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One fact I forgot to mention

September 15th, 2020

The EU is a supranational union that has 500 million people as citizens. Our combined GDP is over 10 trillion EUR per year. We have lived cozy in peacetime for over 50 years. We do not have many foes.


My Opinion on Moria

September 15th, 2020

Let's look at the facts.

  • Refugees from wartorn countries want to come to Germany above all other countries, Why they want to come here is beyond me. Perhaps because our economy is really good?
  • Refugees using Turkey as an intermediate destination make it to Moria and other Greek islands, and get stuck there, because the Balcan Route is closed/fenced off. Their true destination is Germany.
  • Turkey has been known to push refugees to the EU borders. EU has no refugee policy whatsoever.. but we have frontex a border protection agency, who shoot with live bullets.
  • Everyone wants to come to Germany...
  • The conditions at Moria are a crying shame, what would a greek say about this I wonder?
  • Unconfirmed rumours say Germany/EU gave Greece 200 billion Euros to take care of the Refugees. Are we being defrauded?
  • The conditions before the fire at the Moria camp were making headlines months before, there was 13000 people in a space designed for 1300...who'll take responsibility for this one?
So everyone wants to come to Germany.. why? I'll tell you why, because seemingly life is cozy here, and money grows on our trees.


Siren drill (today at 11AM)

September 10th, 2020

Today there is supposed to be a siren drill. It's earlier than most years. If you're reading this and hear the sirens going off at 11AM in Germany it's only a drill (probealarm).


JS History going away soon

September 9th, 2020

I'm too lazy to merge JS history into the centroid blog sources. It will remain a patch in my sources at home. It was wasteful on resources somewhat but it looked cool. I'm going to make a new captcha system soon since someone I know noticed the captcha wasn't all too great. There is more on this to come.


SpaceX trial area on Earth

September 7th, 2020

SpaceX Starlink has a trial between the latitudes 44N and 52N only in North America currently. This is according to Wikipedia's Starlink article. I have plotted this service area with xearth. For this I had to make a marker file which I did like so:

awk 'END { for (i = 44; i <= 52; i+=8) for (j = -55; j > -135; j--) \
	printf("%s %s \"\"\n", i, j); }' /dev/null  > markerfile
and then I launched xearth like so:
xearth -noroot -markerfile markerfile -sunpos 44,-100
Notice I set a sunpos at an impossible location (it's not naturally like that). Here is the result, captured with screen capture from gimp:



VirgoStar.NET to expire

September 4th, 2020

According to my registrar:

Updated Date: 2020-06-27T04:43:16Z
Creation Date: 2012-09-03T19:27:26Z                                             
Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2020-09-03T19:27:26Z                    
Thanks, VirgoStar.NET for your services! I'm down to all the domains listed at the front page of centroid.eu (five) I believe (plus one domain of my parents). I'm paid until the year 2022 on all of those I believe with exception of dtschland.eu which is paid until 2025 or so.


Zoosk Hackers contacted me

September 1st, 2020

Zoosk an online dating service was hacked in january of 2020. Yesterday I got the first phishing emails for this, with my old password I think. Since the passwords were MD5 according to haveibeenpwned I guess it took the hackers some time to crack this. But I marvel at their speed since the password wasn't easy to crack. So I logged back to Zoosk yesterday, changed the password and deleted some photos that were still on my account. Then I deactivated the service again. I last used Zoosk in November 2014 so it's been six years. According to haveibeenpwned I have not had a breach but the 24 million zoosk accounts would have been only the active ones. I was deactivated but not deleted, and they got that as well. Anyhow the hackers emailed me with a javascript code hidden by google short url link and recommended two sex sites. I went to one looked around and left. Those are probably hacked as well.


My newest conspiracy theory

August 29th, 2020

Finally I got another one! I figured it out!

You know Nordstream 2?. It's causing strains between the USA and Germany, but there is more than they tell us. Because noone lays 2 pipes on the bottom of the baltic and it all goes one way. No. It's a two way pipe system. One way is natural gas, as is Nordstream 1. The other way, they say will be just as much capacity, for Nordstream 2. But that is the political whitewash they want you to believe! In reality what's being pumped through it is the different direction with a different chemical makeup. Russia is getting electrolised hydrogen from Germany. Some of it is being used for their military (ie. submarines) and some of it is to replace nuclear reactors in the St. Petersburg region. So what is some of the effects being felt in St. Petersburg? For one the Hydrogen sent there will make it wetter, because fuel cells release water vapour. In the grand scheme of things it's exporting the hydrogen economy to russia if you will, while making the jackass of the german taxpayer who still thinks that we need more wind capacity, because _somehow_ the numbers won't add up. There is megawatts (no gigawatts) of energy missing. And it's all going to Russia btw.


Uranus would be easily found (for telescope)

August 25th, 2020

If tomorrow morning at 4-5AM you have nothing to do and have a telescope... Here is the night sky as it was at 5AM in Schweinfurt (with stellarium). P is indicated as the Pleiades (Seven Sisters) they are easily found by even a novice Astronomer. M is indicates as Mars. H and Me are harder but they are major stars where Me is Menkar (alpha Cetus) and H is Hamal (alpha Aries).

So basically let the Pleiades and Mars guide you, at the center of a line but a little more toward Mars is Uranus. And then find Menkar and Hamal for the definite position of Uranus. If you can get a photo of Uranus please send it to me! I like seeing this planet.


We're contacting Aliens

August 24th, 2020

It occurred to me that if 3 billion user terminals all point skywards to talk to spacex starlink that we may be unleashing more aggregate power into the sky than before in the radio spectrum. If the aliens don't yet know we're here, then they will know with starlink. They might be unfriendly too. It's a risk I'll personally have to take, when I get my own user terminal to starlink.


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