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Got two books I ordered

August 25th, 2013

I got the following books:

  • PostgreSQL 9.0 High Performance - Gregory Smith
  • PostgreSQL 9 Admin Cookbook - Simon Riggs and Hannu Krossing
I'll be reading these in the next little while as I'm interesting in their Clustering.


Ordered a WLAN USB adapter for the Pi

August 23th, 2013

I'd say the Raspberry Pi is a success. I'm taking it a step further now to replace the Apple Access Point (Apple Extreme 2nd gen.) and I'll make savings in electricity usage. What I'm doing is getting a USB WLAN adapter from Edimax which is compatible with my Pi. I'm going to have to run this in hostap mode somehow, something I haven't figured out on the Pi yet, I'm sure it'll work though.


Got Raspberry Pi, it's running Linux now

August 18th, 2013

I found the FreeBSD Pi image I made still lacked a bit of stability. So I put Raspbian Wheezy on my Pi. I'll use this pi like I said below. Right now what's running is a wiki, with apache and mysqld as well as wildcarddnsd which wildcards the entire Internet's names to one IP. It seems to work nicely.

If someone goes to "somedomainname.tld" it'll redirect to the wiki and and give an editable page for Somedomainname.tld. I think it may be popular around here, if only I knew how to turn the edit history off. Overall I'm a happy camper.


Wait a minute... not so fast... what changed?

August 16th, 2013

In germany the ruling government has declared the spy affaire to be dead. A Mr. Pofalla and Mr. Friedrichs who are ministers have voiced that there is nothing to go on. Nothing to go on? These ministers have admitted to us that the BND and other german secret services are actively spying on us. So while the USA may or may not be spying on german citizens the interior secret services are.

While our hands are tied in the public in terms of doing something about this right now, this does seem to be a good way to express my feelings at the vote. I'm voting Pirate Party of Germany because I'm for transparency and for an Internet that is supported by a political process.

While I hate to write about this whole spy affaire as it really ruins the good mood my blog used to give me, I think it's necessary to write about this issue because it affects our freedom. Like Bruce Schneier said that in the USA the NSA have commandeered the Internet ( see his blog for that), I'm drawing similar conclusions here in Germany about the BND. How dare they attempt to take the Internet away from us! This is a digital coup! While not literally "taking it away" they are installing facilities in several places to read Internet traffic, they've in fact taken away the privacy going on the digital links.

See you at the vote, where my vote will probably not count unless my party gets over 5% of the vote, which is a grey zone. But you never know.


Purchased a Raspberry Pi mini-computer

August 15th, 2013

I have purchased a raspberry pi. It will arrive here either on saturday or next week. I have this idea for the Pi. I currently have an open access point here at home that isn't encrypted. People can send a rate-limited UDP packet from it but everything is pretty well blocked off. I want to take a new step forward. I want to completely partition this wifi ap from the internet and have the raspberry pi run it's soul. I'll be using wildcarddnsd like before to hijack DNS requests and point them to the Pi. I'll also put up a message wiki for people to write in. I think it'll rock. More on this later.

I have compiled a FreeBSD image as found here. The provided script worked well except in 2 parts I had to make modifications to my FreeBSD 9.1 VPS in order to compile it. One was the change:

# pw useradd auditdistd -u 78 -g 77 -d /var/empty -s /usr/sbin/nologin \
-c "Auditdistd unprivileged user"
And the other was the fact that the $DTB was not bcm2835-rpi-b.dtb but rather just rpi.dtb. Other than that the script ran flawlessly.


I asked for a static IP again

August 5th, 2013

I asked my provider (m-net) to bring back static IP's. They discontinued the static IP's last years 4th quarter or something and I'm missing it. I want to host my own mail server. I want to host my own DNS server all on my own hardware. If they don't bring the static IP's back to customers as an extra option I'm probably going to look for a new ISP, one that does this. I'M also willing to pay more again.


Watched the Big Dipper out my Kitchen Window

July 28th, 2013

The Big Dipper was visible out my kitchen window which faces north tonight. If I ducked and looked I could see Polaris too. For those that don't know the Big Dipper is called the Ursa Major constellation. I came up with the hypothesis that in 6 months when I look out this window at the same time that Ursa Major will be out of my field of view because of how the window is like. But I should be able to see Polaris still although I won't be able to identify it.


Centroid Blog for Lynx readers

July 25th, 2013

http://centroid.eu/public/centroid-blog.sh.txt. I wrote this small shell script for you (and me). It deobfuscates the blog just like javascript does on graphical browsers, but you only get the first 10 articles which should be enough. Cheers!


Just more preaching about preventing spying...

July 18th, 2013

For the past few weeks everything in the media is about PRISM, NSA and BND, but I'm gonna talk about the real problem (topologies) and what I think is a solution, mesh networking...

Oh yes I got a haircut a while ago :P thanks!


This blog now obfuscates all data

July 17th, 2013

I've had some problems with bots from companies that don't honour the robots.txt file. This exposed my blog to some search engines, not something I prefer. So I have started to obfuscate my blog with PHP and javascript. Basically what it does is it creates a random password and based on that password a random sequence of numbers by hashing the password, taking the lowest byte and hashing the hash again, taking the lowest byte and so on. After some processing the lowest bytes make a sequence that is always the same. So when I apply that sequence of bytes and XOR it to my blogs contents then a garble will result. It looks like encryption but it's not it's only obfuscation, but it also makes people who sniff the wire have a harder time figuring out what's going on. Unless they also use javascript. AFAIK google bot uses javascript but it also honours robots.txt so we're even on that. If you're using lynx you can't read this blog anymore unfortunately, switch to X11/firefox.


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