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What happened to *REAL* technical support?

March 4th, 2014

I have trouble getting IPv6 with my OpenBSD router through my provider. With an AVM router I was able to get it but not with OpenBSD, so I asked my provider:

My question:

Ist die IPv6 implementierung die M-net benutzt irgendwo beschrieben? Seit ich   
meinen router ausgetauscht habe bekomme ich kein IPv6 mehr und will mich da    

ISP's answer:

An Ihrem Anschluss wird noch eine IPv4 vergeben. Eine IPv6 ist offiziell nur mit
unseren neuen Vertr?gen m?glich.                                               
Sie k?nnen allerdings nach dem Benutzernamen das @v6.mnet-online.de hinzuf?gt.  
Bitte beachten Sie, dass wir zu dieser M?glichkeit keinen Support anbieten     
k?nnen. Hierbei handelt es sich um das damalige IPv6 Testsystem. Auch muss Ihr 
Router IPv6 f?hig sein.

My second attempt

Ja das ist es.  Nur es spricht nicht v6 ?ber das PPPoE.  K?nnen Sie mir sagen   
welches protokoll benutzt wird um die IPv6 configuration auszutauschen?  Welche
standarden oder protokolle die in RFC's stehen benutzt werden?      

ISP's answer:

IPv6 ist das Protokoll. Ein IPv6 f?higer Router sollte mit dem genannten Zusatz,
die Verbindung aufbauen k?nnen. Wie bereits mitgeteilt, k?nnen wir hierf?r     
keinen Support geben oder Informationen zur internen Infrastruktur.  

Sorry for the german, there is no translation. This conversation was akin to talking to a dead doorknob anyhow. What happened to RFC slinging technologists? They are not at my ISP unfortunately!


Ordered two books from Amazon

March 3rd, 2014

I have ordered:

  • SQL Cookbook - Gennick, Jonathan
  • Redis in Action - Carlson, Josiah L.
I'm hoping to get more insights in these two databases.


How should we punish aggressors?

March 2nd, 2014

As I don't like politics too much I'll keep it short. Currently Ukraine is in crisis. It is my opinion that Russia is an aggressor. In my view the only way to de-conflict this is to put UN policing in Crimea. Preferably from South America as Russia would not want a NATO country that close probably.

I fear we may see the second iron curtain fall. And this shifts the ordering of the world once more. If the European Union protests by buying less natural gas it puts pressure on Russia. But we'd be screwed in Germany with our Energiewende ideal. Less natural gas would mean the nuclear power plants may live longer than we wanted. Keep thinking of Chernobyl though! It's a giant risk! And we should speed up the Energiewende at once, in order to have better odds down the road.

I will think of the Ukraine and give hope. Hope for a resolution! At the same time I hope for being worry free from war, we don't need war in Europe again! Peace!


First of March

March 1st, 2014

While officially still winter until the 20th, March here in Germany will bring us spring weather soon. I already exchanged winter coat for spring jacket last week. Is this a winter to remember? We had 2 snow days this winter season! I don't know and I think I'll forget about this winter next winter. Hopeing for a bit of snow. I'm attaching my 4 seasons picture I made a few years ago.


Purchased Reggae for March

February 26th, 2014

Two Albums because it's my birthday mid month. I have purchased:

  • Lutan Fyah - Life of a King
  • Queen Ifrica - Penthouse Flashback Series
Ok I'm going to listen to these now...on random.


Win for the Consumer in Germany

February 25th, 2014

Consumers who have been locked in by their ISP to use a certain router don't have to comply to this anymore. Apparently the Bundesnetzagentur has made it law starting today that "Routerzwang" is not legal anymore. This is a win for the consumer in my eyes. Those ISP's that don't give up access data to their users are making themselves liable to be sued.


Upgraded my FritzBox Repeater 300E

February 20th, 2014

AVM the manufacturer of routers and networking gear has provided a fix on most of its products against a root-exploit. My AVM Repeater 300E was also affected so I flashed its firmware. It took me 30 minutes after that trying to figure out why my network didn't work anymore. Turns out that the upgrade changed the MAC address of the repeater and network nodes behind it and I used static permanent ARP on my OpenBSD router. Hence nothing worked until I deleted the arp entry and updated it with a new one.


