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Living with Schitzophrenia, what's it like?

December 23rd, 2013

I pop my pills every day and everything seems normal. I don't know how it would be without them, never tried. Stigma against Schizos? Probably exists. I'm not exactly rich in Germany.


Donated 5 euros to the LibreOffice Document Foundation

December 22nd, 2013

I donated 5 euros to the Document Foundation. Thanks for allowing me to run slides for presentations with OpenBSD!


I'm in love with the new Apple Mac Pro (cylinder)

December 19th, 2013

...and I have 6 months to decide if I want to make it my next work computer. I would be replacing Jupiter (Core i7-930) for everyday tasks. If I get it I'm considering putting OpenBSD natively on the 2012 Mac Mini that I have, so that at least one computer will run OpenBSD natively. OpenBSD will also run on this Mac Pro under vmware. Right now I'm high from its design, maybe that will die down in time. Jupiter turns 4 in june, it cost around 2000 euros, the Mac Pro would cost around 3500, but it's assembled in the USA which means good quality...


Compartmenting more $USER functionality

December 17th, 2013

It is well known that daemons (or if you want to call them servers you can), compartment themselves to their own user... so why can't I do the same for firefox browser? The Idea I got from a slide from Mike Belopuhov's talk in at ruBSD, see here. I recently found out I can do this. Here is what I've done:

jupiter$ grep firefox .fluxbox/menu         
      [exec] (firefox) { ssh -c arcfour -X pjpff@localhost /usr/local/bin/firefox }
This will ssh to localhost with X11Forwarding with the arcfour cipher (later I plan on using chacha), because arcfour is speedy. I had to do the same for URL's in thunderbird so that when I click on an url the pjpff user sees it in the browser. But there is one drawback. Pasting text back. So I've used the never used "email link" function to send back an URL of interest back to me and it goes back to the thunderbird. It works out well. Another obstacle is moving files for upload or download. I'm going to write a small daemon for that with a hopefully curses client.

I can now browse easier knowing that firefox can't browse through my files in some hidden or not-known functionality. I'm paranoid about that so I'd rather close a possible hole.


I wish Europe would land on the moon too

December 16th, 2013

The moon is probably the most mysterious thing that every human can observe with their own eyes. When will Europe explore this object?


Southern Solstice in 6 days

December 15th, 2013

The solstice is here in in less than a week! You can read about Solstices here. I predict if daylight is the same X days before and after the solstice in symmetric fashion then the days should be getting longer on the 28th of December which isn't too far off! At least this applies to the northern hemisphere! And inbetween is christmas, so it's not so bad is it?


io <--> americas <--> moon now IPSEC'ed

December 12th, 2013

I have made 2 IPSEC tunnels between io.solarscale.de, americas.centroid.eu and moon.virgostar.net. These are all my 3 nameservers and they used to exchange zone files in plain text. Well not no more.

IO and MOON are FreeBSD so I found racoon the right combination for them. Americas which is OpenBSD uses isakmpd all for IKEv1 key exchange. The cipher negotiated is AES. It seems to work and I packet dumped to confirm that it's ESP'ed. Praise!


2013 - Year in review

December 10th, 2013

Like every year I do the review on December 10th, so here goes.

