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DMARC enabled

July 26th, 2020

I have enabled dmarc default policy (none) on this zone centroid.eu.

_dmarc.centroid.eu.     3600    IN      TXT     "v=DMARC1; p=none;"
The TTL is still lower than I'd like but I'm gonna watch this for a while and then raise it. Basically what happened is that remote mail sites would look this up with dnssec enabled and get an NXDOMAIN with proof-of-nonexistence which is 850 odd bytes, this default reply is only about 66 bytes and I'll be happier posting to mailing lists, I think.

Here is a sample NXDOMAIN summary to show you it is a lot of bytes:

;; Query time: 0 msec
;; WHEN: Sun Jul 26 07:53:40 CEST 2020
;; MSG SIZE  rcvd: 850
Here's hoping I didn't make a calculated mistake.


Going to try to reapply to the Prototypefund.DE this August

July 17th, 2020

When I applied to round five of the prototypefund I was in good spirits. Then I was turned down in November 2018, it sorta pissed me off. But I'm going to re-apply again this August for the ninth round. I'm gonna try to get funding for this and help me get DNS Updates into delphinusdnsd, and best of all get paid for it. Since the funding is only for half a year starting in January, I'll have less time than allotted for delphinusdnsd 1.6.0. So I'll have to work twice as good/fast. You can research backwards to my original mention of this in this blog by searching for "prototypefund" I had six hits. The website of the prototypefund.de is here.


Interesting article at the BBC

July 17th, 2020

I know what it feels like to be working when it's way hot, and having no aircon. Here is an article at the bbc, that has an interesting chart of temperature rise since 1850. It looks to me that since 1975 the line has been going straight up. WW2 is evident too, and by extension to the first line that goes straight up one can draw a line from 1900 and it is similar sloped. The industrial age has hurt us, how/when can we make amendments?


I replaced 15 year old code today

July 16th, 2020

Story is at DelphinusDNS.org blog. It's amazing the code has held so long, even though it was bogus.


News from delphinusdnsd

July 12th, 2020

Since I got a blog for delphinusdnsd I never talk about it here, so here is some updates.

  1. 1.4.2 was released last week
  2. This month I'm putting forwarding (with semi-caching) functionality in it
  3. The last quarter of this year I'm gonna start the daunting task of adding dynamic updates to it
The 1.5.0 release is expected to drop in December of this year. It will be better than ever (every release gets better). I'm working toward the 1.6.0 release with dns updates, so that I can start a business around dynamic dns updates in 2022. It would be homegrown technology not something you get off a shelf. I'm hoping to be making a bit of money with this, which is alright since currently I'm once again on hard times.


freifunk-schweinfurt.de has expired

July 12th, 2020

It was removed from DENIC sometime last week. Yesterday I removed it from my nameservers. This was the last remnant of me being involved with freifunk in Schweinfurt, and on one hand I'm glad it's gone and on another hand I miss the people in that organization that I left around 2 years ago. I had to prioritize on issues and I chose working on my DNS server instead of working on a wifi network (firmware and websites).


OpenBSD's chromium seems to phone home to Google

July 4th, 2020

They said it would do this, I didn't fully believe it. Until, that is, when I started watching DNS logs of my newest functional forwarding DNS feature in delphinusdnsd. It seems to contact "safebrowsing.googleapis.com" every 30 minutes. I was watching this in a tail -f, and didn't go anywhere for an hour and a half. The tabs that were open on my chromium browser (chrome), were centroid.eu, dream.centroid.eu and delphinusdns.org so sites that I run myself and they don't have any code for this.

Jul  4 14:57:04 spica delphinusdnsd[53132]: request on descriptor 11 \
interface "lo0" from (ttl=64, region=255) for \
"safebrowsing.googleapis.com." type=A(1) class=1, answering "FORWARD" (45/0)
Jul  4 15:26:47 spica delphinusdnsd[53132]: request on descriptor 11 \
interface "lo0" from (ttl=64, region=255) for \
"safebrowsing.googleapis.com." type=A(1) class=1, answering "FORWARD" (45/0) 
Jul  4 15:56:31 spica delphinusdnsd[53132]: request on descriptor 11 \
interface "lo0" from (ttl=64, region=255) for \
"safebrowsing.googleapis.com." type=A(1) class=1, answering "FORWARD" (45/0)
Oh well. So there you go there is the proof, but don't take my word for it download a snapshot of delphinusdnsd tomorrow yourself, configure it as forwarder and turn on logging and watch :-).


Happy Canada day

July 1st, 2020

It's been 18 years since I last lived in Canada, and I've only lived 15 years in Canada. But I did so at a time when I was younger and faster and a day was a lot longer than now. I miss those days. I miss Canada.


Some experimentation with GIMP's airbrush

June 24th, 2020

Hope you like it.


Tweet to your hearts content

June 24th, 2020

I drew this in 5 minutes on my wacom tablet.


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