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SVPRadio the new Stratford sound

August 7th, 2011

For the past 20 weeks or so a friend and I have been working weekly on a new project. SVPradio is an Internet Radio station for Stratford, Ontario residents and it broadcasts for 6 hours every week (on wednesdays). While my friend DJ Jaz handles the organization and sound I took care of the behind the scenes setup that an Internet Radio station needs. Another friend of mine offered us his server for this which was very nice. Our weekly traffic is still very low as we're not well known yet but word is spreading surely as now the DJ'ing is done from the storefront of Stratford's Compudoc. Here is a picture: In this picture I believe you see DJ Wigs who does a drum-bass and jungle show. All in all the people who make SVPradio happen are great and the shows are always interesting. We always wanted to have SVPradio since our teenager years and the name "SVP" was picked back then as well. What it stands for I'll leave to your imagination as we don't want to reveal that yet. One fitting acronym is "Stratford's very pretty". I'm looking forward to the next 20 weeks and perhaps our listener volume will increase too.


Got new SIP (VOIP) phone

August 6th, 2011

Yesterday, I got my new sip phone. It's a Grandstream GXP 2100. I'm looking forward to making it work, but it works already. The voice clarity is great. Last week I signed up to sipgate.de for a sip account and I'm getting rates of 1 cent per minute in Germany. There is a flatrate for this but I'll have to see if it's worth it. Also I'm unsure whether I'm getting billed for incoming calls, something I'll have to figure out.


Turned on comments

August 5th, 2011

I did a bit of programming today and turned on comments on the blog. You can view them when you click on the articles themselves. No captcha yet though. I hope you find this useful at all, I don't really but I'm willing to take this next big step. Comments are restricted to 8000 bytes or something so keep it short.


snow leopard -> lion

July 30th, 2011

Today we purchased and downloaded Mac OS X Lion (10.7). Everything went smooth. I finally got the Macbook to run in 64 bit mode too. Interesting is that lion has a "pfctl" command. That's new!


leopard -> snow leopard, no problem!

July 24th, 2011

I bought Snow Leopard for my dad yesterday. We installed it on his Mac Book which has a Core 2 Duo processor. No files were lost but the only thing we did was upgrade VMware Fusion from 2.0.8 to 3.1.3 which cost 30.70 euros plus tax. I'm not sure we needed to upgrade the Fusion but it was a surety thing. The intial update after installing Mac OS X 10.6.3 was a 1 GB update to take us to 10.6.8 or something. It was quite a download over the 3 Mbps DSL but it will be nothing compared to the Mac OS X Lion download that we'll be conducting next week. :-).


End of an era, on to the next...

July 22nd, 2011

No, the eagle has not landed. It was the US space shuttle Atlantis that did land at Kennedy Space center a few days ago. There won't be any more space shuttle launches and some people see this as an embarrasment for the US. I don't see it that way but rather have been watching the reports come in from companies such as SpaceX (Falcon rocket, Dragon capsule). The reports are good and I saw a schedule the other day where we'll see a Dragon capsule scheduled for docking with the ISS (International Space Station). Looking back the shuttle has followed and haunted me in my life, I remember the first time I heard about it when the Challenger blew up upon launch. That was the first memory I have of the shuttle. Not exactly a good one. At that time we had immigrated to Canada and I learned that the Canadarm (the shuttles robotic arm) was Canadas contribution to the shuttle. A decade and a half later I immigrated back to Germany and not too soon after that the Columbia disintegrated upon re-entry over Texas. Another haunting memory, but I can say that whenever I migrated around the globe that a shuttle and its crew was lost. My role models were German and Canadian Astronauts. Such as Ulf Merbold, Thomas Reiter, Chris Hadfield, Marc Garneau, Roberta Bondar, are some that come to mind. All of them flew on the shuttle I believe as mission specialists and carried the dream to their respective nations with stories of another state of being (in freefall/in space). So what's next now that the shuttles don't rise anymore? Like I said Space X, Russian Soyuz, European Soyuz and ATV, Chinese, Japanese and Indian space rockets and a slew of other commercial carriers all striving for manned space flight. And since most commercial manned space programs are american it's not an embarrasment but another national hope/treasure. The shuttle was prohibitively expensive and we need the cheaper alternatives that are now up and coming. So with that I say "you did well ol' shuttle fleet, now rest in peace", and I'm thrilled with the future on what's to come.


