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What government should do

June 23th, 2013

Governments outside of the so-called five eyes nations are outraged over the prism and tempora sniffing programmes. However you can't change a dumb user to not encrypt, in fact it's hard to encrypt for most people. I'm afraid there is no easy way, but perhaps the fabric of the Internet can be re-woven in such a way that prism and tempora have a harder time gaining data. Let's pretend government said "we want you to use P2P protocols" and really encourages it. With P2P a lot of data is moved and it goes in all directions. I believe it would be a good initiative when you can't use encryption. Other than that perhaps develop Operating Systems and crypto systems outside of the USA and Britain in order to offset the current status quo. Also the structure of the Internet shouldn't just be a grand trunk with subnets, it should be a mesh and a mesh of hubs. Think about this last line a bit.


Sunny Solstice

June 21st, 2013

Ever wonder where the sun is (constellation) when it's northern solstice?

Look how Jupiter is occulted by the sun. Not sure if it's the right term but does that mean it's at opposition? I thought this fact was special. Jupiter behind sun at solstice, both in the constellation of Taurus almost in Gemini. Can you feel their gravity pulling on you?


The moon last night

June 20th, 2013

From my balcony, but I was shaking the camera unfortunately...


Some video about Wildcarddnsd

June 18th, 2013

This was really hard to do for me, considering there was hardly a script.


Northern Solstice in 3 days

June 18th, 2013

I usually give out the solstice and equinoxes a few days before. So the northern solstice is upon us again. This is when the sun is at 90 degrees with the northern tropic, tropic of cancer. This means summer in the northern hemisphere (officially), and winter in the southern hemisphere. Can you imagine snowfall in the patagonia region of south america? I can't because summer is here in europe, but it may be true.

After the sun reaches the tropic of cancer it turns around southward again, until it crosses the equator, that's officially the southbound equinox also called autumn equinox and will be the first day of fall in the northern hemisphere.


A german Google? Will the market allow it?

June 16th, 2013

I once programmed a web bot that would grab the index of random IP's out there. After running it a few days, I got a not-so-nice email from my german VPS provider that I was running malware, a certain virus. And they asked me to do something / stop. So my initial attempts failed at becoming a search engine. Now then in the german spiegel.de website someone has quoted the german interior ministers as saying they want a german Google to keep information local (and possibly also have the local three letter organisation spy on the data). They did say that the markets won't allow it in spiegel. And I think they are right, due to my previous attempts of running a bot.

Now if they are serious they'll have to open the Internet in terms of freedoms. Google only succeeded to become the #1 search engine because they could do anything they wanted, ranging from 1) doing anything they wanted with their web crawlers (googlebot), 2) doing anything technically possible with network technologies (BGP, IX's), 3) getting a googol worth of funding. There is possibly more that I'm not listing here. I believe I have some (little) insider knowledge (to online advertising) because I worked for a competitor to doubleclick which is now a part of google. Back then we thought about how we could collect as much data as possible to help us target advertising to respective people. We brainstormed a lot and tried to get access to these technologies. One find we had was that in internal IP data the BGP Autonomous System number was valuable to correlate where someone was. But it was not easy getting a BGP link, in fact to get there you have to be reasonably large and have cooperation of carriers to provide the redundant links to one. We weren't big enough and only had a single link to UUnet.ca, and hosted at Tier 2+3 providers. I believe because we could not make that curve that the company I worked for went out of business.

Back to my initial webcrawler. I developed technology to crawl websites. I used this technology but was probhibited by administrative rules. Had I been able to continue I may have been able to make a business out of this. Slowly growing (had I wanted to do that) and perhaps gaining value beyond runnign the crawler on a VPS, perhaps a dedicated server next, then a colo, and then my own network. The dream had endless possibilities at its inception and was cut short by the markets (prohibitative administrative rules). Had I been able to continue who knows what would have happened. Given no resistance the possibilities are a Googool (10^100)!


Vlog #5 Got 3 books on IOS development

June 14th, 2013

Don't let my expression fool you. I'm very satisfied. It's just that I've been in a grumpy mood for the last two days so I don't look all that happy. The video was recorded on OpenBSD with my webcam, I reworked the audio with audacity on OpenBSD and converted both videos with ffmpeg from avi into their respective formats. To get the .m4v format you have to recompile ffmpeg on OpenBSD though. I'm considering doing a lot more video blog entries so you may as well get used to it, plus it may make it harder for the NSA to gain anything useful.


Vlog #4, just a test

June 12th, 2013

Just a test, but if it works for you on all browsers that'd be wicked.


FAAC compiles into ffmpeg on OpenBSD

June 11th, 2013

I wanted to do this. So I patched ffmpeg in the ports on OpenBSD like so after installing /usr/ports/audio/faac...

begin 644 ffmpeg.patch

Now I can finally convert my AVI's on my Mac too. See if this one works for you on a Mac...


Success! I ran an app on my iPod

June 11th, 2013

I have been creating apps since last year. All of these were from examples found on youtube. So then I finally got around my provisioning problems at Apple and ran one app on my ipod. Now I know that it works I'm going to be switching to one of my books for creating IOS apps. There is a steep learning curve to master. But it'll be fun as I can run the code on my ipod now and play with it. I have also ordered 3 more books in a discounted deal from amazon.com. When I get them I'll released their names. But they deal with IOS 6. I know, I know IOS 7 will be out soon but when it does come out I'll be buying IOS 7 books too.

So what sort of app do I want to build for download in the app store? Hmm. Well I had thought about building an app that doubles as a mouse pointer for a computer. Basically you connect to the computer with wifi, network or bluetooth and enter a password, then whatever you move over the ipod's glass surface gets translated on the computers X11 display. It will need a custom X11 mouse driver as well, which shouldn't be too hard I believe as sourcecode for other mouse drivers exists. Once this project is finished I want to start building the interface for a virtual ipod (in virtual reality). So that you can have goggles on and have an ipod which you see in VR space. You also see Apps on this Ipod that don't exists in reality but moving your finger along the surface causes movement in the virtual reality and you can tap it and it will respond and such. That's phase two, but I'm only focusing on phase one right now.


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