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December 3rd, 2015

In this article from heise online (german), politicians cry out about anonymity. In this case they're right IMO. However I see the problem different. Right now the "end-user" is given a dynamic IP address which is to "guarantee" them their anonymity. Yet the provider knows who they are, and google as well as other large networks who can correlate big data or logins to match someone. Also an end-user today must use IMAP or POP3 or webmail to a server on the internet to fetch their mail. Pretend it were different. Pretend everyone was given a static IP. Everyone now theoretically knows who this person is. Google would not care because they already knew anyhow, but you may see its market share go down because they don't guard a secret anymore. Also people would be able to get their mail via SMTP instead of IMAP/POP3 meaning mail is not stored on a 3rd party server. This is positive. A person with a static IP can run any services they like and become a server in this sense. This means that someone can have friends using their computer too, but if any of those friends betray the trust and invite a police visit, the friendship may be endangered. Who has taken the blame for things their friends did? I for one did once. But that was the last time. If you're a known troll for something your friends did from your computer it'd be very hard to repair that reputation, but that's the idea behind fixing this anonymity. So let's all be open and have static IP's is my idea.


What happens when...

December 1st, 2015

I tried to make two zones on two DNSSEC enabled nameservers. One being io.solarscale.de which is delphinusdnsd and the other americas.centroid.eu, which is BIND. I was interested how the servers would behave with one signed zone and one unsigned zone. And the result was staggering. There was almost no difference between the BIND and the delphinusdnsd. Both however reply with the DO bit set on the unsigned zone, which is possibly wrong. The signed zone is swshell.de and the unsigned zone is black.solarscale.de. Well it was worth the experiment and my code was forgiving.


23 days until the December Solstice

November 29th, 2015

It's 23 more days until we enter winter in the northern hemisphere. The southern hemisphere enters summer such it is properly called the "december" solstice and not winter solstice. There is probably other names but I'm going to stick to december solstice. Its date is december 22, 2015.


10 Years

November 29th, 2015

Today is the 10 year anniversary of delphinusdnsd. DNS to me has always been appealing, from vanity domain names on IRC to managing DNS as a hostmaster (system administrator). I wanted a deep understanding of DNS further than just being a hostmaster so I decided to keep working on this. At first it was just a stupid little turnkey program, but I got to like it so much that I continued to put my efforts into it. I'm doing DNSSEC with it now. That's a major feature. I plan to release the first major release in january 2016 which drifts off the new years date. Oh well, cheers!


10 years Delphinusdnsd in 9 days

November 20th, 2015

It's here in 9 days. The anniversary when I can prove when I checked in the sources to the then-called wildcarddnsd. 10 years! And my server is like an arrogant little child still! Nothing like bind which is probably 17 years old now.


Keeper of the Isis Light

November 18th, 2015

I read this book in grade nine. Also the sequel to it "the guardian of isis". These have nothing to do with ISIS that we hear about in the news today. These books were very well written IMO and were good science fiction. Something to dream about.


DNSSEC web validation tools

November 13th, 2015

Here is some validation tools that I have found:


Purchased Reggae

November 13th, 2015

Yesterday I purchased the Faithful Riddim of various artists. I liked the "topic of the day" song by I Octane on youtube which made me get this. Also got "Trod on" by Devano single. Too bad Devano hasn't got an album on iTunes.


Delphinusdnsd does TLSA RR and thus DANE

November 10th, 2015

I hammered the support out this morning within 1.5 hours, probably a record for me. But I based it off SSHFP RR's support which has only 1 8 bit integer less in the answer, so it was fairly easy to convert.

I have asked Luke Antins if I can pay him a bit more for the TLSA support in his dns-zone ruby gem. If he is willing to do it, I'll be able to play with DANE as I haven't been able to sign the TLSA yet and thus that part is not tested yet.

These are interesting days for sure.


Happy Anniversary Delphinusdnsd!

November 8th, 2015

Even though I checked in the sources on November 29th, 2005 I must have been writing on Delphinusdnsd before that, so November is anniversary month! Guess what this daemon of mine is 10 years old! It does DNSSEC now too! So in my experience it takes a part-timer 10 man-years to reach DNSSEC. And I had a lot of spare time when I wasn't programming on this server. I have recieved lots of support mainly out of eastern Europe for this server. I don't quite know why that is, but thanks to you for using my server, and for inquiring about it and a big thanks to those that sent patches. Thanks also goes to #unixhelp for hearing my worries, visions and dreams about this DNS server. Thanks for putting up with me! The first non-beta version of this server will likely be released around new years 2016. I'm just doing tests right now with swshell.de comparing it to BIND and keeping and eye out for faults. So what is next with this server? I plan on doing DANE support for it but then I think I'm gonna focus on bug fixing, dunno. There is always room for some newbie to come along to write on this. An easy task would be HINFO support. Cheers!


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