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FreeBSD 9.0 Released and PC-BSD 9.0 Released

January 15th, 2012

The wait is finally over! FreeBSD released its version 9.0 a few days ago and dedicated it to Dennis Ritchie. Here is the 9.0 Release announcement.

Also PC-BSD (which is forked from FreeBSD) released it's 9.0 version. Here is the release pages from its blog.


2.97 euros for Jamaica (iTunes)

January 14th, 2012

Today I bought 5 songs off iTunes. 3 songs hail from Jamaica with the artists Chuck Fender, Movado and Fantan Mojah who I have heard on Youtube long enough to warrant putting some money in their pocketses. The other two songs are from Stratford, Ontario artist Nukky Grissom who was featured on SVPRadio last week. Good stuff. I lived in Stratford for 7 years so I know what he talks about in his songs (especially Small Town which was one that I bought). I can relate. I'm overall happy with the purchase.


Setting up iked on OpenBSD (my story)

January 9th, 2012

I have two hosts. One is a vmware workstation vm called dione. The other is an OpenBSD/macppc G4 Cube called mars. Both are seperated by a router called uranus. In ascii it looks a little like this:

+---------+                +---------+               +---------+
| dione   }----------------{  uranus }---------------{  mars   |
+---------+                +---------+               +---------+
2001:a60:f074::30               X                       2001:a60:f074:5::2
I want to encrypt communication with IPsec between these two hosts. Here is what my config (/etc/iked.conf) looks like on dione:
dione# grep -v ^# iked.conf

ikev2 active esp from 2001:a60:f074::30 to 2001:a60:f074:5::2 srcid "2001:a60:f0
74::30"  dstid "2001:a60:f074:5::2" psk "swearword!"
Here is what my config (/etc/iked.conf) looks like on mars:
# grep -v ^# /etc/iked.conf

ikev2 active esp from 2001:a60:f074:5::2 to 2001:a60:f074::30 srcid "2001:a60:f0
74:5::2" dstid "2001:a60:f074::30" psk "swearword!"
I also set up the following commands on dione in reference to the ikectl manual page:
dione# ikectl ca vpn create
dione# ikectl ca vpn certificate 2001:a60:f074::30 create
dione# ikectl ca vpn certificate 2001:a60:f074:5::2 create
dione# ikectl ca vpn install
dione# ikectl ca vpn certificate 2001:a60:f074::30 install
dione# ikectl ca vpn certificate 2001:a60:f074:5::2 export
dione# scp 2001_a60_f074_5__2.tgz mars:.
mars# tar -C /etc/iked -xzpf 2001_a60_f074_5__2.tgz
Then I started /sbin/iked on both machines and typed:
dione# ipsecctl -sall
flow esp in from 2001:a60:f074:5::2 to 2001:a60:f074::30 peer 2001:a60:f074:5::2
 srcid IPV6/2001:a60:f074::30 dstid IPV6/2001:a60:f074:5::2 type use
flow esp out from 2001:a60:f074::30 to 2001:a60:f074:5::2 peer 2001:a60:f074:5::
2 srcid IPV6/2001:a60:f074::30 dstid IPV6/2001:a60:f074:5::2 type require

esp tunnel from 2001:a60:f074:5::2 to 2001:a60:f074::30 spi 0x1ee7655a auth hmac
-sha2-256 enc aes-256
esp tunnel from 2001:a60:f074::30 to 2001:a60:f074:5::2 spi 0xa0f22d34 auth hmac
-sha2-256 enc aes-256
Also tcpdumping shows that the traffic is encrypted:
mars# tcpdump -v -n -i gem0 -p -X ip6 and not port 22 and not port 9999   
tcpdump: listening on gem0, link-type EN10MB
22:25:09.875931 esp 2001:a60:f074:5::2 > 2001:a60:f074::30 spi 0x1ee7655a seq 24
7 len 200 [class 0x10] (len 200, hlim 64)
  0000: 6100 0000 00c8 3240 2001 0a60 f074 0005  a....2@ ..`t..
  0010: 0000 0000 0000 0002 2001 0a60 f074 0000  ........ ..`t..
  0020: 0000 0000 0000 0030 1ee7 655a 0000 00f7  .......0.eZ...
  0030: 9de0 df93 049b bddc 5c94 936c 7352 d89f  ....\..lsR.
  0040: 982a 9497 c2a7 3117 930b 853b a69d 89ef  .*..§1....;..
  0050: 94a0 a7b8 9bce fa26 339b 1845 ad7f 8637  ..&3..E..7
  0060: 27c0 f679 6eb9                           'yn