December 13th 2012, Purchased two books
December 14th 2012, decided to expire goldflipper.net
December 18th 2012, registereed amdeutschhof.de
December 18th 2012, December solstice in three days
December 18th 2012, Planets aligned on the 21st?
December 22nd 2012, My Spaceship
December 24th 2012, Merry Christmas!
December 28th 2012, Frankfurt-Helsinki in 6 hours by rail?
December 28th 2012, Looking for love in all the wrong places
December 31st 2012, Happy New Year 2013
January 7th 2013, Got a new monitor
January 7th 2013, How a base on Phobos could look like
January 10th 2013, Got a new book on WLAN's
January 11th 2013, Fibre Optics in the Canadian North
January 19th 2013, Let me explain how the Internet works...
January 20th 2013, This years traffic from Uranus (computer)
January 20th 2013, Date correction
January 24th 2013, Ordered two new books
January 24th 2013, Neat little vmware fusion trick
January 26th 2013, Bought a backup drive
January 28th 2013, Time Machine backup really slow
January 29th 2013, DECENTRALIZED
January 30th 2013, IRC
January 31st 2013, NAP of the Americas in Miami
January 31st 2013, Wire-tapping of the Cloud...
February 1st 2013, If I do upgrade Jupiter(computer)...
February 2nd 2013, This is actually cool!
February 9th 2013, Slowly getting ready for move
February 13th 2013, I've moved
February 14th 2013, My new IPv6 setup
February 15th 2013, Reinstated CVSWEB for my programs
February 17th 2013, Wildcarddnsd BETA 7 released
February 17th 2013, Introducing Fire Curses client
February 19th 2013, Firefox does DNS prefetching in OpenBSD
February 24th 2013, Donation time again
February 28th 2013, Teleworking: Mrs. Mayer you're (still) wrong
February 28th 2013, My first video entry
February 28th 2013, SVPradio 100th show next Wednesday
March 7th 2013, My first libssh program
March 8th 2013, Ordered two books
March 10th 2013, An era ends?
March 18th 2013, Equinox in 2 days
March 20th 2013, First day of Spring! Goodbye Winter!
March 24th 2013, Switched emea to FreeBSD
March 25th 2013, OpenBSD has released it's 5.3 Song
March 30th 2013, My sorta first ruby program
March 30th 2013, Next wednesday is SVP Radio's 2nd year anniversary
April 1st 2013, Goodbye Source!
April 2nd 2013, I'm still anti-nuclear
April 6th 2013, Pre-ordered OpenBSD 5.3 CD
April 8th 2013, EFnet.XS4ALL.NL has K-lined Hetzner.de IP's
April 12th 2013, Total Rip-Off, I'm gonna keep it!
April 23rd 2013, Germany's Deutsche Telekom starts a 75 GB cap on DSL
April 25th 2013, Network Rearrangement Next Week
April 25th 2013, 1 month left for goldflipper.net
April 25th 2013, Saturn in Libra (close to the moon)
April 26th 2013, What DT is doing wrong
April 28th 2013, Taking a vacation from IRC
April 29th 2013, Why would a provider get rid of flatrate?
May 1st 2013, OpenBSD 5.3 released, 3 hosts upgraded
May 2nd 2013, The cravings are bad...
May 2nd 2013, My Compression Algorithm doesn't work
May 3rd 2013, Google Glass doesn't really phase me
May 4th 2013, We don't really have alternative access
May 5th 2013, Ordered a new book from Amazon
May 6th 2013, Earworms, Ohrwurms and co.
May 6th 2013, Changed blog a little
May 7th 2013, Asterisk patch
May 8th 2013, Hackathon Trademark
May 8th 2013, Strato.com HIDRIVE is real slow today
May 9th 2013, Finished upgrading to OpenBSD 5.3
May 10th 2013, New Intro Screen with Animation
May 11th 2013, NASA Asteroid Mission, not a bad idea
May 12th 2013, Got a shot of moon and Jupiter
May 13th 2013, Politics: I'm still a pirate
May 13th 2013, Crossing my fingers for Chris
May 13th 2013, Freifunk Schweinfurt is alive
May 15th 2013, My idea for a virtual reality headset
May 17th 2013, OpenBSD fixes a panic I found
May 21st 2013, Second Video Blog (Vlog?) entry
May 21st 2013, Experimenting with an RSS feed
May 22nd 2013, This is a valid RSS feed
May 22nd 2013, Move DNS to TCP?  Great Idea! Really...
May 23rd 2013, Alphabetical countup AWK beats Ruby 1.8
May 24th 2013, Added squid proxy to mars
May 24th 2013, Panama getting more bandwidth in 2014
May 25th 2013, Goldflipper.net expires today
May 29th 2013, Purchased an ipod touch
June 2nd 2013, Changed the Main Page
June 4th 2013, OpenBSD Arrived! VLOG entry #3
June 7th 2013, Donation time again
June 8th 2013, A second arctic route...
June 11th 2013, Success! I ran an app on my iPod
June 11th 2013, FAAC compiles inteo ffmpeg on OpenBSD
June 12th 2013, Vlog #4, just a test
June 14th 2013, Vlog #5 Got 3 books on IOS development
June 16th 2013, A german Google?  Will the market allow it?
June 18th 2013, Northern Solstice in 3 days
June 18th 2013, Some video about Wildcarddnsd
June 20th 2013, The moon last night
June 21st 2013, Sunny Solstice
June 23rd 2013, What government should do
June 25th 2013, Got a new book
June 25th 2013, The Key Satellites
June 25th 2013, UFO sighted
June 25th 2013, How everyones Internet should be like
June 26th 2013, This is for July 1st
June 30th 2013, Helping the NSA find baby-jesus
July 1st 2013, Cherries!
July 2nd 2013, Weird Sky, more UFO's?
July 3rd 2013, Good Engineering will prevent domestic Spying
July 4th 2013, A look back from 2001: Has my vision really changed?
July 5th 2013, 2014, the year of the cable?
July 6th 2013, Redder Cherries
July 7th 2013, DSL not working, getting LTE
July 9th 2013, Got LTE, Internet is stable again
July 11th 2013, How the Internet should be like (Pt. 2)
July 11th 2013, IT Security, SSH timing attack
July 17th 2013, This blog now obfuscates all data
July 18th 2013, Just more preaching about preventing spying
July 25th 2013, Centroid Blog for Lynx readers
July 28th 2013, Watched the Big Dipper out my Kitchen Window
August 5th 2013, I asked for a static IP again
August 15th 2013, Purchased a Raspbarry Pi mini-computer
August 16th 2013, Wait a minute... not so fast... what changed?
August 18th 2013, Got Raspberry Pi, it's running Linux now
August 23rd 2013, Ordered a WLAN UsB adapter for the Pi
August 25th 2013, Got two books I ordered
August 27th 2013, Vacationing in Canada next month
August 27th 2013, Will be guest DJ'ing at SVPradio.COM
September 3rd 2013, RadeonDRM on OpenBSD
September 4th 2013, Wildcarddnsd has little new features for BETA8
September 5th 2013, OpenSMTPD upgraded on io.solarscale.de
September 6th 2013, Just a thought, is Snowden a FUD-Trojan?
September 6th 2013, My public AP is on an Edimax adapter now
September 6th 2013, Good article by Bruce Schneier
September 12th 2013, Pre-Ordered OpenBSD 5.4
September 14th 2013, One year of ap.centroid.eu
September 15th 2013, Southbound Equinox in 7 days
September 15th 2013, Pirate Pary got 2% in Bavarian election
September 21st 2013, Tomorrow
September 23rd 2013, e* came and went
September 25th 2013, SVPRadio appearance came and went
October 1st 2013, Some pictures from my vacation
October 9th 2013, First Snowday of the Year
October 13th 2013, I'm home now
October 13th 2013, Snowstorm in Nunavut on the 8th of October
October 14th 2013, Donated 150 euros to OpenBSD
October 14th 2013, A Train to Nowhere (Sep 28th - 30th)
October 14th 2013, Iqaluit, Nunavut (October 7th - 11th)
October 14th 2013, Upgraded my ipod touch to IOS 7
October 15th 2013, Ordered a Soekris
October 15th 2013, Network Rearrangement in 2 Weeks
October 17th 2013, Deutsche Telekom
October 19th 2013, Got the Soekris
October 21st 2013, Venus (Soekris router)
October 23rd 2013, Mars (G4 Cube) has been donated to the OpenBSD project
October 24th 2013, Testing TOR Onion Routing
October 26th 2013, OpenBSD 5.4 Arrived!
October 27th 2013, My OSPF Network
October 29th 2013, All computers upgraded to OpenBSD 5.4
October 29th 2013, Nvidia Card about to be replaced
October 30th 2013, A tiny blip on the W commit log screen
November 1st 2013, Centroid blog now available in CVS
November 1st 2013, OpenBSD 5.4 released
November 1st 2013, Fast Hellos are on
November 3rd 2013, Jupiter (computer) now on Radeon
November 4th 2013, Facilities and Priorities in syslog
November 8th 2013, Smithing tools to undersdtand code
November 9th 2013, talk(1) patch to display timestamps
November 11th 2013, What's happening here?
November 11th 2013, Slow Communication (ttldaemon.c)
November 15th 2013, Ordered a new book
November 17th 2013, My first OpenBSD vps
November 18th 2013, Sent Brad Smit 10 Euros
November 19th 2013, Wildcarddnsd BETA 8 has been released
December 3rd 2013, Americas is now OpenBSD
December 4th 2013, Merkle's puzzles not to defeat
December 8th 2013, Wildcarddnsd is in production again


