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Freifunk Franken

January 10th, 2014

This image shows the franken.freifunk.net access point on my ipod.



So, who owns the Internet?

January 8th, 2014

Here is an article with the same title and I admit to you I haven't read it. But I'd like to tell you what I think. The Internet is owned by corporations who are in it for profit. Since the profit margin is very small, yet people expect to be paid a lot they devise scarier methods (such as killing net neutrality, killing adfree content) to make even more profit. That is the truth. We, the people do not own the Internet, and we need to wake up and smell the coffee. We are however the soul of the Internet, and we make it a happening place.

So why do we not take ownership of it?

I have started by investing 20 euros into a WRT router that will be hooked up to freifunk.net, which is an initiative to mesh network everyone in germany. There obviously is a lot of gaping holes causing no service. But if people pick up and add their own 20 euro router eventually it'll become a network. And it gives you ownership of it, albeit a very small yet important part of it. I'm looking forward to pioneering this network in my neighbourhood and hopefully people will jump on the bandwagon. More on this later.


Ordered two books

January 5th, 2014

I have ordered two books from amazon. One dealing with OpenCL programming and the other with virtual reality, who knows where this will take me.


My IT spendings are just about average in .de

January 2nd, 2014

Apparently a survey done by the European Information Technology Observatory concluded that in 2013 the average spendings for IT per german is 1500 euros. So I'm actually just about at this average, small count of my spendings:

  1. provider m-net 20 euro/month
  2. provider vodafone 24 euro/month
  3. vps provider hub.org 35 dollars/month
  4. vps provider vr.org 20 dollars/month
  5. vps provider hetzner 8 euros/month
  6. KNF (franken.de) 5 euros/month
This comes to about 85 euros per month and then there is other costs involved. I think I'm just about average.


Why China is fixated on the Moon

January 1st, 2014

Recently in conversation I had with someone the chinese ambitions on the moon came up. They want to exploit the moon for its resources, she said. And I said "I know, isn't it beautiful?". Then I told her about mans quest into space and the earth being a womb to a human baby-mind. She thought I was crazy.

So then I read this BBC article, about why china is fixated on the moon. My opinion is that we should use the moons resources not to bring back to earth but to strengthen the space program. Use the resources to go out further. Also why is the rest of the world fixated on Mars? Does mars have resources more abundant than the moon? Or easier to be stripped? When looking at the moon it is a system similar to that on earth and perhaps there is more abundance of elements there than we'll ever find on mars? If nuclear fusion reactors (which don't exist yet) can be powered by helium-3 from the moon, which is taken as a sort of catalyst or inhibitor in order to control the fusion then I say go for it. That's the only element where I say bring it back to earth because there isn't much of it and it's easily transported. Don't bring back the metals though.. those are too bulky and make better sense to be used in spacecraft beyond moon orbit, or as antennas for dark side listening posts.

In the end, the article says there is potentially 10,000 years of power for the electric needs on earth in helium-3. If that't true it'll probably be a race among chinese and american private power companies to get the most they can. Good luck, humanity!


Happy New Year 2014

January 1st, 2014

I went to bed early last night and slept through the fireworks, oh well. I think 2014 will be a good year.


My Moonchart...and more

December 30th, 2013

I don't really really believe in astrology, but I find it amazing what sort of moons and planets were in my night sky at my birthday, so here it is my moonchart:

	moon	jupiter	saturn	mars		moon	jupiter	saturn	mars
1976     X				1997	 			 X
1977					1998
1978					1999
1979     X				2000
1980					2001
1981		    X       X		2002
1982		            X     X	2003
1983			    X		2004
1984     X				2005		    X
1985					2006       X
1986					2007
1987     X 				2008
1988 					2009
1989					2010			   X
1990					2011			   X
1991					2012			   X
1992					2013
1993		     X			2014	   			  X
1994					2015
1995     X				2016
1996					2017		    X

2025     X				2029                X             X
I'll try to correlate this to events in my life sometime, but not yet.


It's all about distribution...

December 28th, 2013

Hackers in Germany are brainstorming what they can do against the state surveillance. My position is that the structure that the Internet is built is wrong. There is no distribution, everything is centralized in a few major ISP's. If people had smaller ISP's to choose from, if people had been enabled to do their own Internet-networking then the monetary infrastructure would enable people to fend off government threats, as a collective. With the current model there is a few companies that are easily misled by state securities. We have a disaster as a result.


Success, configuring the resolver right

December 26th, 2013

I started this thread in hopes of configuring my resolver right. Many wanted to help me and some laughed at me, but in the end I got what I wanted which was the "search ." in my resolv.conf. Would be a shame if this knowledge wasn't passed on to others and hence I suggested putting it in the manpage for resolv.conf. Just not sure on the right wording so I left it for others to take a peek.


Merry Christmas

December 25th, 2013

May peace be unto thee!


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