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Freifunk Tunnel Masters

May 15th, 2015

As you may know freifunk.net tunnels to the outside world. I have made another step. Instead of tunneling to the freifunk.net servers directly from my DSL I'm tunneling through a VPS of mine first. This has the benefit that I can encrypt the traffic leaving the DSL and it can't be picked up by my ISP when they compare a list of servers whether I have freifunk.net. I'm using my udptunnel program that is still closed source but I plan on overhauling it as it doesn't quite encrypt just yet, it just HMAC's. Gonna work on that this weekend. If you don't know what I mean above just think of a tunnel that gets tunneled. My vps is showing 5% more CPU on average and I suspect it's a similar story with my router here at home. Also right now I do about 200 GB of traffic so my VPS sees twice that amount. Because the VPS is in Amsterdam there is more latency on the freifunk link, but it gets discounted the fastpath on my DSL, so it's about even as if I had just changed providers.



May 13th, 2015

I had a chance to talk to Anexit on IRC today. He asked me what my webpage was and I asked his anexit.net, very interesting blog he's got. Anexit is experienced with BSD and this makes it so great to talk to him. Lately he's very busy with his baby daughter but otherwise you could catch him at a BSDCan conference.


Donated 25 euros toward Nepal

May 12th, 2015

I have donated 25 euros for the Nepalese people. I used Spendenkonto Nothilfe to transfer the funds from my bank account. Here's to hoping for recovery for the nepalese people.


Purchased DJ mixer

May 12th, 2015

Back when I was 19 I had a Gemini ScratchMaster mixer. This mixer I just bought is far from the thing I had back then. It connects via USB to Mac and IOS devices. It was only 124 euros so I felt it was affordable. I plan on DJ'ing for SVPradio where I'd construct a mixing session and DJ Jaz downloads it and streams it to the server. Should be interesting anyhow.


Purchased more Reggae

May 9th, 2015

I have bought today the Demarco True Friend EP, and Jah Vinci - best of Jah Vinci album. I'll be listening to these shortly.


Where do you get your clothes?

May 9th, 2015

Here in Schweinfurt we had one store catering to oversized people (fittingly called Goliath). In early 2014 they closed. So what I do is get my clothes online. My T-Shirt size is 6XL so going shopping in regular stores is out of the question. Just recently I bought a whole batch of boxershorts and t-shirts for like 200 euros from Adamo. The payment and delivery were flawless (per DHL). If you know of any other online stores catering to oversized people in Germany or EU let me know, I'd be interested.


Pension, TV and Books

May 8th, 2015

I managed to get a raise of pay. I can now restart paying into a pension fund and perhaps I'll get that TV. I haven't had a TV in probably 17 years that I owned. I have an Apple TV that I'd connect to it and watch youtube probably, LOL. Also I'll be able to buy more books this year. I'm all around happy. I'll also have to pay catch up to last year since last year the CADEUR (virtual currency, CAD and EUR exchange rate) was not in my favour. This year it seems to be picking up again to 2013 values.


OpenBSD CD's delayed, upgraded anyways

May 2nd, 2015

Well my May 1st went like always. Early in the morning I ftp'ed my OpenBSD stuff that I needed to upgrade to 5.7. And I upgraded my computers here at home throughout the day. I believe the OpenBSD store apologized and said they'd be shipping the CD's around May 7th. There was talk of a damaged master CD and the delay at the manufacturing plant producing the CD's. DeRaadt mentioned this is the first time in 20 years this has happened. I wonder what outside forces caused this... oh well we'll never know.

My setup with chrome being exported from another account stopped working, and I didn't realise it. I noticed I couldn't move the window anymore, it was stuck where it opened. So I thought the windows manager was to blame and I tried out kde4. KDE4 is good and all but I couldn't set a timezone. Then after 2 logins it wouldn't load and left me with a blank screen after login. It had to go. So I went back to fluxbox wm and got rid of the chrome browser hack, now chrome worked fine. This leaves me somewhat vulnerable but at least I can paste urls again, a feature that was greatly missed.


Httpd died overnight

April 30th, 2015

Apr 30 01:10:32 supercluster httpd[19759]: logger exiting, pid 19759
Apr 30 01:10:32 supercluster httpd[32319]: server exiting, pid 32319
Apr 30 01:10:32 supercluster httpd[2355]: server exiting, pid 2355
Apr 30 01:10:32 supercluster httpd[28754]: server exiting, pid 28754
Apr 30 01:10:32 supercluster httpd[28494]: server exiting, pid 28494
Apr 30 01:10:32 supercluster httpd[12653]: server exiting, pid 12653
Apr 30 01:10:32 supercluster httpd[5519]: server exiting, pid 5519
Apr 30 01:10:32 supercluster httpd[6672]: server exiting, pid 6672
Apr 30 01:10:32 supercluster httpd[31236]: server exiting, pid 31236
Apr 30 01:10:32 supercluster httpd[10641]: server exiting, pid 10641
Apr 30 01:10:32 supercluster httpd[22967]: parent terminating, pid 22967
No indication on what caused it though. I did have a lot of chinese IP's try to log in as root on my sshd on port 1022 though. Anyways the httpd is back up.


Goodbye Avon!

April 29th, 2015

When my family and I immigrated to Canada in 1987 (we eventually returned to Germany) I attended Avon Public School for grade six. Checking up on Stratford News I noticed the school building closed in 2005 and just recently torn down / demolished. I guess the school only remains a memory now more than before.


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