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Changed blog a little

May 6th, 2013

I hope you like it. When I went to a CSS class the instructor said that in Germany or any place that you read left to right there is a menu bar on the left. Well in my case it's on the right, which would make my style arabic or persian. As a compromise I have added a black bar on the left now so that there is bars on both sides of the article. I think it looks better now and I'm working on fixing the jagged edges.


Earworms, Ohrwurms and co.

May 6th, 2013

I've been diagnosed of Schizophrenia at least once in my life. I also have been diagnosed of depression , and OCD which is a form of Tic disorder. However what I haven't been diagnosed with is "Susceptible to Earworms" disorder. An earworm is when you hear music and it plays over and over in your head, in my case it can be as little as one syllable as in a simple "oh" of the reggae artists Vybz Kartel or as high as I would guess ten syllables. In fact I've never heard a single voice in my head that I didn't hear before, most of them stem from music I hear and very rarely from other recordings, yet the headmusic keeps going at the weirdest moments.

It makes me a little paranoid to be honest, and I suspect my medication I currently take amplifies earworms. Now it doesn't matter what music I listen to I get the bug but I prefer to be listening to Reggae music at home. Current head spinners that I like listening to are Alaine - Jehovah (listen close to the syllables as they are a classic reggae beat), Lutan Fyah - Bossman, and Turbulence & I-Shenko - Obeah man. The latter two are off the downtown riddim collection which I like listening to as well.

As I walk down the street with headmusic in my brain, I wonder if it's noticeable. When I go into a supermarket I usually get inducted with white peoples music or whatever is playing on german radio, something like "message in a bottle" by the police/sting. Usually I leave the store playing repeating sentences of message in a bottle in my head. Totally bugged out!


Ordered a new book from Amazon

May 5th, 2013

It's another Ruby book. I fear I never get to read all these books fully because as soon as I get started with one I already have the next one. But I'm easily bored, confused, irritated with some books and their delivery style. Hoping this one will be a thriller. It's called Practical Ruby for System Administration by Andre Ben Hamou. I should have it delivered to my parents in 3 days.


We don't really have alternative access

May 4th, 2013

The german telco DT has capped its links to 75 GB if you use 16 Mbit DSL. What I thought about is the alternatives... there are none. DT has assets of 500K Euros per employee of its 230,000 workforce. And they own the copper links. Does that mean the DT can do with us what they want? There is only one alternative, and it doesn't scale. Check freifunk.de which is a citizen built Wifi mesh. They do not exist on a scale the size of Germany and beyond so they don't really scale. We need something to counter big evil telcos who do with us what they want.


Google Glass doesn't really phase me

May 3rd, 2013

I wear glasses. As a teenager I wore contacts predominantly. But I can't understand anyone wanting to give their life to google by wearing google glasses. Oh yes, life may be better because it may have been without hope at some point. But what of that is just illusion? Now the concept of google glasses isn't so bad. Until the part where you upload. To Google. Enough said.


My Compression Algorithm doesn't work

May 2nd, 2013

I have done some tests with a document I wrote in 2010 called my-compression.txt found on my /public stash. Well I came to the conclusion that there is too many collisions to give a definite answer on a compressed segment of 38 bytes. Too bad. I'm still hoping for a compression algorithm that can be re-compressed, thus ending all bandwidth and volume problems. But it's just a dream, it seems.


The cravings are bad...

May 2nd, 2013

I crave chatting on IRC. This tells me I was addicted. But I'm gonna beat the addiction, I have considered writing a program that simulates IRC with people randomly talking about cameras and throwing numbers around (camera model #'s) that I don't know. In fact a lot of the "trash" talk I can probably do without, in the last few years it got especially trashy as people lost a sense of purpose (in my opinion) why they were there.


OpenBSD 5.3 released, 3 hosts upgraded

May 1st, 2013

Today was network rearrangement day and upgrade day. I have upgraded mars, jupiter, and luna. I didn't upgrade uranus yet because I want to figure out some weirdnesses with it.

I now have ipsec'ed tunnels going from luna, jupiter and uranus to mars and mars acts like a router. The ipsec'ed tunnels protect the wifi bridge which are encrpyted too so I have extra encryption. More later.


Why would a provider get rid of flatrate?

April 29th, 2013

Recently Deutsche Telekom announced that they are getting rid of their flat rate for DSL. I've been giving this some thought, around discussion, and here is what I've noticed:

  • DT is offering TV and voice over DSL both of those services are not counted against the cap limit of 75 GB. In a way this is to prevent other TV over IP or voice over IP providers from being an alternative because people will be capped pretty quickly if they get TV from the United States (as an example).
  • I've thought perhaps they want to lose customers, a very ridiculous thought but who knows?
  • Back in the days of the German Bundespost, telecommunications were strictly controlled by a non-free market, perhaps elements in DT want such control back
  • DT is afraid to shed jobs and thus pushing restrictions on the users, which will save them ultimately
These are some thoughts of mine that make me wonder. It is definitely an attack on freedom and net neutrality in my view. I'm having trouble convincing my parents to switch for what it's worth. At 15 GB usage last month they aren't affected they say and they say other providers will follow suit. I think that's not correct but we'll see.


Taking a vacation from IRC

April 28th, 2013

I joined efnet in 1995 or 1996 as a way to get over my MUD addiction. Today I decided I'm going to take a vacation from it. How long I don't know but if it's forever then it be forever. Is IRC dying?


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