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Found a bug in dspam

May 20th, 2011

At work I found a bug in dspam which caused the daemon to be killed on a SIGFPE. Here is the link.


SGU will be missed

May 19th, 2011

Sorta too bad the show is over now...


Blog sees changes

May 14th, 2011

I've changed the blog. Manouvering to individual articles should be easier now and an article can be entered completely making google caching easier probably. We'll see. Also changed is that you can now read the blog by click next or previous at the top or bottom. You can also find articles quicker I believe. This article is also a test.


Ordered two books on PHP

May 8th, 2011

I've ordered two books on PHP from amazon.de. Should be wicked!

Ich habe zwei Buecher ueber PHP von amazon.de bestellt. Sollte toll sein!


Uranus boots Uranus (with the heart of Saturn)

April 30th, 2011

One of the features I waited for in OpenBSD 4.9 was Wake-On-LAN. This allows a program on OpenBSD 4.9 to boot another computer simply by running arp -W MACADDRESS Interface. I could have done the wake on LAN feature with codeblue but with OpenBSD 4.9 I didn't have to use it. So I have it booting Uranus (with the heart of Saturn) every morning at 9AM. It'll serve as an alarm clock too.

Why is it called uranus with the heart of saturn? Because it should really be called saturn but I'm afraid that vmware workstation will cease to work when I change the hostname in linux.


Upgraded to OpenBSD 4.9

April 29th, 2011

Well I could have waited 2 days for packages to be available but I couldn't wait. I installed OpenBSD 4.9, which I got in the mail yesterday from pre- orders and installed it on cupid.centroid.eu (IPv6). Then I built packages for uranus, it didn't take long and I was ready to binary upgrade uranus. Everything went well except mailman had a problem which was solved by editing the FLAVOR section of mailmans makefile. Most ports upgraded very well and easy with a mere; cd /var/db/pkg; pkg_add -u *. Anyhow here is the uname for uranus:

$ uname -a
OpenBSD uranus.centroid.eu 4.9 GENERIC.MP#794 i386

I'm excited that I have 4.9 running in production 2 days before everyone else can download it. Pre-orders rock! Get your CD!


Atomkraft, Nein Danke!

April 26th, 2011

Yesterday I cycled roughly 19 kilometers to and from the nuclear power plant Grafenrheinfeld, to protest against nuclear power and to pay my respects to the anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster in the Ukraine. There was about 15,000 people there although we felt it was only 5k to 10k at most. My argument is that Germany is capable of replacing nuclear power with alternative energies. We need this nuclear abandonment. We're all very scared that a Chernobyl or Fukushima could happen here in Germany.

Gestern, radelte ich ungefaer 19 kilometer zu dem AKW Grafenrheinfeld und zurueck. Ich protestierte gegen Atomkraft und war da um mich an das Unglueck von Tschernobyl zu erinnern. Es waren ungefaer 15,000 Menschen dort mit mir, aber wir schaetzten das es nur 5K bis 10K waren. Mein argument gegen Atomkraft ist das Deutschland in der lage ist Atomkraft mit alternativen Energien zu ersetzen. Wir brauchen diesen Atomausstieg. Wir alle haben Angst das Tschernobyl oder Fukushima hier in Deutschland passieren koennte.

PS. I should probably also say that this demonstration was historic for me. I attended a demonstration as a boy in 1981 near the very same spot, 30 years of protests. Here is an old photo of a demo:


Thoughts about CKLN.FM

April 21st, 2011

Since CKLN lost their 88.1FM frequency they have been going on as an online radio station listen in here. Perhaps in a few years when digital radio comes out in Canada, a chance to get back to the airwaves will present itself again. And I think if CKLN keeps up their "way" they'll get back on the airwaves. With digital radio there is a lot more channels and better range and quality. The ckln.fm online format is a step in that direction. Analog is on its way out, and it shows how opportunistic this was by CRTC's decision to cut CKLN off. I'll still enjoy listening from Germany via the Internet.


Wildcarddnsd at BETA_6

April 19th, 2011

Well, I've tagged wildcarddnsd to version BETA_6 and branched BETA_6STABLE. you can download wildcarddnsd there. Here is a list of what changed between April 7th of last year and today:

  • Addition of the utterly broken recursive lookup code
  • conf file is at version 4 now
  • inclusion of a "root hints" entry in some example.conf's
  • "ANY" RR type replies
  • pidfiles written to /var/run
  • master process which can be HUP'ed for reloading the nameserver
  • compress_label fix from possible overflow
  • DNS TTL logging fix for OpenBSD
  • TCP filedescriptor fix (so -> tnp->so)

It seems that I'm doing a BETA release every year or so. I'm getting a bit of help from mjbrune these days and will see if he can hack the C code too. All in all I'd like more people to help in, help is needed in the recursive code logic. Maybe it'll be fixed by next year, maybe not, who knows. :-)


CKLN 88.1 off Air

April 17th, 2011

The small Toronto radio station CKLN 88.1 isn't broadcasting on the FM dial anymore. What remains is an mp3 stream from the stations studios. Ron Nelson said on the Reggaemania show that the format of the station may continue as an mp3 stream format. It's unfortunate for the station but a sign of the (digital) times, some people were able to tune in from their blackberries through the radio stream before and that's the future I guess. Here is the CKLN website for more information.

Toronto's kleine Radio Station CKLN 88.1 funkt nicht mehr auf FM. Es zu hoeren geht jetzt nur noch durch MP3. Ron Nelson hat auf der Reggaemania show gesagt das der format auf mp3 streaming warscheinlich bleiben wird. Es ist zu schade fuer die Station aber ein zeichen der (digitalen) Zeiten, es ist wohl die Zukunft CKLN durch ein Blackberry smart phone zu hoeren, was ja auch ueber funk geht.


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