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European Union where is your strength?

September 26th, 2015

The fact that all of Syria only represents ~4 percent of all EU citizens makes it a sad chapter in Europe as a whole that we can't "grow" 4%. And not only that there is talk of 800,000 refugees this year which is 0.16% of the European population. And even then if you were to take all 60 million refugees worldwide that's only 12% of the EU citizen base. I just can't believe that some Central European nations within the EU don't want to take their fair share of refugees. Where is our conscience?

Why are europeans so xenophobic when it comes to our neighbours? Let me spell it out for you 2000 years ago Syria was part of the Roman Byzantine Empire and is a mediterranean nation. This means it is on the same Mediterranean as Italy and Spain. Have you not realised by now that the ground you're on in Europe is not yours? You're only a steward of managing this ground as is everyone else, we all die, so then that stewardship is dissolved. The land belongs to noone the people and their visions are the stewards of the land, and a slight discrepancy in numbers (4%!) doesn't affect the main core! What's happening now is disgusting, greed, opportunism, xenophobia, and racism are the signs coming out of Europe.

We should be above all those things, our waters are clean to drink giving us health. The land is fruitful giving us food to eat. What can't we share that to people who have lost it all? And mind you the uprisings in the fringe nations of the EU are an indirect cause of our unity. We should feel compelled to help them not close them out.


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