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Newly planned network at home

July 23th, 2017

With zeta my new OpenBSD firewall that I'll probably get by wednesday I have simplified my network a little. From the start zeta will use 7 ports which is amazing. Here is what area52 which is what I call my apartment will look like:

Network map (2017-07-23):

[gaia]--                                    Fritzbox LTE (to LTE network)
          \                                       |
[phone1] - \                                      |
            --- [uranus] === [Access Point] --- [zeta] ---- to pppoe cloud
[phone2] - /                                      |
          /                                       +---[mercury]
[beta]--                                          |
                                                  +---[AREA52U WR-1043v4]
                                                  +---[AREA52U B.A.T.M.A.N.]
                          saturn --------------[venus]----[spica]
                                                  +--[Apple TV]
[Freifunk wr-841v10 2.4GHz]                       |
[Freifunk wr-841v10 2.4GHz]                       |
                                                  +--[Samsung TV]
                                           [freifunk wr-841v8]

Legend:                         Hosts:

--- CAT5 cabling                spica: apple computers running vmware
=== wifi 5 Ghz                  uranus: OpenBSD i386 behind Fritz!Repeater
|   CAT5 cabling                venus: OpenBSD amd64 on Soekris hw
                                zeta: OpenBSD octeon ER-8 firewall
                                fritzbox: AVM fritzbox router
                                earth, mercury + beta: OpenBSD hosts

End of Network map.
I'm doing a lot more cabling and vlan'ing instead of vxlan'ing which is routed. With that I'm hoping to gain back stability and robustness.


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