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How should we punish aggressors?

March 2nd, 2014

As I don't like politics too much I'll keep it short. Currently Ukraine is in crisis. It is my opinion that Russia is an aggressor. In my view the only way to de-conflict this is to put UN policing in Crimea. Preferably from South America as Russia would not want a NATO country that close probably.

I fear we may see the second iron curtain fall. And this shifts the ordering of the world once more. If the European Union protests by buying less natural gas it puts pressure on Russia. But we'd be screwed in Germany with our Energiewende ideal. Less natural gas would mean the nuclear power plants may live longer than we wanted. Keep thinking of Chernobyl though! It's a giant risk! And we should speed up the Energiewende at once, in order to have better odds down the road.

I will think of the Ukraine and give hope. Hope for a resolution! At the same time I hope for being worry free from war, we don't need war in Europe again! Peace!


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