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Planets aligned on the 21st?

December 18th, 2012

I'd say no. Take a look what xephem showed, edited with gimp.


December solstice in three days

December 18th, 2012

The december solstice is in three days. Interesting I find that wikipedia calls this also the "southern solstice". Have fun with this info. What does it really say? It means that at high noon on the 21st the sun is at its lowest point in the sky (due to the earths tilt). It also means the shortest day of the year, but it also means that going forward after this days will increase in length again (at least until the next June solstice). If the 21st is the end of the world will have to be seen, but I personally have my doubts. :-).


Registered AmDeutschhof.de

December 18th, 2012

After deciding to expire goldflipper.net, I registered amdeutschhof.de as that is the street I'm living on in a part of Schweinfurt called Deutschhof. I intend to give neighbours an email redirect service with this, although I'm unsure how popular it would be.


Decided to expire goldflipper.net

December 14th, 2012

Less is more. And I got to trim the fat a little on domain ownership. So what I've done is take out goldflipper.net out of dns server entries for all my domains and replaced it with americas.centroid.eu. I also asked my vps provider in panama to rename the vps from goldflipper.net to americas.centroid.eu, and adjust reverse dns.


Purchased two books

December 13th, 2012

I purchased two books on iPhone programming. Now that I have the mac mini I'm able to program in that area with xcode. The simulator will allow me decent results, but eventually I'm wanting to buy an ipod touch for IOS programming. That's where my spare time in 2013 will likely go to.


2012 - Year in review

December 10th, 2012

Last year I did the review on the 10th of December as well so I'm going to do this years on the 10th as well. Here is what happened in 2012:

December 11th, 2011 my program Natally is able to do IPv6 by disabling IPv4 NAT.
December 23rd, 2011 I left facebook for good.  Thanks Eva for encouraging me!
December 27th, 2011 Donated 10 euros to the Pirate Party of Germany.
December 28th, 2011 Changing ad banners at the top of my blog.
January 1st, 2012 turning off WPS as a vulnerability was found, happy new years!
January 2nd, wikimedia releases stats that 1 million donors contributed 
	20 dollars on average.  Wikipeida gets 470 million visitors a year.
January 6th, new commenting system.
January 9th, setting up iked on OpenBSD (my story).
January 14th, bought some jamaican reggae and some Nukky Grissom off iTunes.
January 15th, FreeBSD 9.0 is released as well as PC-BSD 9.0.
January 18th, Removed the web mirror that was on uranus.centroid.eu (DSL).
January 27th, I describe what my dream smartphone would be like.
January 28th, Wildcarddnsd is fixed on big endian machines particularily the macppc.
February 13th, Information and its exchange and new stickers on Jupiter and Mars.
February 19th, I observed the real Jupiter and Venus very bright in the night sky.
February 28th, donated 100+ Euros to *BSD projects.
February 29th, Free Buju Banton.
March 2nd, got notice that my contract work would not get renewed.
March 14th, pre-ordered OpenBSD.
March 16th, bought an ACER Aspire One netbook and named it Saturn.
March 23rd, checking Randomness on Debian.
March 24th, the Venus glider.
March 30th, Interesting findings about older Airport Express Access Points.
March 31st, pictures of my workbench.
April 4th, SVPRadio One year anniversary.
April 6th, ordered 3 books from Amazon.
April 8th, added a robots.txt file that disallows bots to go into my blog.
April 18th, 26 years of Personal Computing History.
April 19th, Jupiter (computer) gets a new fan.
April 28th, New job, first week.
April 29th, got a new book from Amazon.
April 29th, BOINC processing comeing to an end.
May 1st, OpenBSD 5.1 Released, Jupiter (computer) built with OpenBSD.
May 11th, io.solarscale.de needed a fsck.
May 23rd, what to do about ports (space issue).
May 27th, ordered 4 more books from Amazon.
June 1st, World IPv6 day.
June 2nd, home network fully at OpenBSD 5.1.
June 3rd, Venus transit approaching.
June 30th, China puts its first woman into space.
June 30th, Going to the moon?  You'll need this!
June 30th, Fritzbox 7930 NAS too slow!
July 6th, A bit disappointed with dspam.
July 13th, Donated 50 euros to OpenBSD.
August 2nd, Five technologies of the future.
August 4th, Why I don't trust the ITU.
August 5th, Why landing on mars may not be a good idea (for humans).
August 7th, the distance of Mars (planet) today.
August 14th, (My open source projects) left Sourceforge.
August 15th, fire in my building, uranus (computer) is off.
August 17th, 6-8 Weeks (it should take for me to move back into my apartment).
August 25th, a red sky over schweinfurt at dawn.
August 25th, Neil Armstrong dies. 
September 3rd, how not to succeed (in trojan programming).
September 4th, registered virgostar.net.
September 8th, Ritesh Agarwal leads development of an optical NAND gate.
September 9th, ordered OpenBSD 5.2 from Lehmanns.de
September 10th, purchased/leased a new VPS in Hong Kong.
September 21st, Privacy: they know who you are anyways.
September 30th, Purchased online-backup storage (strato hidrive).
October 1st, Bad cryptography: a one time pad.
October 5th, My top 8 genres in my iTunes collection.
October 13th, Seti@home has failed.
October 17th, two algorithms for rate-limiting.
October 18th, a planet around alpha centauri-B.
October 19th, NetBSD 6.0 was released yesterday.
October 24th, I want to buy a mac mini.
October 28th, Big donation to OpenBSD.
October 31st, Halloween in Schweinfurt.
November 1st, OpenBSD 5.2 is released.
November 5th, The Main river produces 118 MW of electricity in total.
November 7th, tomorrow I'm purchasing a new Mac Mini.
November 10th, My C Primer hits 20,000 views.
November 20th, Why Open Source works.
November 21st, The european space program.
November 23rd, Fibre Optics in Schweinfurt?
November 26th, KNF Kongress 2012 - Complex World...
December 6th, I got a new apartment.
December 9th, 1 million views at Hackepedia.org.


