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Winter Flowers

December 28th, 2014


Merry Christmas / Frohe Weihnachten!

December 24th, 2014

Tonight is Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas! It looks like it'll be a green christmas here in Germany, as long as it doesn't rain, it'll be alright.


NASA wants to go to Venus

December 17th, 2014

Remember the Venus Glider? One of my ideas? Search for it in this blog. Anyhow NASA wants to go to Venus with a manned mission and study the atmosphere at 50 km high. Life is bareable there we predict. Only they want to do it with a blimp instead of a glider.

The above picture is from my office (it's a poster) showing venus on the left and earth on the right. This is all the media I can give you. Let your imagination do the rest. Also for a small hint..trees breathe carbon dioxide which Venus has plenty. A floating base on Venus could perhaps have a few trees for rare treats. Venusian cherries anyone?


My thought about Pegida

December 16th, 2014

I think the people around Pegida are wrong. However, one had a valid demand. He said to get rid of the GEZ which is tax that everyone has to pay on top of taxes, to finance the state run media (mainly ARD, ZDF, DW and such medias). I too would like this tax gone. It's too likely that state run media is used for propaganda. Especially in these times.

Another person said that there is no money for public installations but money for asylum seekers (refugees). To that person I would say, "Look in your heart, do you really want someone to continue to live the misery that they do? When all you have to do is tolerate them as neighbours. It would make a big difference to all."

Another said "everywhere where there is war, germany is involved, this has to stop". Sorry, you can't stick your head in the sand and ignore the grim picture of the world around us. We have to act against aggressors despite how ever twisted war is. We've had 70 years of peace after making a real mess of the world 70 years ago. Why should we not help those that need help? And let's be frank, 70 years of peace has created people who are "products of the environment" which is hazardous in some cases.

So I agree with one, disagree with two others. Pegida doesn't care for anyone but their own self-served interests. I liken them to the minutemen in the US.


A domain expired, amdeutschhof.de

December 16th, 2014

When I knew I'd be getting this apartment I registered this domain called amdeutschhof.de. It's hard to believe it's 2 years later. Here is an image found on the site that I set up for it:

The domain didn't get many hits and it wasn't popular I don't think. However the sign was taken down after it was vandalized some time ago. I got a good picture of how it once looked. Yes, somewhere on that map is where I live.


December solstice in less than a week!

December 15th, 2014

On the 21st of December we have the december solstice. That's when short days will turn around and lengthen until June. Also on that day is the official start of winter (I know some people don't grasp that, they see snow they think it's winter). Winter will last until the equinox in March.


Comparison between Mordor and the US

December 12th, 2014

Has spies all over the planetyesyes
Collects spy data on everyonenoyes
Has tough border and customs controlyesyes
Has elite military unitsyesyes
Has several alliesyesyes
Has death penaltyyesyes
Puts emphasis on towersyesyes

I could go on but the point is made, except for a sole ruler, which the US doesn't have.


Farewell American Forces

December 9th, 2014

When my family first moved to Schweinfurt there were two major things here: Industry and the US Army. It must have been 1979 when we came here and the cold war was in full swing. I remember a battalion of tanks riding past me at the Obertor (Upper gate) and it left me a bit crazy, as I, a boy at the time was a huge contrast to these huge machines manned with waving soldiers. Another time I remember being on a class trip and we walked past a tank but didn't spot it because it was camouflaged so well with camouflage netting. Another time a Jeep around 1985 sat in front of my house at 9:30PM with its radio turned up loud. It was a sort of manouver they were doing where they practiced "Urban" warfare I guess. My dad spoiled it for them as he told them to leave because I was trying to sleep. So now it's 30 years later since these encounters, the cold war is long gone and peaceful times saturated this city. It's been a few months ago now since I guess the last american soldier left. The US has left behind 2 major barracks, Ledward and Conn. Since Conn had its own water infrastructure and its own sewage treatment they are trying now to connect it to the rest of the city. In the new year we expect refugees from around the world.. (asylum seekers) to fill the Conn barracks. At least it has a purpose still if they manage to connect it all. So long America, Schweinfurt may miss you at times. However you leave behind some children who have a US citizenship so I'm sure you'll hear from us once in a while as many of these children grow up and set foot on american soil and will have stories to tell.


Speak German at home...

December 8th, 2014

The BBC reports that the Bavarian government insists that migrant families speak German at home. I have a few opinions about that:

  • One, noone gives a hoot what you do in the privacy of your home. If they do they oughta really check themselves before they wreck themselves.
  • Noone can understand south Bavarian dialekts either.
  • And thirdly, if my parents, when we lived in Canada had chosen to allow us to continue speaking English, instead of German at home, then I would have completely lost the German language. I mean completely. Just a few years ago when I worked at the Bavarian Red Cross, one of the reasons they fired me was because of my poor German. Yet it wasn't even that bad. Had I not known any German then things would have been even more difficult. Language barriers only make a migrants life a lot harder in the long run when they return to where they came from. Don't take that away from them is my opinion, German is not a world business language, meaning it accounts to absolutely zero in some far off country.

Until the Bavarian government realises this I wish on them to become a migrant for 5 years. Then we'll see how different they see the world.


When Fighters scramble

December 6th, 2014

In the 21st century scrambling fighters against a 20th century bomber may seem like a good deed but let's think about what really could happen. The fighter has a crew of 1 or 2, the bomber has a crew of 6+, plus it has a lot of room for equipment not bombs. What's this you say? Equipment?

It's logical in the 21st century to conduct electronic surveillance not to test the defences of the west, in fact what I think may be happening is that as an example, russian bombers are getting a lot more from NATO fighters than we think. If the NATO radio is on, it'll be encrypted. That's what they probably want. They probably test the electronics of the fighter too. So when the Bear goes home, it'll be filled with data on the encounter. Valuable data. Which the military complex there can pounce on and devour.

Just makes sense doesn't it?


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