Wildcarddnsd is in production again

December 8th, 2013

After a long pause of more than a year, I've enabled wildcarddnsd on americas.centroid.eu. It is master to a bind9 (moon.virgostar.net) and an nsd3 (io.solarscale.de) nameserver. I was able to do this change due to wildcarddnsd's shared memory which didn't work on a freebsd jail.

Anyhow I only did a few mistakes moving the zones over and perhaps I should write a bind9 zones convert tool to wildcarddnsd zones.


Merkle's puzzles not to defeat

December 4th, 2013

But to stall/delay/cost the adversary..

On chapter 2, page 34 of Applied Cryptography by Bruce Schneier, which is a rather old text I found the gem of Merkle's puzzles. Ralph Merkle is renowned in the cryptography scene for finding out about these puzzles. While I don't want to go into explaining the puzzle, I do think that they can offer some protection when RSA assymetric encryption fails. Pretend there is a quantum computer able to break assymetric encryption. What I have done is implemented a Merkle's puzzle server that I'll be using to connect to my vps. The server creates a tunnel that is SHA1 HMAC'ed and AES-256-CBC encrypted. While this may seem enough, it's not. I still ssh within this tunnel but it does require some effort to get to the assymetric encryption.

jupiter$ ls -1 *.c
mps.c			- creates the gigabytefile of encrypted messages
mpsclient.c		- uses a cracked message to talk to the server
mpscrack.c		- cracks a message in the gigabyte file
mpsd.c			- talks to the client to set up the encrypted tunnel
I'll be setting up a system to distribute over ssh the gigabytefile so that I can crack a message at home with it and from there use mpsclient to connect to the server.

I'm debating whether I should open source this. Give it time perhaps I will.


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