My Apartment: Year 1

February 19th, 2014

On February 13th, 2013 I moved in here. I don't regret moving here at all. It's a nice place. The setup that you see in the photo is pretty well what it is now, sans the G4 Cube which has been donated to the OpenBSD Project. Anyhow...


New Computer, the decision factor

February 18th, 2014

In 2 months I'm buying a new computer. I plan on gathering a list on what I want and then ask a computer store to put it together for me. That's how I did Jupiter (computer) last. This new computer will be named Mercury. So far I have gathered these links:

Now this selection leaves a few questions. I know the Xeon is more powerful than the Core i7, and I don't need a graphics chip so I'll probably go with a Xeon. But is this CPU compatible with the SABERTOOTH mainboard I do not know. I've found a site that says they work together but that some functionality of the Xeon don't work. My question is.. would that make it more unstable? As far as storage and video card is concerned; I'll be reusing my SSD from Jupiter and also the graphics card, although when these people build my new Mercury I'll ask them to put an AMD/ATI card in there.

Mercury will be running the OpenBSD Operating System natively just like Jupiter did. I'm gonna try to put 32 GB of RAM in there. Jupiter only had 8 GB. Well here's to planning this computer. OBTW if I didn't get OpenBSD on the thing I'd try Linux or buy a Mac.


OpenSMTPD on FreeBSD with SpamAssassin

February 15th, 2014

Today the spam got to me in such a way that I wanted to try out a spam filter. I decided to work with spamassassin because I've never tried it before. SpamAssassin is a perl script that uses Bayesian filters to mark/tag a mail as spam when a certain score is reached.

So what I did was first bring my FreeBSD's mail jail up to speed. A portupgrade -af put everything installed from /usr/ports to the latest version.

Next I installed /usr/ports/mail/p5-Mail-SpamAssassin, I selected to not run as root which was recommended for some reason. Then I played a bit with amavisd and couldn't figure it out. Next I tried spampd which uses spamassassin and it worked right away. With a few tests I installed a new opensmtpd (which isn't the latest in the ports, I compiled it from an old snapshot, beware) configuration file and I'll share it with you:

listen on port 25 tls certificate mail.solarscale.de auth-optional
listen on 2a01:4f8:d13:1980::25 port 25 tls certificate mail.solarscale.de auth-optional
listen on port 10025 tag DESPAMMED

table aliases db:/usr/local/etc/aliases.db
table users db:/usr/local/etc/smtpusers.db

max-message-size 90000000

accept tagged DESPAMMED for domain "centroid.eu" virtual  deliver to mbox
accept tagged DESPAMMED for domain "galileo.solarscale.de" virtual  deliver to mbox
accept tagged DESPAMMED for domain "solarscale.de" virtual  deliver to mbox
accept tagged DESPAMMED for domain "io.solarscale.de" virtual  deliver to mbox
accept tagged DESPAMMED for domain "amdeutschhof.de" virtual  deliver to mbox
accept tagged DESPAMMED for domain "virgostar.net" virtual  deliver to mbox

accept for local alias  deliver to mbox

# domains in order
accept from any for domain "galileo.solarscale.de" alias  relay via smtp://
accept from any for domain "centroid.eu" virtual  relay via smtp://
accept from any for domain "solarscale.de" virtual  relay via smtp://
accept from any for domain "io.solarscale.de" virtual  relay via smtp://
accept from any for domain "amdeutschhof.de" virtual  relay via smtp://
accept from any for domain "virgostar.net" virtual  relay via smtp://

accept for any relay

And then in spampd I had the following config as read from /etc/rc.conf

spampd_flags="--user=spamd --group=spamd --host \
--relayhost= --dose --tagall --auto-whitelist"

That was all I had to do. I've run a thousand test mails and have watched mail come in, the highest score I got was 3.4 out of 5.0, so not quite spam. But i'm sure I'll get a spam mail one of these days...


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