Constellation Name Abbreviations

July 8th, 2011

I got this out of the program xephem which lists 89 constellations:

And:  Andromeda         Cyg:  Cygnus            Pav:  Pavo
Ant:  Antlia            Del:  Delphinus         Peg:  Pegasus
Aps:  Apus              Dor:  Dorado            Per:  Perseus
Aql:  Aquila            Dra:  Draco             Phe:  Phoenix
Aqr:  Aquarius          Equ:  Equuleus          Pic:  Pictor
Ara:  Ara               Eri:  Eridanus          PsA:  Piscis  Austrinus
Ari:  Aries             For:  Fornax            Psc:  Pisces
Aur:  Auriga            Gem:  Gemini            Pup:  Puppis
Boo:  Bootes            Gru:  Grus              Pyx:  Pyxis
CMa:  Canis  Major      Her:  Hercules          Ret:  Reticulum
CMi:  Canis  Minor      Hor:  Horologium        Scl:  Sculptor
CVn:  Canes  Venatici   Hya:  Hydra             Sco:  Scorpius
Cae:  Caelum            Hyi:  Hydrus            Sct:  Scutum
Cam:  Camelopardalis    Ind:  Indus             Se1:  Serpens  Caput
Cap:  Capricornus       LMi:  Leo  Minor        Sex:  Sextans
Car:  Carina            Lac:  Lacerta           Sge:  Sagitta
Cas:  Cassiopeia        Leo:  Leo               Sgr:  Sagittarius
Cen:  Centaurus         Lep:  Lepus             Tau:  Taurus
Cep:  Cepheus           Lib:  Libra             Tel:  Telescopium
Cet:  Cetus             Lup:  Lupus             TrA:  Triangulum  Austral
Cha:  Chamaeleon        Lyn:  Lynx              Tri:  Triangulum
Cir:  Circinus          Lyr:  Lyra              Tuc:  Tucana
Cnc:  Cancer            Men:  Mensa             UMa:  Ursa  Major
Col:  Columba           Mic:  Microscopium      UMi:  Ursa  Minor
Com:  Coma  Berenices   Mon:  Monoceros         Vel:  Vela
CrA:  Corona  Australis Mus:  Musca             Vir:  Virgo
CrB:  Corona  Borealis  Nor:  Norma             Vol:  Volans
Crt:  Crater            Oct:  Octans            Vul:  Vulpecula
Cru:  Crux              Oph:  Ophiuchus         Se2:  Serpens  Cauda
Crv:  Corvus            Ori:  Orion


Ordered two new books

July 4th, 2011

I've ordered two new books. Now that I'm working hard it's time to reap the benefits to furthering myself. The one is the book you see in the image and the other is a book on javascript. I'm hoping to better my website with javascript eventually.

So what happened to my UNIX love, now that I'm ordering Windows books you may ask? It's still there but I'd like to explore other possibilities and windows is pretty mainstream. I'm toying with the thought of porting wildcarddnsd to windows. All in good time, if ever.


My third Windows program, speedport exploit

June 30th, 2011

With help from someone I managed to compile my exploit that crashes the Speedport W303V type A router. The .exe is executed from Windows 7 cmd window.

MD5 (speedport_exploit.exe) = 9eb9f16e64feaa8ccd316b9ca51c93c1

I'm gonna try it from my parents house some time and see if it really does crash the router. :-).

Update: it works at my parents house with windows XP. My mom wanted to know why I was making this and what my goal is. My goal is to get a firmware patch out of this from the manufacturer, so that I can continue the legit operations that this uses for a freebsd ezjail install.


Syncing clock on OpenBSD/VMware Workstation

June 29th, 2011

I recently synced all my clocks on OpenBSD vm's using the vmt(4) timedelta sensor that is included in OpenBSD 4.9.

tail -f /var/log/daemon ...
Jun 29 19:02:23 cupid ntpd[18033]: adjusting local clock by -0.275138s
Jun 29 19:03:54 cupid ntpd[16677]: clock is now synced
# grep -v ^# /etc/ntpd.conf|grep sensor 
sensor vmt0
That's all that's needed in the config for ntpd to run on the vm.


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