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Privacy: they know who you are anyways

September 21st, 2012

Ever since I had a fire in my apartment building I've been couching at my parents house. I noticed that youtube and google know exactly who I am whenever I return to their site. Even the same banners over and over on slashdot revealed to me that they can track me. The big difference between my house and my parents house is that they have a dynamic IP address and I have a static IP. So what's the difference? With a static IP I even get to run a "server" doing my own mail and knowing that my mail isn't kept on some shady server somewhere, it's right at home instead. The privacy with a static IP is protected more I'd argue than with a dynamic IP. This surprises even me.


What would you do?

September 19th, 2012

Since 1998 until 2012 the wealth distribution of the richest 10% in Germany rose from 45 percent of all wealth in germany to 53 percent. A staggering 8 percent rise. This also means that the other 90% of people have 8 percent less of total distribution. These facts came from page 8 of the Schweinfurter Tagblatt newspaper on Wednesday, September 19th, 2012.

If I was dictator of germany I'd immediately tax the rich more. But that isn't enough because that only makes government richer, the funds do not necessarily reach the people. I'd introduce a minimum wage to give the poorest a boost almost at once. Yes you heard right, to this day there is no minimum wage in germany. Then I'd invest in social programs for the poor, done in such a way that it benefits the poor more than the rich, and is long lasting. Easier said than done, but I'd give it a shot anyhow.


What if you don't have the "right stuff" to be a politician?

September 19th, 2012

Nonsense! In a democracy anyone can go become a politician and anyone can vote for them. If they are clumsy in their job after that they likely won't be voted for again. However the tabloit "Der Spiegel" seems to think different, and I want to remind them that this is a dangerous path to be on. They say and I quote: "Enstanden ist ein Portraet von jungen Berliner Politikern, die eigentlich keine Politiker sind - oder gar nicht das Zeug dazu haben.". So explain what a politician is? Must you come from a "political studies" background where you attended an elite-university? I say ridiculous! How up-in-the-air is that? You have no such thing as "Volksnaehe" then (Volksnaehe means closeness of the people). I understand that these words "Der Spiegel" are using are just to discredit the Pirate Party of Germany, and don't tell me they haven't done so I've seen the sneer comments about the Pirates. Oh so the pirates have lost some ground, whoopeedoo! Somewhere, some other party is still missing their 6% of voters though! And that's enough to topple Mrs. Merkel or keep her on, sorry to put it on the table, but I think the pirate party is the decisive factor whether germany gets a red-green or a red-black parliament. Either way we may see Merkel again one more term. Rant, off.


Equinox in 4 days

September 18th, 2012

September Equinox is upon us again. The northern hemisphere is entering autumn, the southern hemisphere is entering spring. At equinox a pole at the equator placed at 90 degrees and at high noon will not cast a shadow, other than upon itself. As time progresses after the equinox the sun will favour the tropic of capricorn over the tropic of cancer until the next march equinox.

Perhaps you will celebrate this earth event. I will somewhat.


My mom doesn't like Ubuntu 12.04

September 15th, 2012

My dad accidentally upgraded our 10.04LTS Ubuntu to 12.04LTS and my mom didn't like the upgrade at all. So today I "downgraded" back to 10.04LTS and my mom is happy again despite losing all her email. The reason she lost her email is because you can upgrade evolution but not downgrade it, so the mails had to pay. I'm also glad to be back at 10.04 I didn't want to pay the 92 euro upgrade to VMware workstation 9 just so that it would work on 12.04.


It's alive!

September 14th, 2012

I have provisioned, deployed and configured my new VPS in Hong Kong. Currently it mirrors my website. If you go to ap.centroid.eu (ap stands for Asia-Pacific), you'll be seeing the usual website and blog. I can now work on bettering my website a little.


Purchased/Leased a new VPS

September 10th, 2012

In this blog article I fantasize about having a third VPS in Singapore. Well, I got one. Not in Singapore but in Hong Kong which is right around the corner network speaking. This opens up a whole new arena for me. I'm now entering the Asia Pacific market, whereas I had Europe and the Americas to this day. I'm using vr.org as my hosting provider and I've never heard anything about them before so this is sorta a new step.

Here are some facts about this new VPS:

  • 512 MB RAM
  • FreeBSD
  • 400 GB montly transfer
  • and lots more...

I'll be naming this VPS moon.virgostar.net, and it'll likely show up first as a nameserver on the internet. Eventually I want it to serve web pages too. Oh well. Today is a great day (for me!).


Ordered OpenBSD 5.2 from Lehmanns.de

September 9th, 2012

Instead of ordering from OpenBSDEurope (sorry) I ordered from lehmanns.de this time. I'm saving money as it's only 39.95 euros there. And I can pay on delivery, and no shipping charges.


Could one of my dreams come true?

September 8th, 2012

Privately I had been dreaming of an optical computer. Photonics would do what electrons do in conventional computers. I imagine speed at room temperature and minimal energy (electricity) draw.

Now, my dream seems to have seeded in reality. See here.

Here is a good explanation of a NAND gate, notice it's functionally complete meaning you can create all other types of gates with this (AND, OR, XOR, and negated counterparts). Hats off Mr. Ritesh Agarwal for leading development in an optical NAND gate!


IPv4 Addresses Almost Exhausted in Europe

September 4th, 2012

This is the announcement from RIPE. Perhaps it's time to speed up IPv6 deployment.


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