows Server 2019 until the year 2024 before retirement. (it will be 10 y.o.)
  • the NUC that runs Windows server now will remain a Windows workstation but I may increase the RAM on it to 16 GB, until 2024 at least
  • I'm looking for a non-x86_64 workstation for 2022, whether it will be a raspberry pi 4 or a raspberry pi 5 (doesn't exist yet). I do not know.
  • My servers that I have now will remain until 2023/2024, after that I'll have a colo (dreams) or go back to the cloud.
  • I'll need a new core router for home, something that is faster (than a unifi security gateway), and that doesn't have fans, I prefer OpenBSD OS on it. The speed I intend to go to 250 Mbit/s in 2021/2022, and possibly gigabit fibre in 2024 (if available)
  • In 2021 or 2022 I'm looking to replace my vodafone gigacube flex with a spacex starlink setup for backup purposes, it has to be powerable by my solar battery (12V) for emergency service
So you see I'm somewhat slimming down, but also phasing out Intel (hopefully).


Happy Easter

April 12th, 2020

I don't really know much about easter other than that I sometimes get a chocolate easter bunny to eat. But for those that this day has meaning.. Happy Easter.


EU Solidarity

April 8th, 2020

Is the EU just a monetary union? Here is what I've heard. Spain, France and Italy want Corona bonds. Germany wants to use an ESM directive that would put conditions on borrowing money. In my understanding it is China and the USA's best interests to see a weak EU, even a disbanded EU. We should look at ourselves, but don't let it be influenced from elsewhere. Let's take a good look. What's wrong with this EU? How can it be bettered? Where is our solidarity towards member countries?


Turned off the heat for the 2019/2020 winter season

April 7th, 2020

I turned the heat on on October 7th so it's been six full months electric heating. We have great 25C weather outside now, and I could have been a bit faster turning the heat off. Oh well. Now is spring and soon summer.


I have upgraded this blog

April 2nd, 2020

I have written a simple configfile for the centroid blog. You find the repo in the "Other Links" section on the right under "Centroid Blog Open Source". there was some differences between what was running here and what is running at delphinusdns.org so I merged them. There is now minute differences to what it was before on this blog. But I can fix that soonish. This also makes running this blog on other hosts much much easier. The changes from yesterday are in the repo now, btw.


This day in...

April 1st, 2020

Not an April fools joke, but I foolishly wrote it on the live blog. We now have a "This day in..." section on the right. There you can see what happend on other years of this day. I haven't ironed out any bugs if there is any, but this should be ok. This was directly inspired by slashdot, which I read daily. Enjoy.


Happy April 1st, ya fools!

April 1st, 2020

Today is a foolish day. I'm gonna do foolish things I think.


Corona Virus vs. the Microchip

March 27th, 2020

A few weeks ago I likened this a standoff between a biological virus and the Internet. But now there is AI and supercomputers folding virus proteins and they may not be online. All efforts humanity has against this virus is our beloved computers. Home office, only possible with Internet. It doesn't defend against the virus but creates an airgap between infections. If you haven't heard already Rosetta@Home and Folding@Home are crunching numbers against this virus. The outcome is models on how it works, to better understand it. I'm not going to partake in this because I don't have a big ass GPU to have an efficient means of partipation. This is also why I haven't partiticipated in the late SETI@home. Good luck to the microchip winning against the virus.


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