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OpenBSD 5.0 with or without a browser in AMD64?

June 2nd, 2011

A new awesome function in OpenBSD-current breaks software that is written on 32 bit operating systems. In a mail by Marc Espie to the OpenBSD misc@ mailing list he says:

Not surprisingly, a lot of software that claims to be 64 bits-ready isn't. This touches all web navigators, most jit engines, and probably lots more of software (our ports tree version of gnu-grep, for instance).

He goes on to say: So, a lot of developers are hard at work figuring the problems, getting the word upstream.

So further in the thread Theo de Raadt dug up some stuff that Linux is using particularly a flag in mmap that forces 64 bit kernels to only allocate in the low 32 bits for its programs , like Theo said this is sickening.

Later I wrote asking what the OpenBSD community would do if the browsers can't be fixed in time for the 5.0 release. Because that's what it comes down to for me. When I boot my OpenBSD/amd64 vm instance "dione" I log into X and open usually 1 or 2 xterms and firefox. I do most of my surfing on OpenBSD and only when I need flash do I change to another operating system such as Windows 7. This habit may be in danger here, if the firefox mozilla team can't fix their software in time for the 5.0 release. I have some experience with getting programs fixed "upstream" and not always is there willingness to fix what is wrong out of whatever reason.

So for me, this means relax and sit back and wait. Its unlikely OpenBSD can bundle a browser with their software in time for 5.0 and we may have to go without one in the amd64 platform. Or perhaps the fixes for mozilla are trivial and I'm worried over nothing. But this makes a good writeup for my blog :-).


Hello Hal!

May 27th, 2011

I did what I noticed some major newspapers (globeandmail.com) have done. Every 30 seconds or so a javascript program refreshes the blue eye on the bottom right corner. This is to show me that someone who is looking at my blog is "alive" or human. This may seem invasive but I'm interested in how long a human looks at my blog, but I'm unsure how to read the logs for that yet. At least I'm collecting the data. Sorry if it creeps you out.

Ich habe getan was meinche online zeitungen tun (globeandmail.com). Jede 30 sekunden erfrischt ein Javascript programm das blaue auge das unten rechts ist. Dies zeigt mir ob jemand die meinen blog lesen am leben oder menschen sind. Vielleicht ist dies als privatssphaere invasion angenommen, aber ich bin interessiert in wie lange ein mensch meinen blog liest, ich weiss nicht wie ich die logs dazu lesen soll. Auf jeden fall sammle ich die daten. Schuldigung wenns dich stoert.


Does it have honour? What about minimum wage?

May 27th, 2011
I'm back working. The welfare office gave me work to do. Had I refused it they would have sanctioned my welfare. This sorta makes me mad. But what gets me right mad is that the work is for 1.50 euros an hour. Is there any honour left in this system? I feel deeply disappointed.

Ich arbeite wieder. Der Jobcenter hat mir arbeit vermittelt. Wenn ich es nicht genommen haette wuerde mein geld gekuerzt. Das macht mich ein bisschen aergerlich. Aber was mich richtig aergert ist das diese arbeit fuer 1.50 Euro die stunde ist. Gibt es noch so was wie "Ehre" in diesem System? Ich fuehle mich sehr entaeuscht gegenueber dem System.


One t(w)o Four, a time to chill

May 21st, 2011

When I grew up in Stratford, Ontario I became infatuated with Hip Hop. I dressed like I thought a rapper would dress and my friends all listened to Hip Hop as well. We were a small group called "the rappers". It was isolating but we couldn't hold back our faith. I longed for more. I needed to move to the big city to live Hip Hop. *chuckle* So in 1994 me and a friend moved to Toronto to take part in the Hip Hop scene there. We visited clubs and bars to see acts that came through the city and then there was Saturday's. From 1PM to 4PM we listened to the Powermove show on CKLN 88.1FM. This spot was perfect and a time to chill on a saturday afternoon. I have fond memories of listening to MC battles conducted over telephone call-ins. One particular still stands out in my mind when one person won a battle when he rapped about his bike with a banana seat. I loved those times then.

On February 12th, 2011 CKLN 88.1FM had a tribute to all the shows that played on the 1-4PM timeslot. This was a historic show and many blogs and media outlets picked up on it, here is some:

I also listened to this show and even taped it. You can check it out here.

Today 88.1FM doesn't exist anymore, only as an online radio station at ckln.fm and for some reason the 1-4 spot has no more mixtape massacre. This is too bad, and people in Toronto who listened to 88.1FM have lost a great pillar that upheld hip-hop in TO. Well that's all I wanted to blog about today.


Found a bug in dspam

May 20th, 2011

At work I found a bug in dspam which caused the daemon to be killed on a SIGFPE. Here is the link.


SGU will be missed

May 19th, 2011

Sorta too bad the show is over now...


Blog sees changes

May 14th, 2011

I've changed the blog. Manouvering to individual articles should be easier now and an article can be entered completely making google caching easier probably. We'll see. Also changed is that you can now read the blog by click next or previous at the top or bottom. You can also find articles quicker I believe. This article is also a test.


Ordered two books on PHP

May 8th, 2011

I've ordered two books on PHP from amazon.de. Should be wicked!

Ich habe zwei Buecher ueber PHP von amazon.de bestellt. Sollte toll sein!


Uranus boots Uranus (with the heart of Saturn)

April 30th, 2011

One of the features I waited for in OpenBSD 4.9 was Wake-On-LAN. This allows a program on OpenBSD 4.9 to boot another computer simply by running arp -W MACADDRESS Interface. I could have done the wake on LAN feature with codeblue but with OpenBSD 4.9 I didn't have to use it. So I have it booting Uranus (with the heart of Saturn) every morning at 9AM. It'll serve as an alarm clock too.

Why is it called uranus with the heart of saturn? Because it should really be called saturn but I'm afraid that vmware workstation will cease to work when I change the hostname in linux.


Upgraded to OpenBSD 4.9

April 29th, 2011

Well I could have waited 2 days for packages to be available but I couldn't wait. I installed OpenBSD 4.9, which I got in the mail yesterday from pre- orders and installed it on cupid.centroid.eu (IPv6). Then I built packages for uranus, it didn't take long and I was ready to binary upgrade uranus. Everything went well except mailman had a problem which was solved by editing the FLAVOR section of mailmans makefile. Most ports upgraded very well and easy with a mere; cd /var/db/pkg; pkg_add -u *. Anyhow here is the uname for uranus:

$ uname -a
OpenBSD uranus.centroid.eu 4.9 GENERIC.MP#794 i386

I'm excited that I have 4.9 running in production 2 days before everyone else can download it. Pre-orders rock! Get your CD!


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