22:25:09.876728 esp 2001:a60:f074::30 > 2001:a60:f074:5::2 spi 0xa0f22d34 seq 28
1 len 120 [class 0x10] (len 120, hlim 62)
  0000: 6100 0000 0078 323e 2001 0a60 f074 0000  a....x2> ..`t..
  0010: 0000 0000 0000 0030 2001 0a60 f074 0005  .......0 ..`t..
  0020: 0000 0000 0000 0002 a0f2 2d34 0000 0119  ........-4....
  0030: 3ca6 1eb5 81c0 f64a b5a8 b2c3 b933 c896  <..Jù3.
  0040: fa73 17cd a054 5ff9 151e b781 3b50 5972  s.͠T_...;PYr
  0050: 1d7d 2709 7dc8 c36c 8dcc e42b 0c86 e186  .}'.}l.+...
  0060: 927b a804 50bd                           .{.P
If that procedure doesn't work for you I also copied the .pub key of each respective hosts and stuck them into /etc/iked/pubkeys/ but I doubt that made a diff. Have a lot of fun (I only wasted 4 hours on this). Another thing worth mentioning is that the certificates created are self-signed. Iked as of 20120109 does not support self signed certificates so the PSK method seems to be the only way. Suggestions on how to better this always welcome.


New Comment System

January 6th, 2012

I've put up a new commenting system and fixed the io.solarscale.de instance for commenting. Hopefully this is useful.


470:1 where my money goes...

January 2nd, 2012

Wikimedia has broken off the fundraiser. 1 million donors donated on average 20 dollars for the 470 million visitors that wikipedia gets. My contribution (25 euros) was slightly above average then, I'll keep that in mind for next year. If you donated, congratulations you too support 470 others on wikipedia.


Turning off WPS

January 1st, 2012

According to this article (german) and a CERT advisory the key to a WPA2 network can be broken within 11,000 tries. In computers 11,000 tries isn't much.

I've found and turned off WPS on my parents problematic Speedport W303V Type A router which had it set in the pushbutton method by default. Now it's off. At home I don't use Wifi so that's safe (I have cat5 cable everywhere though).

Happy New Year 2012 everyone.


Added a bit of Javascript

December 28th, 2011

As you can probably tell this site has been getting a bit of javascript and HTML5 improvements. I'm dabbling here and there with my book I got a while ago. One noticeable change on this blog is that the ads on the top will get reloaded every minute to a new one. You can see what ads there are by reading the page source. Cheers!


Donation to the Pirates

December 27th, 2011

Yesterday I was systematically going through the website of the Pirate Party of Germany. At first I was a little shy about them, now I think they are my party. The good thing is that you can vote for them twice. Once with your money and once with your vote. I donated 10 euros to them which I will money transfer to them tomorrow. For all those that use computers and internet as much as I do and aren't convinced they are _the_ party to vote I urge you to look at the politics section of their website and make up your own mind. Invest 40 minutes which I did to really take a look at the program. Sure there is some things missing like defence and finances as well as foreign relations but their priority number 1 for politics is to make the Internet political topic number 1. I don't expect them to win the elections but if they get into parliament it would be grand considering I vote for them.


Goodbye Facebook

December 23th, 2011

I finally left Facebook. I never really needed it. And hopefully all my friends who facebook said will miss me, will actually miss me. If they leave facebook I'll be there on old methods like email.


Throwing out the productions of 2011

December 22th, 2011

Early this year (sometime in april or so) I made 2 shows for SVP Radio which have never been broadcasted. They deal with OpenBSD and have all songs by OpenBSD on them. I DJ these songs together in a random order. If you're interested in listening to my mediocre voice and good OpenBSD songs then go ahead. Free 2 hour listening.

The shows are up to date until OpenBSD 4.8 song. The rest of the songs you can find at OpenBSD. Thanks to OpenBSD for the songs!


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