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Wildcarddnsd now has configuration file options

April 15th, 2014

Not long after the YACC file was finished I have given the configuration file options that were only in the command line before. So I have moved these over. Here a small excerpt from the commit log message:

-b option == bind IP;
-i option == interface "lo0";
-n option == fork 2;
-p option == port 10034;
-l option == log;
This took me one hours to program approximately. The yacc configuration is great!


Wildcarddnsd has a YACC parser now!

April 13th, 2014

Yesterday before going to bed I committed my YACC parser for wildcarddnsd. Wildcarddnsd is my authoritative DNS Server that I programmed, it had a sloppy C based parse program before that. The YACC parser is great, I took parts from OpenSMTPD project and have thus added their license to the top of it (with my name added of course). The YACC parsing was mostly done by myself and the lex & yacc O'Reilly book that I had for at least a decade now. It should be noted that it took me 1 year almost to write this YACC file, I didn't work hard on it, but the logic of YACC did stall me at times.

So what's next for wildcarddnsd? I hope to be committing more YACC in the following months before the 0.9 BETA (should be in november). What we need is a way to put commandline options into the configfile, which is really simple now. Thanks for reading! :-) I'm pretty happy.


My new Computer is ordered

April 11th, 2014

I have ordered my new computer today, this computer I'll call mercury.

  • Intel Xeon E3-1275v3 CPU
  • 4 x 8GB Kingston RAM
  • ASUS Z87-WS motherboard
  • SSD Intel 530 180 GB
  • Bluray DVD LG
  • Thermaltake 630W PS
  • Extra CPU cooler
  • Fractal Design 3000 towercase
  • Mouse and Keyboard
It came to 1429 euros, which I had budgetted above.


Heartbleed, my story.

April 8th, 2014

A new 0-day vulnerability is making the rounds . The vulnerability works on both clients (Mozilla Firefox for instance) and servers (mail, web or anything that uses SSL/TLS with heartbeats). I saw some strangeness in my OpenBSD laptop on console as I was shutting it down, but luckily I have sandboxed the firefox to another user so it appeared to me like a permission denied error. It's possible someone wanted to read my $HOME/.ssh/id_rsa* files, this is why I implemented the running as another user in the first place.

So as mitigation I have applied patches to my OpenBSD workstations. Also I have turned off opensmtpd on my panama VPS which does a backup MX function. Until I have that fixed (possibly with help of the hoster) it won't be turned on again. All other versions of OpenSSL that I use are not affected.


Where would you hide?

April 4th, 2014

In nature there is always threats. I recently watched a documentary this weekend about the Great Dusky Swift which hides and sleeps behind waterfalls. This is a natural safe haven for the bird species, pretty ingenious.

In the mid 1990's I played a online BBS game called tradewars, where players trade, steal, and destroy each other. It was ANSI based and I even later attempted at creating a helper program for this at twh.centroid.eu, the helper sucks but what my favourite strategy was in that game was to check if a robot planet named ferrengal was cutting off the entrance to a tunnel sector. If yes then I'd shoot a photon torpedo into ferrengal to stun it and quickly move past it into this tunnel. Here I could build my home planets and have a safe haven to sleep. It was much like the Great Dusky Swift of south america chosing to sleep behind a waterfall.

I wonder what the future holds, are wormholes possible? And if so can one create a wormhole that is a sock? ie. it has no end? If that were possible then hiding in such a stretch of space-time would be like putting on a cloak. Spaceships that may come from other galaxies to study us may hide inside these "socks" and not worry about being seen at all. It is almost like hiding behind a waterfall... :-) in space.


Good Weather ahead?

April 2nd, 2014

I turned the heat off here at home, so I'm hoping the weather doesn't get cold again. Last year I spent over 8000 KWh's and 80% for heating. Not ideal but perhaps the price in electricity will drop with all these "green" wind turbines and solar panels. Next year I'll spend less money on electricity as I'll heat my home a little less, it was too warm occasionally in my apartment last year.

In other news the local nuclear power plant Grafenrheinfeld has announced that it will shut its operation in May 2015. The reason they are saying this is that it is unable to compete on the energy market and it's not worth it any more. I think this is good news. I've been against this nuclear power plant almost since it began operation, see here..


Happy 5th Anniversary Centroid.EU Blog!

March 31st, 2014

Although belated I'd like to make you aware that we surpassed the blogs 5th Anniversary on January 16th, 2014. Although the articles are missing until May 2009, they were once there. I had expired these but kept their article titles here.

The blog was always like a public diary to me. I just am not important enough to write about cool topics that are/aren't directly mine. Oh well. The history of centroid.eu is longer than even this though, but this is the longest I had centroid.eu in one piece. It expired once even before that, but before that I was going through some hard times and the seriousness of the blog wasn't there. Now it's pretty serious stuff IMO. I like writing in this blog and I hope to be writing for another 5 years in 2019! See you then!


Pre-Ordered OpenBSD 5.5

March 31st, 2014

From OpenBSD Europe. This year puffy is not wrapping back in time. The release song is found here. Thanks OpenBSD!


I'm getting serious about new PC now...

March 30th, 2014

  • Intel Xeon E3-1280v3 CPU
  • 32 GB RAM (non-ECC) (Corsair?)
  • ASUS Z87WS Mainboard
  • 650 Watt S.V. (Coolermaster?)
  • 160 GB SSD (Intel)
  • Radeon Graphic Card
  • Blu Ray Disc Rewriter (LG?)
  • Computer case + keyboard
That's what I collected so far, next week I'm going to get a cost estimate.


My C Primer hits 30,000 views

March 30th, 2014

In March 2014 my C Primer hit 30,000 views. It has slowed down a little bit.

  • January 2008, first draft
  • November 22, 2011 hits 10,000 views
  • November 10, 2012 hits 20,000 views
  • March 2014 hits 30,000 views
Thanks to all my readers who may also read my blog. The C Primer is found here.


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