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To systematically spy is akin to colonization

January 30th, 2018

In this article (german) here, it is reported that China was systematically spying on the African Union parliament. One parliament member said this "If the chinese spied on us it's not so much a problem, because they never colonized us, supported sovereignty and help with the african economy". That may be true, but I think this member of parliament doesn't understand the Internet well. When hackers speak of other hackers taking control of a box they speak of "0wning" that box. The word 'to own' means that you lost your property to someone else. If that isn't akin to colonization then I'll be danged. China owned the entire network from the beginning and microphones and other spy tools were found. I think they were caught red handed. I don't have any advise for the AU here, other than the fact to build up your own education of the Internet, the RFC's are open at least, but they already knew that I bet.


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