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I have purchased another Riddim

April 10th, 2015

For April I have purchased the "Peace and Love" Riddim from various artists. Peace and Love to Reggae music!


Wildcarddnsd 0.9.1

April 9th, 2015

I have just made public the 3 months old fix that fixes a mixup of SOA retry and refresh values. I have updated the CVS and made the tarball public at the Wildcarddnsd legacy page. This is likely the last fix before Delphinusdnsd 1.0.0 release in November. If you paid attention I have changed the name of the DNS server.


Greece's war reparation demand

April 7th, 2015

Today Greece has uncovered the war reparations cost from World War 2 to Germany at 279 billion euros. Let's put this in perspective. The entire war reparations of World War 1 which led to World War 2, ie. the Treaty of Versailles asked Germany to pay 33 billion 1921 dollars. With inflation that would be 432.73 billion dollars today, which at todays exchange is 398.77 billion euros. So Greece's demand is over 70% of the demand by all Allies on Germany after World War 1. Personally as a German I'd like to pay, given the following demands:

  • We pay 1% per annum at 2.79 billion
  • We pay for 100 years at no interest
  • Greece enters a German-France-Greece military alliance within the EU
Somehow I think the Greeks would say yes to this. However try to convince the _other_ germans that we should pay a cent, and they would not be willing. And then there is always risk for world war 3 because reparation demands are too high. History repeats itself, almost always. BTW the budget for 2013 was 302 billion euros in Germany. Do you think we can put 1% aside?


Happy Easter

April 4th, 2015

I had a quiet but good easter friday, hope you did too.


Astronomers detect giant star in Constellation Pisces

April 1st, 2015

A giant star was sighted by the Sternwarte Schweinfurt. They are unsure where it came from but it suddenly appeared, seen through the main refractor scope at the Sternwarte. For hobby enthusiasts who want to see this new giant star one should direct their scope at these coordinates: Right Ascension: 0:40:0.0 Declination 4:16:0.0. As this star has a giant red-shift (good opportunity to see this is at evening time) the coordinates could change, it is said.


ESA what are your plans?

March 31st, 2015

All space projects big and small required planning. And so it is that I am sitting here looking for the plans of ESA for future manned space flight. Why is it that I can't find anything? We know the ISS goes on to 2024, after which the Russians will decouple their part and create a new space station. America has plans to capture a boulder from an asteroid and make it a part of the moon. Also the americans are working on a Mars mission. What is Europe doing?

When 2024 comes around are we going to hitch rides on the russian space station? Or are we going to hitch rides with Americans? Or both? Why not make our own thing? The ISS didn't occur in 1998 without a plan. In fact if you research space station Freedom you'll see it's about as old as the Space Shuttle itself. Mir also existed but it was pressured to be given up in place for the ISS. Even project Apollo that put the first men on the moon required at least a decade planning. So we have 2015 now.. 2024 is in nine years. For me those nine years will likely go pretty quickly. Can ESA let us know their plans beyond 2024?


R.I.P. Paul Schenkeveld

March 30th, 2015

News hit me that Paul Schenkeveld has passed away. This is sad news indeed. I ate at the same table as Paul at EuroBSDCon 2011 and noticed he was a great person. Later I watched some of his Youtube contributions regarding bhyve the BSD hypervisor. Also I enjoyed his interview of Will Backman at BSDCan (forgot year). Even though we hardly knew each other Paul, you will be missed. And I thank you for the help that you provided in all sorts of mediums. Rest in Peace.


Please, not another LEO ISS!

March 29th, 2015

Russia's space agency and NASA may collaborate to create another ISS after the current ISS will be scuttled in 2024. Now if they want to do another LEO (Low Earth Orbit) ISS then I gotta yawn and say "boring!". How about raising the bar a little and putting a station around the moon? I'd even be satisfied with a station at Geosynchronous Earth Orbit (GEO). If Europe is expected to collaborate on another ISS I want them to consider this! Also the news of space junk and the evasive manouvers that the current ISS had to do makes it literally dangerous to put another ISS in LEO.


The catch-22 of mental illness

March 28th, 2015

Everyone heard of the Germanwings Flight 4U 9525 by now. The co-pilot caused a murder-suicide by crashing the plane deliberately. The evidence gathered amounts that he was mentally ill, but it wasn't depression. So did he hear voices? Ie. did he have schizophrenia? This is just a guess right now until the media reports the truth around his mental illness. So is it right to give up your job that you love because you have a mental illness? Is it right to hide it from your employer?

I have schizophrenia myself, but my employer knows this, but what if he didn't? Would that change a thing? In my view Andreas L. was reckless. He was a bull gone mad. He should have told his employer and take the hit. It would have saved 149 innocents from dying. Truth is he would have lost his job, but there is other not-so-glamirous jobs that he could have taken on. And if he still wanted to kill himself he could have done it in a way that affects only himself. Like perhaps doing it in the glider he was solo'ing often.

More facts will appear in time, however, I'd also like to say this: "That guy made us mentally ill look bad, and is causing unneeded consequences on us!". We too are victims of this madman.


Purchases more Reggae

March 24th, 2015

In order to get by this march I have bought a rather old riddim (from 2013) called the "contagious riddim" which is various artists on the same track. I wouldn't know about this if it wasn't for pre-viewing on youtube, so props goes to youtube too.


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