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Changes at $HOME

June 29th, 2016

I'm doing changes to my home computers due to a startling discovery. I believe my Macbook Pro is hacked or so. So I'm going to put OpenBSD on it in due time. It's sort of a brexit of my own doing, avoiding Mac OS X and the vmware'ed Windows 10 on the MBP. I don't need these totalitarian OS's and I won't ever go on to Mac OS Sierra. I never liked the Apple announcement. It is too privacy inhibiting. So I'm going to OpenBSD. It's open source, I can look under the hood, and it's supposedly secure and functional. Most my network gear is OpenBSD so I don't mind this decision at all. Fallout? Yes there is fallout. I have a Numark DJ mixer that worked with DJ Pro software on the Macbook Pro that I won't have a replacement for on OpenBSD. Since I'm a monkey with mostly everything I don't think an openbsd driver and software for the mixer will get written, if ever. So I needed the windows 10 on the MBP until today as I have installed Ubuntu on a netbook of mine (the second Acer) and it does all the features I need with Java, luckily. Plus I only need it once a month or so for work. Anyhow before I become too incoherent I'm gonna keep this short. Just want to let you know!


Ordered books from Amazon

June 26th, 2016

I have ordered a set of 4 books from Amazon. Donald Knuth's Art of Computer Programming volumes 1-4. I count this as one book though in my list of a dozen books per year. I'm happy to be receiving these by thursday.


I hunt sysadmins

June 25th, 2016

The Five-Eyes nation's spy agencies have no more obligation to protect EU citizens. They can now hunt sysadmins inside the EU with impunity due to UK leaving EU. All those sysadmins operating in the EU should be aware that this could result in sabotage or 0wnage. But don't get hysteric or anything. Snowden told us this is happening, and we find ourselves on the other side suddenly.


EU, something must change!

June 25th, 2016

The EU has to draw consequences from brexit. Something must change. Let the british leave not be in vain, their sacrifice should better us all. Let's work for the people for example and less for political bureaucracy. I always thought that the EU for a first attempt at managing a large union and doing so democratically was doing fairly good, but we can do better. We also must become friendlier with southern EU states. Less exploitation, more subsidizations. We're all humans first and foremost, and EU citizens should experience a similar quality of life no matter where in the union they may be. We must strive for this. I know some think that this will be hard on their wallet. But think about the lost opportunities when more countries leave. That'll work contra to the progress we've all been making together.


Idea Brainstorming for Britain

June 24th, 2016

So after brexit, what can britain do? I kinda feel sorry for them, so I'm gonna talk about some ideas. There is the commonwealth. With Canada and Australia there is potential for 120 million people being united globally. There is ideas of hyperloops going from Canada to Scotland, there is movies that have a tunnel go past the center of the earth to create a link between England and Australia. Also scram-jet technology is talked about and tested in Australia.. Also you don't have to look all that far, Norway is quite interested in what's happening. With Britain, Norway and Iceland a triangle Atlantic union could form. In times of ocean mining ideas perhaps there is stuff one can take out of the ocean bed inside the triangle. I do feel however that Britain has lost backing and a voice in the world. It is now a small island nation and needs to look around a world that is continually uniting to grasp market share and quality of life.


Good bye Britannia

June 24th, 2016

The UK voted leave yesterday. Congrats for a large voter turnout. The pound dropped to a 30 year low against the dollar, and that isn't all. The UK is not part of the big three anymore and not part of the big four. There will be unneeded hardships for everyone and if the UK wants to come back into the EU there will be such a leashing back that it won't be worth it for them. That's my outlook on this. I guess we pick up the pieces from here. The new big three in the EU is Italy, France and Germany. The fourth country in the EU to be part of the big four is Spain. I'm sad but relieved a decision has fallen. Now we'll close the border to english soccer fans too hopefully. What has gone down in France is a shame regarding the violence of soccer fans.


Happy Summer!

June 21st, 2016

Since I screwed up last post (solstice was yesterday) I want to wish you a happy turn of the seasons. It's summer here in Germany. Happy summer!


June Solstice in 3 days

June 20th, 2016

On thursday is solstice. Happy festivities honoring your summer or winter gods (depending where you are on earth). In the northern hemisphere the sun will shine directly down at a 90 degree angle at the tropic of cancer. There is probably a story of Ptolemy (sp) who discovered that the sun shone straight down a well or cave in ancient Egypt.


Received seven Freifunk Routers

June 18th, 2016

Here is a (bad) photo of two of them:

I'm going to be using 6 of these for networking my neighbourhood. Not going to say much more than that because I'm dealing with the details but it's likely to go down mid August.


Most cannot see the milky way

June 12th, 2016

This article talks about light pollution. Light pollution affects 80% of global population. I've never completely seen the milky way. But I have vivid memories of seeing a lot of stars in northern Ontario, or even in northern Saskatchewan.


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