Tomorrow we'll reach 1 million views!

December 7th, 2012

We got a million views. Yashy, hawson, whoever else contributed Franks, give yourself a pat on the back. We did it! But first some history. I started writing in hackepedia on October 5th, 2005 in the stdin article. Soon followed stdout and stderr. Now it's 7 years 2 months later or 2618 days later. A lot has changed. And we got 381 views every day since then on average. In the most recent additions to hackepedia I have been writing the C Primer which turned out to be very popular. A lot of demand for learning C is out there. I plan on furthering the C Primer by translating it to german, we'll see how I do that, I also want to open the C primer to others edits so that we can get more examples of code perhaps. All in due time. This is really a spectacular moment!


I got a new apartment

December 06th, 2012

I got a new apartment. The old apartment is in the same condition as it was in August, so nothing had been done. So I cancelled it.

The new apartment has a lot more space, and includes a work room where I can work in and then close the door at the end of the day. Also it's close to shopping amenities so I'll probably have a better quality of life. I'm pretty happy. Despite the setbacks in 2012, this year has been pretty good to me.


KNF Kongress 2012 - Complex World...

November 26th, 2012

The KNF which I'm a member of is an organization centered around networking and digital communication of Franconia (a region in Germany). Every year they have a Con and it's called "KNF Kongress" and this years con was about "Komplexe Welt - in und um das Internet", so in english "complex world - in and around the Internet". The con is held in Nuremberg at the Ohm College. Here is how it went down for me:

I got to the venue at 10:25 and it was too late to get to the early talks. So I set my laptop up with the KNF wireless, which turned out to be pretty intermittent in quality throughout the day. All the talks were being held in german so I'm gonna translate it to english on what I saw and heard.

The first talk I went to then was "OpenSeaMap - Status und aktuelle Projekte". This talk was being held by Markus Baerlocher. I didn't know anything about OpenSeaMap (google it) prior so this was an interesting talk. The status on the project was that they need developers and servers (mostly for storage).

Then there was lunch, and pizza. :-)

Next I attended the "mbed - der schnellste Einstieg in Web-basierte Steuerung und Regelung" by Jochen Krapf. This was an inspiring talk and demonstration by Jochen but I gotta admit I didn't know C++ or electronics all that well so there was about 5% of things I didn't grok. Otherwise a very nice talk about mbed.org which is sorta like arduino.

After that the mbed talk continued with another person Christian Besenreiter who required a dhcp server. Lastly it was my netbook running OpenBSD which provided that function. Chris showed us three real live examples of metering electric current with mbed. In the end Jochen had a few more words which cut into our coffee break. Both of these talks were very well done and the highlight of the day.

The last talk I attended was by Richard Lippmann about "Sicherung virtueller Server Umgebungen" which was a niftily thought-out demonstration how virtual environments make backups and snapshots. Only in the end I was a little disappointed because it was over so soon. Richard is a very good presenter.

And finally we had a Jam Session where anyone could go to the beamer and present a project. This was very well done and I think I'll do this next time as well. Perhaps I can talk about wildcarddnsd and its development.

By the time I got to the Nuremberg main train station it was 18:20 and my next train would depart at 19:00. It took a while but I got home at 20:30 and my dad picked me up from the train station in Schweinfurt.


Fibre Optics in Schweinfurt?

November 23rd, 2012

According to this german article we can expect Fibre Optic cabling (FTTH) to the home by end of 2014. So 2015 is reasonable. The Deutsche Telekom would be laying all the fibre and the cost would be around 20 million euros.

This would be good for me since the Internet is my sole means of income. I do remote system administration currently (a work from home type job).


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