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The 2018 Sabotage in Cornfields

August 5th, 2020

Around here, there was sabotage in corn fields around 2018. This is summed up here (german) by mainpost.de. Although they were able to get DNA data and matches, this is not a preventative from damage and someone possibly getting hurt during harvest.

So I was wondering. Would one of those consumer drones (DJI or otherwise) be able to be used to scan the field with a metal detector? Has someone done anything similar? I guess someone could program a path based on GPS for the drone to fly over the field, and someoen else gets GPS data and metal detector signal which gets digitized (on the drone either by a soundcard sampler or otherwise). I guess these sweeps for metal can be done at night too, just before a harvest. Software needs to be written for this, the idea is out there.


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